Ma Saraswati: Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom
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Ma Saraswati: Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom

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Author: Prof.Shrikant Prasoon
Publisher: Hindology Books
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788122311679
Pages: 191 (14 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.0 inch X 5.0 inch
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About The Book

Ma Saraswati : The goddess of knowledge &wisdom is an extremely useful book for it gives all needed information about Vagadevi and an insight into the Adi Shakti, the primordial power,the Tri-Shakti,the Brahmni Shakti of Brahma; who endows uswithSwar,sound;Varna,Alphabet;Shabda,Word;vani,Speech;Gyan,Knowledge;Sangeet,Music;Kala,Art;and Kasual,SkillandKshamata, ability to gain near perfection and desired and expected success in performance,; and Peace;Prosportyand Bliss in life. The book also shows the way, the method to worship, her poojan vidhi and the needed Mantras too. She must be worshiped for knowledge and wisdom because knowledge is the greatest power material success and spiritual height.

How is She Gayatri Shakti? How is she Brahma-vidya? What are ten Vidyas? What is Vidya Shakti? What are her 108 names? What are her 1000 Nam Mantras? What are herprayers,Arties;Chalisas and Stotras? Learn all about Vidya Shakti through this book, ” Ma Saraswati:The Goddess of knowledge & Wisdom”:chant her Mantras; pray with sacred Shlokas, to imbibe super power, spirituality,sublimty and divinity for greater success and better life; for needed purity and emancipation, and peace and salvation.


About The Author

Prof.Shrikant Prasoonis a reader, teacher,thinker,poet and above all, a humanist. The more he reads and thinks, the more he writes on varied topics, but with one aim – ‘to show man the need of Nature and Natural life’. He believes that all religions are integral and inseparable, living and developing parts of one basic religion called Humanism; and all the systems are an outcome of the greatest celestial system, which is devised and regulated by the Unseen and unknown Creator. A retired Professor of English,Prop.Prasoon writes in Hindi with equal ease and also in Sanskrit. His recent books are knowing Buddha; Knowing Guru Nanak; Indian Scriptures; PanchMahabhuta Tatwa and Sharira; Chanakya; Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose; Absorbing Buddha; Indian Saints and Sages; rishis and Rishikas; Self Unveiled; Knowing Kabir; Hinduism Clarified and Simplified; Ma Shakti; you and your Queries; Tattvam Sattvam; and 16Hindu Samskars



My book in Samskrit “Tattvam-Sattvam”,a collection of various Studies of different Gods and Goddesses was under print.Shri Ram Avatar Gupta, Chairman,Pustak Mahal, had read and heard some Sarswati Vandanas collected in that book. He knew my devotion and inclination towards “Ma Sarswati Goddess of Knowledge &Wisdom”. My ecstasy got instantaneous expression. I felt indebted to that experienced publisher who had given yet another challenging and cherished assignment like the earlier ones.

It was not easy to write a book on the most favorite deity whom I have worshipped since the time when I knew nothing about her. Of course, I have composed many poems on her in Hindi and English, and Vandanas and Stuties in Samskrit, but poems are different. They contain her form and poet’s wishes. In the book I planned to write everything about her that I knew or heard about. I completed the book in six months as I already had all the materials and related books which were needed. I had collected them while writing the book “Ma Shakti”.

In Ma Saraswati Goddess of Knowledge &Wisdom”, everything known about Saraswati has been incorporated. In the beginning, some prayers have been given followed by poetic description of Ma Saraswati in Spiritual Quadruplets. Then there is an exhaustive introduction full of elucidations which is illuminating. The second Section opens the vistas in which actual,spiritual,religious,scriptural,devotional,scientific,psychological and philosophical basis and meaning of Sarswati is presented in a graphic manner with short quotations from Scriptures and other Granthas for clear understanding and to prove the point ‘Dash Shloki Mantra’ byYashwalayan is the highlight of the second section which contains a separate chapter on Gayatri.

The third section deals with the ways and means of worshipping Ma Saraswati.Complete Poojan Vidhi along with some Stotras,Arties, Chalisas is given the common reader is not aware of the way Ma Saraswati is worshipped. That brings on to the Fourth section that contains different forms and one thousand plus one hundred and eight names of Ma Saraswati with the Mantras for chanting. And the fifth section is the conclusion that gives insight into the powers and prayers of Ma Saraswati- the essence of Cosmic Power and Ideas, and of Letters, Word and Sound.

Only ‘a’ has been taken from the Scriptural Transliteration for longer ‘a’ sound which is otherwise very difficult to write in English. It makes the reading of Indian names and Samskrit quotations easier. Rest of everything is as written in government papers, newspapers, magazines and general books.

Now the book is in the hands of readers. They are the best judge to decide whether everything related to ‘Ma Sarswati Goddess of Knowledge &Wisdom’ has been incorporated in the book or not. In my humble opinion, the book includes everything. It is the time to read the book with devotion and worship Ma Saraswati: Aum Hring Saraswati Namah!




  Preface 7
  Prayers to Ma Sarswati 9
  Ma Saraswati in Spiritual Quadruplets 17
  Section I: Pradurbhava aur Artha: Appearance and Meaning 19
1 Introduction: Ma Sarswati 21
  Section II:Anubhuti aur Gyan: Perceptions and knowledge 45
2 Dash Maha Vidya; Ten Forms of Saraswati 47
3 Saraswati as Shakti 74
4 Dasha Shloki Archana 83
5 Saraswati as Brahma Vidya 90
6 Saraswati as Gayatri 93
  Section III: Pooja aur Prarthana: Worshipping and Prayers 97
7 Saraswati Pooja 99
8 Vidyarambha:Starting Learning 110
9 Shri Saraswati Stotram I 113
10 Shri Saraswati Stotram II 117
11 Neela Saraswati Stotram 123
12 Devya Aratrikam 126
13 Saraswati Kavacham 127
14 Arti: Obeisance with Light I 129
15 Arti:Obeisance with light II 131
16 Arti:Obeisance with light III 132
17 Saraswati Chalisa I 134
18 Saraswati Chalisa II 138
  Section IV :Vividha Rupa aur Nama: Various Forms and Names 141
19 Sahasranamavali: One Thousand Names 143
20 Saraswatyai-ashtottar:Shatnam Stotram:  
  One Hundred Eight Names of Ma Saraswati 171
  Section V: Brahma Vichar Sar: Essence of Cosmic Ideas 175
21 Nada: Varna: Shabda Brahman Rupini 177
22 Vidya Shakti: The Power of Saraswati 186

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