Eternal Health: The Essence of Ayurveda

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Item Code: IDE331
Author: Dr. Partap Chauhan
Publisher: Jiva Institute, Vrindavan
Language: English
Edition: 2000
ISBN: 8187153253
Pages: 274 (Figures: 33)
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book:


Eternal Health presents the ancient principles of traditional Indian helaingin an accessible, modern format. It is a comprehensive introduction to the core beliefs and theories of Ayurveda, with practical advice to enable you to adopt this philosophy in your daily life. This informative guide includes:

  • Nutrition and dietary advice for your constitution
  • Daily routines to minimize stress and enhance well-being
  • Methods to gain energy, vitality and longevity
  • Safe and easy herbal remedies for common ailments
  • Techniques to maximize mental, physical and spiritual health

A comprehensive Sanskrit glossary, appendices and tables for easy reference, make this book a valuable resource for anyone interested in natural healing, holistic health and mind-body harmony.


About The Author:


Pratap Chauhan is an Ayurvedic expert who practices Ayurveda in its original form. He is one of the few Ayurvedic doctors (Vaidya) who can claim succession to an authentic lineage of knowledge under the guru-sisya system of learning. After receiving his medical degree from Delhi University, he studied herbal pharmacy for five years before opening his own clinic I 1992. in 1995, he launched the world's first Ayurvedic on-line health clinic and is now known as the "Cyber-Vaidya". He has successfully treated thousands of people for chronic conditions as well as common ailments. Dr. Chauhan has his own range of personalized herbal treatment and cosmetics, manufactured according to traditional methods. He has traveled extensively internationally, to offer seminars, workshops and personal consultations, and also teaches Ayurveda to interested people iva on-line courses and residential program.




The wisdom of Ayurveda is profound and eternal. It has healed mind, body and soul for millennia. Although the development of a body of supporting literature was impeded by foreign rule in India, Ayurveda has survived and continues to enlighten us today. The precepts of this health system treat millions of people in India, and increasingly around the world.

Ayurveda has recently been "re-discovered" in the pursuit of holistic healing and natural health. The globalization of Ayurveda offers evidence that the original theories still have much to offer to the modern world. With sincere effort and dedication on behalf of Ayurvedic practitioners, this method of herbal treatment may once again obtain the recognition it is worthy of.

The first step has already been taken. The word Ayurveda is becoming known around the world, and interest in it is increasing. It is now time for the second step, which is to demystify the original concepts and principles of Ayurveda at a deeper level. The translation of original texts, and presentation of that information in a modern, practical yet authentic manner is vital to maintain the integrity of this science.

Over sixty-five years ago, when I was a student of Ayurveda, it was emphasized that one should study the original texts (samhitas) from a genuine teacher guru. That teaching style was essential to understand and practice pure Ayurveda. The situation today is very different. The increasing popularity of Ayurveda has meant that people have seized the opportunity to commercialize and exploit it.

We need to safeguard the heritage of this science by ensuring it is taught accurately, in order to benefit humanity. This book is written by a qualified Ayurvedic doctor, and is a valuable resource for those who wish to understand the original principles and apply them to their daily life. Dr. Chauhan is one of the few students I have encountered who is not only able to comprehend the subtleties of Ayurvedic theory, but also present it clearly and correctly.

His interest in accumulating more knowledge in this vast field has not waned in the fifteen years I have taught him. For five of those years he lived with me, and worked closely with me to learn the intricacies of herbal medicines and their preparation. I am proud of his efforts to now share this knowledge with you, and continue practicing Ayurveda in its original form. I commend this book, and trust you will enjoy learning about this wonderful science in your journey of achieving eternal health, harmony and happiness.




Eternal. Health explains basic Ayurvedic concepts and lifestyle principles. It is a modern representation of the original knowledge. Of which much has been overlooked. Authentic Ayurvedic teachings have been updated to take into account modern lifestyles, and presented with modern language and concepts.

The intention in providing you with this information is the same as that motivating the original Ayurvedic doctors. It is to enable you to understand how the body functions and how to maintain a healthy balance between your body, mind and soul. These aspects need to be in harmony internally and with the external environment, in order to maintain health, prevent sickness and reduce suffering.

Some modern books on Ayurveda have disregarded fundamental aspects of Ayurvedic theory, misinterpreted Sanskrit terms or not clearly explained basic principles. This book aims to clearly and accurately present the foundations of Ayurveda, and its practical applications, to enable you to adopt this philosophy in you life. Remaining faithful to the original texts and maintaining Ayurvedic values is essential in order to obtain the full benefits of this holistic life science.

You may be curious to know how this science developed and how it has survived for more than five millennia. The origin, scope and fundamental concepts of Ayurveda are explained in part I of the book. This also incorporates physiology and metabolism. The book has been structured specifically to build a step-by-step understanding of the composition of humans, our internal functioning and relationship to the surrounding environment. As you gain understanding of the body and environment, the lifestyle and health information contained in part II of the book will be much easier to coprehend.

The original Sanskrit terms are still used because they have a specific meaning, in the same way that Latin is used in modern medicine. As these words often do not have a direct translation in English, the original terms have been retained. These ancient terms (in italics) may be unfamiliar, so they are explained in the relevant sections. There is also a comprehensive Sanskrit glossary for quick reference of pronunciation and definition.

This book establishes the core concepts and terminology of Ayurveda, as a foundation for future publications that will further explore the complexities of this life science. I hope you enjoy learning Ayurvedic wisdom and discovering the beauty of this timeless philosophy.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the assistance of others involved in the preparation of this book. I thank my students and patients for inspiring and encouraging me Satyanarayana Dasa provided support and guidance; my assistants Dr. Mukesh Sharma and Dr. Sapna Bhargava helped check facts and looked after my clinic; Vijay Raina and Nailesh Raste worked long hours with total dedication on layout and illustrations; and Nic Haygarth proofread and offered valuable comments

Finally, my special thanks to Brenda Foran, whose significant contribution to the content and structure of the book enabled it to be produced in its final form. She came here to work on the manuscript, and is now staying as my student.




Foreword v
Preface xi
Introduction xiii
1. The Foundations of Ayurveda
Origin, Meaning and Scope of Ayurveda (Mind, Body, Senses, Soul); Objective of Ayurveda
2. Principles of Ayurveda
Basic Principles: Theory of Creation; The Five Elements; Composition of Human Beings; Balance of Elements; Three Qualities; Modern Application of Ayurvedic Principles.
3. Physical Constitution
Tidosa; Dosa Formation; Dosa States and Balance; Evaluating Dosa Type; Dosa Characteristics; Reason for Disturbance; Remedies to Alleviate.
4. Psychological Constitution
Triguna; Mind Types; Mind Balance; Diet and Nutrition; Lifestyle; Emotions.
5. Metabolism & Digestion
Four States of Agni; Digestive Process; Digestion, Ama and Disease; Wastes; Elimination of Wastes.
6. Physiology
Tissues; formation and Imbalance of Tissues; Ojas; Channels; Function and Impairment of Channels.


7. Nutrition
Effects of Food; Principles of Food; Taste; Qualities; Potency; Digestive Effect; Special Action.
8. Diet
Dietary Guidelines; Quantities of Food; Digestive Power; Sattvic Food; Other Consideration.
9. Complete Health
Spirituality; Lifestyle; Sleep; Sex; Exercise; Natural Urges Hygiene; Daily and Seasonal Routines.
10. Disease
Causes of disease; Role of Dosa; Tendency to Disease; Identification of Disease; Patient Examination; Stage of Manifestation; Classification of Disease.
11. Therapies
Detoxification (Panca Karma); Rejuvenation Therapy (Rasayana); Treatment for Addiction (Madatya)
12. Home Remedies
Home Remedies for Common Ailments; Anxiety and Depression; Arthritis; Asthma; Coughs and Colds; Fatigue; Headache; Indigestion and Constipation; Insomnia; Menopause; Menstrual Disorders; Obesity; Skin Problems.


1. Reference Table of Dosas 227
2. Reference Table of Tastes 228
3. Instruction for Yoga Exercise 229
4. Common Herbs and their Uses 231
5. Basic Recipes 242
Glossary of Sanskrit Terms 247
Bibliography 256


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