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The Lotus Fire

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Item Code: IDF468
Author: George S. Arundale
Publisher: Theosophical Publishing House
Language: English
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 817059412X
Pages: 776
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.7" X 6.7"
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business
Book Description

From the Jacket:

In his preface to this great study in symbolic yoga, Dr. G.S. Arundale says that it consists of notes taken at the time of his own personal exploration in the field of symbology, 'explorations which were fortunate enough to have the guidance of One whose discoveries in innumerable fields have constituted Him a Master of the Wisdom of Life. But even this guidance gives the notes no special authority, for both the guidance and the explorations are individual to myself'.

Dr. Arundale also says:
'One night one of the Great Beings, who is a Messenger of the Lord Siva, disclosed to me, one after another, certain Symbols in their cosmic significance… The whole vista of the meaning and purpose of evolution gradually unveiled itself before me, and I have done my best to write it down as I perceived it, and where I could, to obtain corroboration from the great books of our Theosophical classic literature.

The work is divided into five Books - The vigil of purification; Symbols living and radiant; Symbols real and dynamic; From the symbols to no-symbol; and Symbols at work.


In publishing The Lotus• Fire: A Study in Symbolic Yoga, I am very' conscious of the fact that its only' value: lies in the extent to which it is. able to suggest to the adventurous thinker and student of life heretofore- uncharted fields for fruitful exploration. The book consists of notes taken at the time of my own personal explorations in a field in which I had long been keenly interested, explorations which were fortunate enough to have- the guidance of One whose discoveries in innumerable fields have con- stituted Him a Master of the Wisdom of. Life. But even this guidance gives. the notes no special authority, for both the guidance and the explorations are individual to myself.

The value of the guidance and the explorations lies, as I have said, in the extent to which these stimulate the adventurous and challenging spirit of the reader, sending him forth on his own unique way, and by no means. seeking to invite his adherence to the way I myself am travelling.

Far from presuming to disclose truth and to invite the reader to accept it, I am only disclosing a way I have found which appears to lead in the direction of something true for me. The notes which constitute the material published were written down while the actual.journeyings were taking place which led to the discovery of the Symbols. At some risk of redundance and incoherence, they have been left as far as possible intact. so that to some extent at least they may convey the strange atmosphere of the events they describe.

On the other hand, much material has been added both by way of corroboration, of comparison, and of indications as to further study; and I have. very specially to thank Mrs. Adeltha Peterson, of Adyar. for her most valuable assistance in this respect. Mrs. Peterson is her:self a deep student of Theosophy and of the occult, and her sympathetic understanding has immensely facilitated both the investigations and the writing of them down. I thank also Miss Helen Veale and Miss Edith Pinchin for comments of value.

To Mrs. Dinshaw, also of Adyar, my very special thanks are no less due for giving particular assistance in preparing the notes for publication, including the very excellent synopses of the various chapters preceding each book, and for a most careful and critical revision of the proofs.

Mrs. Halsey and those who worked with her have been of invalu- able help in preparing an adequate index, a work involving many weeks of concentrated effort.

To Mr. Conrad Woldringh I owe the exquisite little drawings he has made, and also the beautiful frontispiece. The artistic production of much of Adyar's literary output is due to his genius. And as usual Mr. C. Subbarayudu and his co-workers of the Vasanta Press at Adyar have given their skill and their patience in those important mechanical processes whereby thoughts are able to incarnate in gracious forms.

. Finally, I. am gratefully thankful to Rukmini Devi for her constant inspiration, and I offer respectful homage to .Adyar for making possible these excursions into the Kingdom of Yoga. There are but a few places on the world's surface' where Yoga can be effectively and safely under- taken. Among these places, Adyar certainly stands very high.

Synopsis of Book One 43
Prologue 47
1. The Yoga of Acceleration 61
2. Yugas and Yoga 67
3. Yoga Real and Unreal 72
4. The Yoga and Individual 75
5. The Ultimates of Life 79
6. Withdrawal or Gathering In? 81
7. The Science of Fulfilment 84
8. The Yoga of Marriage 89
9. Enemies within the Gates 92
10. A Flash from Far-off Ultimates 97
11. A Lord of Yoga 101
12. The Altar of Sublimation 105
13. "I Will Lift up Mine Eyes unto the Hills" 113
The Star (C. Jinarajadasa) 118
Synopsis of Book Two 121
1. The Point as Seed of Evolution 129
2. The Universality of the Point 138
3. The Potentiality of the Point 141
4. The Essence - Point 146
5. Harvesting the Fields of Consciousness 154
6. Cosmic Conceptions of the Point 156
7. Adventures into the infinite Point 164
8. The Point - Our Unfolded Self 168
9. The Web That is The Womb 172
10. The Line Flashes Forth 177
11. The Spindle Line 180
12. The Line Gives a New Conception on Man - Woman 184
13. Sex: A Sacrament of Consecration 189
14. The All-embracing Line 193
15. The Circle-Globe: the Ring-Pass-Not 194
16. The Sea of Men in the Circle 198
17. Life External Self-fulfilled 202
18. The Triangularities 204
19. The 47th Proposition of Euclid 206
20. Squaring the Circle 208
21. Three Life-Streams of the One God 211
22. The Functions of the Circle 215
23. The Cross with in the Circle 218
24. The Svastika or the Whirling Cross 223
25. The Myriad-petalled Lotus 227
26. Sound, Colour and Form Rays of the Lotus 232
27. The Silent Watchers 237
28. Supercosmic Symbols 240
29. Each Symbol Involves Creation 245
30. The Point and Its Daughter - Symbols 248
31. The Laboratory of Identification 257
32. The Yoga of Infinitudes 271
33. A Physical Posture 284
34. A Great Act of Yoga 291
A warning 294
Synopsis of Book Three 297
1. The Lotus Fire 301
2. Yoga for Man in the World 308
3. The Yoga of Enfoldment 314
4. The Yoga of Receptivity 323
5. The Yoga of Art 335
6. Colour - Ideas and Jewel - Ideas of the Symbols 353
7. Colour - Tone in Daily Yoga 363
8. The Colour - Raga of an Alphabet 366
9. Aum: The Formula of the All-One 370
10. A Yoga in Sound 373
11. A Master - Channel of Music 377
12. The Cosmic Drums 379
13. The Rhythms of Man 385
Synopsis of Book Four 403
1. Yoga as Bridge from Weakness to Strength 409
2. The Machinery of Yoga 415
3. Sunlit Food 418
4. The Science of Sleep 420
5. The Symbols in Centre - Radiances 427
6. Awakenings into Yoga Consciousness 431
7. The Symbols as a Zodiac 438
8. Scientific Ultimates 443
9. Some Notes on Space and Time 447
10. The Wings of Divine Discontent 453
11. The Gates of Heaven 459
12. Initiations on the Path of Fulfilment 463
13. The Symbol - Octave of Magnifestation 476
14. The Unity of Life 481
15. The Lords of the Symbols 487
16. The Three Great Purpose of Yoga 498
17. Fulfilling the Symbols in Yoga 504
18. THAT: the Symbols - less 510
19. Yoga without End 516
20. The Symbols as Bulwarks against Barbarism 523
21. The Endless Glory 527
22. The Life Magnificent 534
My Adoration of Shri Nataraja 557
The Author Questions the Reader 561
Corroborative and Supplementary Articles and Notes in Glossary Form 565
The Call of the Arhat 687
The Master Ascended 691
Index 701

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