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Living with The Master (Reminiscences By Kunjuswami)

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Author: K.Subrahmanian
Publisher: Sri Ramanasramam, Tamil Nadu
Language: English
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 9788188018994
Pages: 208
Cover: Paperback
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Kunjuwswami was a shining personality whose life from its youth revolved around the Sun of Jnana. Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi. He came to Sri Bhagavan in 1920, while still in his teens, and served Him till His nirvana in 1950.

Kunjuswami’s Reminiscences provide a rare, first –hand account of the early days of Sri Ramanasramam and life at Skandasramam.

The author imbibed the teachings of his Master, took them to heart and dedicated his life to their fulfillment. His own personal experience and life with the Master has generated much interest among devotees. Those who listened to him were transported to a different world altogether.

Kunjuswami lived a simple and austere life at Sri Ramanasramam, rendering invaluable service by sharing his experiences with the seekers until the ripe age of 95 when he was absorbed in His Master’s Feet.



It is a very rare privilege indeed for one even to have ht darshan of a Jnani . More fortunate is one who lives with a Jnani and serves Him too. Greater than all these is the one who pits into practice the teaching of such a Mahatma and proves that the teaching is a liveable, living Truth and not just a dogma.

Sri Kunjuswami, who happily lives in our midst at the Ashram, is now ninety- five years young. He es alert, agile and ever ready to share with fresh and young. He is alert, agile and ever ready to share with fresh and young ‘Catches’ in the ‘Ramana-net’ the beauty, love and wisdom of his Master. Thought not a scholar in the academic sense, he is an erudite person and had the privilege of being taught directly by Sri Bhagavan. Sri Swami has a remarkable and accurate memory and it is our good fortune that he has come forward to put down all that he remembers of his Master, his teachings and also his early devotees, some of whom we know little.

Enadau Ninaivugal, Sri KUnjuswami’s reminiscences of his Master written in Tamil, is a treasure-trove of spiritual wisdom. Now it is available for the first time in English, thanks to the spontaneous and willing services of Dr. K. Subrahmanian, who not only rendered it into simple and lucid English but also helped the Ashram to have it printed in Hyderabad, with all care and attention. The English-knowing public will be grateful to Dr. Subrahamanian for this act of service. Special thanks are also due to Sri A. V. Ramanaiah, Sri Ramdas Murthy and Sri Hari Rao of Sri Ramana Kemdra, Hyderabad, for all their help in getting the book printed. The devotees, I am sure, will be happy to have the translaton of Sri Kuinjuswami’s Reminiscences in book-form.

“To remember and to recount the essence and glory of the Master’s words f wisdom”, Sri KKunjuswami repeatedly says. “Is the major duty of a devout disciple.” Yes, Sri Kunjuiswami is a gem of a disciple of a Mountain of a Master.

I am filled with gratitude and joy that I am blessed to live at the Ashram when Sri Kunjuswami too is ansinmate. For this I offer my repeated prostrations prostrations to our Master, Bhagavan Ramana.


Author’s Note

About two years ago , Sri V. Ganesan , editor , The Mountain Path, in a conversation with me, Viswanatha Swami and Ramaswami Pillai said, “Lap;ease record all the incidents that took place in the immediate presence of Sri Bhagavan ever since uou came here and also about Sri Bhagavan’s devotees you have known. If these are published, it will be of great use to all devotees.” Acceding to his request, on my behalf and on behalf of the fellow devotees, I dictated themarvellous incidents relating to Sri Bhagavan and his devotees to a great devotee of Sri Bhagavan, Srimati M. Pankjakshi Ammal, daughter of Somasundaram Pillai. She completed the task with great devotion. This book of jnana was carefully read by one of the greatest devotees of Sri Bhgavan , Sadhu Natanananda. He made certain corrections, prepared a table of contents and also wrote a foreword. This sacred book, which will cleans the devotees, was made possible through the encouragement of Sri Ganesan and his father. The world of devotees is indebted to them. The book is reverentially paced at the lotus feet of Sri Bhagava.




Publisher's Note for the Second Edition iii
Publisher's Note for the First Edition iv
Forward v
Author's Note vii
Translator's Note ix
God's Gifrt of Grace 1
Miracles on the Way to Arunachala 9
Darshan of Sadguru 13
Guru's Command is Upadesa 15
Prayer for Grave and Guru's U[adesa 16
Removal of Pettiness 17
My New Birth 18
Greatness of His Presence 19
Service to the Guru 21
Doubts Dispelled 22
Concern of {alani Swami 23
Pranava Body 25
Concern of the Head of the Isanya Mutt 26
Divine Visions of Arunchala 28
Disguise 29
Sri Bhagavan's Vedanta Knowledeg 30
Proper Initiation 32
The Big Banyan Tree and the Nest of Waps 34
Narayanaswami's Instructions Regarding Service to the Guru 35
Kandaswami and Skandasharm 37
Aksharamanamalai 38
Demise of Palaniswami 39
Arrangements for Food 40
Vichara Sangraha 41
Frugal Living 42
Daily Routine at Skandashra 44
Darshan from a Distance 45
Absolute Renunciation 46
Kavyakantha and Ramana Gita 47
Power and Peace 49
Service of a Man from Jaffna 50
Sri Ramanasram in Rishikesh 51
Kumbhabhishekam 52
Seshadnswami's Occult Powers 53
Gopal Rao and the Meditation Hall 54
Sri Bhagavan's Bodyguard 55
The Visit of Sri Narayana Guru 56
Vedic Medicines 60
Sri Bhagavan's Giripradakshina 61
Mischievous Mani 62
Mother's Samadhi 63
Vasudeva and Vaasudeva 68
Parayana and Sri Bhagavan's Deep Meditation 70
Sri Bhagavan's Humour 71
Permanent Stay at Mother's Samadhi 72
Bath in the Pandava Tank 74
Variety of Greens 75
Continuous Giripradakshina 76
Three Ways of Doing Japa 77
The Mischief of Injikollai Dikshitar 78
The Siddhis of a Silent Yogi 80
The Forecast of Reddiar Thatha 81
The Great Value of Going for Bhiksha 83
Mother and Son 85
Vows 87
Significance of Namaskar 88
Giripradakshina and Meditation in Movement 90
Alamelu Ammal 91
Who? 92
Sri Bhagavan Saw Only the Good in All. 93
Desire to Learn Vedanta 94
If You Are in the Self, You will Know Everything 96
The Scholar Too Has Become Like Us 97
Sundarambal 98
My Teacher 100
Jadaswami's Samadhi 101
The Origin of Upadesa Undiyar 103
Concern for the Disciple 105
Young Man Vasu 108
Veerasubbiahswami's Praise of Sri Bhagavan 110
Veerappa ChetUar's Service 112
The State of Sahaja Samadhi 113
Iyengar Swami's Devotion and Dedication 114
How Sri Bhagavan Stopped Going Round the Hil 116
LayaSamadhi 118
Real Samadhi 119
Narasimhaswami's Devotion to Sadhus 121
Sofa' Gouder 123
Sri Bhagavan's Teaching and My Spiritual Life 124
Devotees' Adventure and Sri Bhagavan's Forgiveness. 129
Mudaliar Patti 132
Barber's Devotion 135
A Devotee of Dogs 138
The Great Devotion of the Family of Somasundaram Piilai . 139
The Disciplined Procedures followed by  
C. Somasundaram Piilai of Cuddalore 151
The Divine Force that Destroyed the Demonaic Forces 153
Tirupugazh Sachidananda Swami of Vallimalai 154
Sadhu Natanananda's Darshan of Sri Bhagavan 158
Sri Ramaswami Piilai 162
Yogi Ramiah 165
AGood Family 166
Selfless Cooks 169
Service-Minded Devotees 171
Service in the Bookstall 173
Office Administration 174
Biographers of Sri Bhagavan 175
Translations of Sri Bhagavan s Works and  
Works on Sri Bhagavan 177
Veda Parayana and Patasala 180
Major A. W Chadwick 181
The Mode of Worship in the Ashram 182
Daily Routine of Sri Bhagavan 184
The Tapovan that is Palakothu 186
The Administrative Ability of Niranjananandaswami 189
Sri Venkuttu 191
Sri Ramana Nagar 193
Conclusion 194

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