Mantra-Yoga Samhita

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Author: Dr. Ramkumar Rai
Publisher: Chaukhambha Publishers
Language: (Sanskrit Text with English Translation)
Edition: 2014
Pages: 142
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description


Mantra Yoga is one of the four kinds of yogas others beings Hatha-, Laya-, and Raja-yoga. The creation; being of the nature of name and form, the devotee only through the support of name and form can form can free himself from the bondage of creation and attain salvation. When a person falls on the ground he can rise up again only with the support of that very ground. Nominal and formal subjects keep a person in bondage,. Nominal and formal nature and splendour prey on men through their ignorance. Now that Yoga, which is practised through the support of nominal sound and emotional form contemplated in accordance with the directions of one's own nature and disposition is called Mantra Yoga. And according to the predominance of the five element human nature being of five kinds, the procedure of worship described in Mantra Yoga is also of five kinds. This is called Pancopasana.

Science of Mantra Yoga:
Where there is some activity there always is some vibration; where there is vibration there also is an essential possibility of the presence of sound. The creation is also a kind of activity and the vibration emanating from the first billow of the nature, and the sound which is produce thereby, is the auspicious Pranava in the form of Omkara. Just as the sound of the nature connected with state of equipoise is Omkara of the form of Brahma, Visnu, and Siva, so are there the various sounds of the nature in the state of inequality-and these various sounds are the seed-mantras of various worships. As the creation is five-elemental the entire creation is divided into five parts, and therefore the Vedas have ordained five kinds of worship. According to the nature and disposition if the Guru instructs the Mantra and according to the Bhavana of the disciple instructs the Deity to be worshipped, then the disciple desirous of emancipation can soon reach his destination.

Different steps (Angas) of Mantra Yoga:
Mantra Yoga is embellished with sixteen constituent parts or steps (angas) which are Bhakti, Suddhi, Asana, Pancanga-sevana, Dharana, Divyadesa-sevana, Prana-kriya, Mudra, Tarpana, Havana, Bali, Yaga, Japa, Dhyana and Samadhi. All these steps are integral parts of this system and are to be practised in their sequence of enumeration.

The Present Samhita:
The Mantra Yoga Samhita, which is being presented here for the first time in English, is the only systematic work in which this Yoga has been described in detail and step-by-step with such clarity and insight that any sadhaka can immensely benefit from it in beginning and continue his Sadhana to its fruition. Each step has been described with all the connected rituals and the most important part of the work is Mantra Astrology which is quite a closely guarded secret of the system. This part would enable a sadhaka to determine the time, place, day and date for beginning his Sadhana, and also determine the Mantra and the Deity suitable to his disposition. Without such predetermination a Sadhana may not only remain anfractuous but at times become harmful to the sadhaka. Therefore, it is need less to stress the importance of such a work. Moreover, there is no other work on the subject now available and this fact makes it an indispensable companion for every sadhaka.

I have tried to include various charts and diagrams to make the subject more comprehensive. Their picturisation is in strict accordance to their description found in the work.

With my limited knowledge, which is mostly confined to the practical side of the subject and obtained through my contact with various mystics of the country, I have tried to make the work as useful as possible, yet the subject being highly technical and mysterious, certain obscurities at places may not be ruled out.

In the end, I extend my heartiest thanks to the proprietors of the famous publication concern, Chaukhambha Orientalia of Varanasi, or bringing out this work so beautifully and promptly.


1 Mangalacarana 1
2 Characteristics of Mantra-yoga 3
3 Science of Mantra Yoga 5
4 Eulogy of Sadhana 6
5 Need for Initiation 7
6 Greatness of Guru 8
7 Characteristics of a Sadguru 9
8 Characteristics of a Sisya or Disciple 11
9 Characteristics of a Reprehensib leguru 11
10 Description of Initiation 12
11 Determination of Month 14
12 Determination of Day 15
13 Determination of Tithi 16
14 Determination of Naksatra 17
15 Determination of Yoga 18
16 Determination of Karana 18
17 Determination of Lagna 18
18 Determination of Paksa or Fortnight 19
19 Determination of the place for Initiation 20
20 Procedure for the Determination of Mantra  
21 Kulakula Cakra 22
22 Science of Kulakula cakra of another Tantric School 24
23 Rasi-Cakra 25
24 Nakstra Cakra 32
25 Akadama Cakra 35
26 Rni-Dhani-Cakra 37
27 Determination of Upasya 40
28 Science of the five Deities 41
29 Determination of the Right of worsip  
30 Constituent parts of Mantra Yoga 44
31 Description of Bhakti 46
32 Description of Suddhi 47
33 Dik-suddhi 47
34 Sthana-suddhi 48
35 Kaya-Suddhi 49
36 Antah-suddhi 51
37 Description of Asanas 52
38 Differentiation of Seat 53
39 Serving the five Organs 55
40 Description of Acaras 57
41 Lata Sadhana 60
42 Seven Adhikaras or Rights 63
43 Description of Dharana or Concentration 64
44 Description of Rights of Dharana 65
45 Ten Samskaras (Rituals) of Mantra 67
46 Matrka-yantra 68
47 Description of Divyadesa 71
48 Prana-kriya 72
49 Description of Pranayama 73
50 Bahya-Matrka-Nyasa 74
51 Matrka-Nyasa 76
52 Rsi-Nyasa 79
53 Description of Mudras 82
54 Description of Tarpana 86
55 Description of Havana 88
56 Description of Bali 91
57 Description of Yaga 93
58 Upacaras of worship  
59 Twenty-one Upacaras  
60 Sixteen Upacaras 96
61 Ten Upacaras 96
62 Five Upacaras. 97
63 Description of Upayaga 98
64 Description of Japa 100
65 Description of the place of Sadhna 103
66 Description of competency for Sadhana 104
67 Mantra-Siddhi 105
68 Purification of Five Organs 106
69 Description of Siddhi 107
70 Description of kinds of Mantras 109
71 Description of Mantra-Bija 111
72 Description of the origin of Mantras  
73 Eulogy of Pranava 118
74 Eulogy of Brahma-Mantra 119
75 Description of Kara-mala 121
76 Description of Rosary 124
77 Concentration 125
78 Form- Differentiation 127
79 Description of Special form-differentiation 130
80 Description of the kinds of Dhyana 132
81 Description of Samadhi 133
82 Description of Manovi-jnana 136
83 Sanskrit Index 139
84 English Index 141


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