Lord Shrikrishna (The Revered Politician)

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Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Author: Late Prof. Anant Damodar Athawale & Trans By. Late Prabhakar Shivram Sabnis
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 8170842164
Pages: 318
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
From the Jacket:

Lord Shrikrishna is revered by a vast majority of Indians as a seer of human values, a preacher, protector of good and destroyer of the evil. To profile the person of a deity held on par with Gods and who lived with humans, sported with them and shared their agony and vicissitudes, Suffice to say, Lord Shrikrishna revealed himself for the sake of establishing "Dharma" when humanity was undergoing a tough and critical phase.

This narration is authentic, but not bland. It is precise, forceful and piquant. Authenticity being the soul of his narration, naturally it has a great impact on our mind as it churns it with its emotional impact as result of evidence re-viewed by historical events in support of the particular moves of the Lord. The thought provoking explanations by the author leave a lasting emotional impact on the reader's mind.

About the Author:

Late Prof. Anant Damodar Athavale (Swami Varadananda Bharati) was born on the auspicious day of Anantchaturdashi, Shake 1842 (20th October 1920), He was Ayurvidya Parangat. He retired as the Principal of Tilak Ayurveda College and Dean of Ayurveda Rasashala, both at Pune. The poet-saint Shri. Dasaganu Maharaja was his Gurudeva and was like a father figure to him. Shri. Athavale has built a Samadhi Mandir in memory of his Gurudeva at Gorte in Nanded District.

Prof. Athavale was a multifaceted saintly personality who contributed a great deal to the society through more than 50 books on Religion and Ayurveda written by him, prominent amongst which are the critiques on the Upanishds, Brahmasutras, Bhagwad Gita, Manusmriti, Astanga Sangraha and Vyadhivinishchaya. He practiced the Vedic Dharma in letter and spirit by following the four Ashramas in life. After twelve years of Sanyasashrama, at the age of 82, on 5 September 2002, he voluntarily gave himself up to the Lord by way of Yogic Samadhi.

About the Editor:

Mr. Prabhakar S.Sabnis was born on 27 September 1924 in the small town of Yeole in Maharashtra. He was a Masters in the English language. He served as a teacher of the English language in various colleges during his career. A prolific writer, he completed several of his literary translation works. Prominent among them include, Shatakachi Vatchal by Dr. V.R. Karandikar, explaining the 100 year history of the Ramakrishna Math and Bhagwan Shrikrishna: Ek Darshan by the Late Prof. Anant Damodar Athavale (Swami Varadananda Bharati).



After my retirement from Indian Civil Service. I came to Pune and settled down here. I came to know thereafter, Late Professor Anant Damodar Athavale as both of us were interested in the life of Lord Shrikrishna and his teachings. In 1970, he wrote a work entitled Wahabharatache Vastava Darshan (A True Vision of the Mahabharata) in Marathi language and he criticised those scholars who have applied logical and purificatory tests for discovery of the original tracts. In my work on the Origin and Growth of Mahabharata, I have made use of the critical edition of the Mahabharata brought out by Dr. V. S. Sukhtankar of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute and of the critical edition of the Gita by Dr. S. K. Belwalkara. In his above mentioned work, Dr. Athavale has also based his work on these critical editions and recorded his differences of opinion on them. In the true version of the Mahabharata, Dr. Athavale has refuted the views based on the so—called logical and intellectual tests of Smt. Durga Bhagwat, Smt. Iravati Karve, Dr. S. K. Pendse, Dr. Bhagvata, Shri. Shirvadkar, etc. who have applied their logical and purificatory tests for discovering the original works.

The biography of Lord Shrikrishna is indeed multifaceted. As Swamiji says, the more one studies the life of Lord Shrikrishna. The more facets of his personalities are seen. In this book, Swamiji has described the political facet of Lord Shrikrishna’s personality. If Swamiji were to give utmost importance to the details, then it would have been difficult to put a full stop to his writing. The focal point of Lord Shrikrishna’s politics encompassed the world at large. The political moves made by Lord Shrikrishna for the benefit of the society, nation and world, ignoring the power, selfishness and competition which form part of personal life, at times derogating these facets, have proved to be a benchmark. I also appreciate the comparison drawn by Swamiji between the politics of Lord Shrikrishna and those of Napoleon, Alexander, Churchill, etc.

I have had the pleasure of reading the composition of Swami Varadananda Bharati (Dr. Anant Damodar Athavale before he renounced the world) named “Shrikrishnakathamrut”, which I enjoyed tremendously. I have the greatest respect for this literature, thoughts of Swamiji. I have also liked “Bhagwan Shrikrishna: Ek Darshan” in Marathi language, of which this is the translation, which is a lucid commentary on the political facet of Lord Shrikrishna’s multidimensional personality, in which he has described the notable actions of Shrikrishna in a flowing powerful language after going through similar historical incidents. In concluding this work, Professor Athavale has stated that he did not think that his discussion would satisfy an atheist who denies the authority of the Vedas and of the existence of a Supreme Ruler and that he has not penned his work with that view; but he will be satisfied if it will help a believer to counteract the reasoning of the non—believers; and was confident that it will enable believer to refute the arguments of a non—believer and prevent the distraction of mind (buddhibheda) of a person not acquainted with Lord Shrikrishna’s teachings.

It is difficult to render the teachings of Late Prof. Athavale in flowing English, but Late Shri. Sabnis has performed this task with ability. It is really creditable for Smt. Sabnis and her talented daughter Netra to have preserved this work. I also congratulate Mrs. Kalyani Namjoshi, Ms. Aditi Chirmule and Late Prof. Athavale’s son, Shri. Mahesh Athavale to present this work to the public. When Netra came and saw me and told me that her mother desired that I should to present this work to the public, readily agreed. In this small Foreword, appreciating the views of Late Professor Athavale, I strongly recommend this work to the general public.


This is a profile of Lord Shrikrishna, the exponent of the universally revered ‘Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta’, showing a vision of a perfect being who stands apart from all others, the hero of the Mahabharata, about which the lord of literature, Shri M.C. Kelkar once made a glowing reference to the effect that in the event of his going into seclusion, he would carry with him no other book of reference except the Mahabharata.

Lord Shrikrishna is a seer of values in human life; a preacher of philosophy, a protector of the good and a destroyer of the evil. In a sense his biography is multidimensional — viewed from any angle, extremely intricate and mysterious, almost impossible to comprehend through the medium of words. It would only unfold a feeling of intense affection and a spirit of dedication. This extra- ordinary personality revealed itself for the sake of establishing the rule of ‘Dharma’.

Leaving aside a period of approximately 2,500 years, the period of seven to eight thousand years, prior to this is a period of glorious history of Indian tradition, of fervent religious growth, of prosperity, happiness and auspiciousness. It stands as a testimony to the saying “Kmnvant0 Vishwa, Maryam” making the whole world more civilised & cultured human being. That ‘Dharma’ is the backbone of the life of a human being has been proved beyond a doubt. Not only this, it has also proved that the incarnations of God are solely for the establishment of ‘Dharma’. In portraying this particular profile of Lord Shrikrishna, eternal religion beyond religion and non—religion, has been deliberately highlighted. Supreme justice beyond justice and injustice has been explicitly made clear with appropriate illustrations. Eternal truth in place of broad truth & untruth has been adequately expressed. Moreover, certain seeming inconsistencies otherwise felt in the biography of Lord Shrikrishna have been clarified coherently.

Those who desire to do social service and those who feel intensely about Indian values and those who have interest in politics for the welfare of the country should read & deeply introspect over this book “Lord Shrikrishna - A Revered Politician”. Really speaking everyone who happens to be in the seat of power must read this account as it projects an ideal to be followed and emulated.

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