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Lost Shangri La

Lost Shangri La
Item Code: IDD222
Author: S. Sapru
Publisher: Decent Books
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8186921176
Pages: 174
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.4" X 5.5"
From the Back of the Book

The land of Kashmir celebrated as paradise on earth for its scenic beauty, has an equally enchanting historical and cultural past: this is the place symbolizing India's cultural unity, where different cultures have prospered at different times, where scholars from all over Indian and the distant lands of Mesopotamia, Persia and China converged to imbibe learning in ancient times.

The author S. Sapru here unravels the glorious past of Kashmir, he discusses its importance as the centre of Sanskrit learning in he bygone eras; its achievements in music, dance, drama, sculpture, language and literature, and philosophy marked by the artistic and literary contributions of eminent men like Jayaditta, Bhatta, Jayadhara, Pingla and Abhinavagupta. Referring to various historical works and combining facts with legend, folklore and impressions from oral traditions, he presents a graphic picture of life and times in the valley in the past that deals with a range of themes like the land mythology, statecraft, trade links, urban centres, tax system, system of crime and punishment and an ancient tourist's impressions of the valley, through a smooth-flowing narrative that makes the book extremely readable, the author points out that there is more to Kashmir than the present day spate of violence; the land and its people have an essential Indianness common to other people of India and Kashmir's link with the rest of India Cannot be severed.

About the Author

The Author is a senior journalist who has been associated with the leading newspapers- The India Express, The Pioneer and The Deccan Herald. Presently, Consulting Editor for the Reference Encyclopedia India 2001 and Consultant to Enbee Technologies, he is the winner of prestigious awards including the press Foundation of Asia-Mitsubishi, Journalist of the year Award 1987. He is the Author of many books based on his varied experiences as a journalist: among them are The News Merchants (1982), The Pioneer Saga (1989), The Sky Hawks.

Foreword v
Preface vii
1 The killing fields of Kashmir 1
2 Beauty and violence 5
3 Looking closely at the head 9
4 Hoary past and a seat of ancient learning 13
5 Where did the kashmiris came from 17
6 A symbol of India's cultural unity 25
7 Centres of Excellence 29
8 Their literary and artistic achievement 33
9 Aesthetics-the fragrance of life 37
10 Folklore is the spice of Life 41
11 Manmadhan's arrows don't spare even kings 45
12 Will Manmadhan fail 49
13 Fine arts need no frontiers 53
14 If music be the food of love, then play on 57
15 A picture is worth a thousand words 61
16 Etched in stone, they sing silently 65
17 The arrow that boomeranged 69
18 A wedding at Mount Kailash 73
19 Narada-Scribe Extraordinary 79
20 Rationalizing the rituals 85
21 The thread that joins us together 87
22 Celebrating what, when and why 91
23 Valley and the empire 95
24 Is civilization only urban 99
25 An ancient tourist's impressions 105
26 Enter the dragon 109
27 Trust in God, she will provide 113
28 The nuts and bolts of Statecraft 117
29 Timeless wonders, our villages 121
30 Manning the ramparts 125
31 The curse of taxes 131
32 Whose money is it anyway 135
33 Trade links across the world 141
34 Crime, justice and punishment 145
35 The generation gap 151
36 Kashmir Saivism and the Southern link 153
37 Spreading the Buddha's gospel 159
Bibliography 165
Index 167

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