The Man in Health
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The Man in Health

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Author: Dr. S. M. Singh
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788131910979
Pages: 472
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About the Author

Dr S.M. SINGH, MD is the Principal, Professor and HOD of Sri Sai Nath Post Graduate Institute of Homoeopathy, Allahabad. He has more than 38 years of teaching experience in Homoeopathic Medical Colleges at Allahabad. He is famous for delivering academic oriented lectures in various reputed Homoeopathic Medical Colleges of different States. He has been awarded National Best Teacher Dr B.K. Bose Award by Research Society of India, is recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award in 2005 and Hahnemann National Award in 2008 for his excellent work in the field of homeopathy. He has provided PG guidance to 110 MD (Hom.) students. He has presented his Original Scientific Paper on Evidence Based Homoeopathy of a successfully cured case of 'Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy' at International Conference - LIGA2010, USA.


In the emerging scenario of medical education in India, the discipline of homeopathy has occupied a prime position in alternative system of medicine. Consequently, many educational institutions have started PG courses following suit of higher learning. Now the MD (Horn.) students are required to master new and newer ideas, bracketed under the umbrella 'concept of man in health and man in disease', the two phases of the man viewed in the field of medicine.

Keeping in view the dearth of systematically arranged literature in the field faced by the PG students, I felt a pressing need to write this book entitled, 'Man in Health' so that the need could be satiated.

Since the introduction of Post Graduation in Homeopathy by C CH, especially MD (Horn.) regular courses, the two important subjects namely the man in health and the man in disease have been included within the syllabus for Part 1 examination of the same. Irrespective of the subjects of specialty every MD (Horn.) regular student should have to study and appear for examination on these two papers (The Man in Health and Man in Disease) and these two subjects are unique and unparallel consideration in homeopathic system of medicine, which stands for its individuality. Moreover, these two subjects are just like the two opposite sides of the same coin.

The author believes that the concepts of the man in health not healthy man is very vital and primary and the concept of man in disease is secondary, moreover a first hand knowledge of first will enrich the second in course of time, that's why as a stepping stone the author's pen is on first topic that is, 'The Man in Health' for the present considering demand of the day.

In this book the concept of man in health has been extended to cover biochemistry and biophysics and life span psychology in the light of the doctrine of homeopathy founded by Hahnemann and fostered by other homoeopaths.

The holistic approach in homeopathy occupies the core identity of this science intermingled with the concept of individualisation. While the so-called modem medical science is over occupied with the disease entity, homeopathy goes deeper into the roots of the sick and attempts to revert this state into the state of health. Therefore, I sincerely hope that this book caters to the needs of all sections of homeopathic profession including practitioners, serious undergraduate students and the beneficiaries of homeopathy in addition to the core population of PG students, for whom this book has been written primarily.

In addition to the above, I am sure the book will generate interest in the general population, not only to understand the spirit of homeopathy but also will highlight the utility of health model of man.

I sincerely invite suggestions and ideas for further improvement in the contents of the book from its readers.

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