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The Miracle of Regenerative Medicine - How to Naturally Reverse the Aging Process

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Author: Elisa Lottor
Publisher: Healing Arts Press
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9781620556030
Pages: 320
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Book Description
About the Book
Harnessing the advances of the new paradigm of medicine-which focuses on the regenerative abilities of body rather than symptom management-Elisa Lottor. Ph.D., H.M.D., explains how each of us can turn on the body’s self-healing abilities, prevent illness before it starts, and reverse the aging process to live longer, healthier, and happier live.

Beginning with a focus on the foods we eat, the author reveals how many diseases and symptoms of aging are the result of inflammation in the body, caused by poor diet and a lack of crucial nutrients. She explains the top foods to avoid, such as refined sugar, and the best nutrient-rich foods to include, along with easy and delicious recipes. Showing how regenerative medicine treats the roots of aging and disease, preventing them before they start, she details the regenerative properties of the liver complex, explaining the best ways to detox, and reveals how to restore optimal microbe balance in your gut. Dr. Lottor explores the regenerative properties of adaptogens, herbs, and nutriceuticals, the unobtrusive healing practices of energy medicine, the importance of hormone balance, and the concept of living water. She also underscores sleep as a core regenerative therapy.

Looking at the most cutting-edge research in the rapidly emerging field of regenerative medicine, Dr. Lottor examines the potential of stem cell therapies for regeneration of joints and organs as well as for lengthening our DNA’s telomeres, the shrinkage of which is now considered a chief cause of aging. She also looks at the science of gene expression-epigenetics-and how DNA can be used as both a health predictor and a tool for preventing inherited diseases. Including a comprehensive resource section for finding products and practitioners, Dr. Lottor offers each of us the necessary tools and information to reverse aging and participate in our own wellness.

About the Author

Elisa Lottor, Ph.D., H.M.D., is an expert in nutrition, homeopathy, and energy medicine with a special interest in regenerative medicine and women’s health. An international lecturer and consultant, she has had a homeopathy and nutrition practice for more than 30 years. The author of Female and Forgetful, she lives in Oxnard, California.


Living a long and healthy life is much different today than it was in previous generations. It is actually possible, and a choice you can make. What does it take to get into top physical and mental shape and maintain it for a lifetime? What decisions can you make now to enjoy a long life of health, energy, enthusiasm, and feeling terrific? The Miracle of Regenerative Medicine by Dr. Elisa Lottor has all the answers and a game plan to put them into action as well. The fascinating, novel concepts in The Miracle of Regenerative Medicine are presented in such a compelling and practical manner that it is a must read for anyone wishing to be in control of his or her own destiny. Start now and take advantage of this remarkable book, which is on the forefront in the science, technology, and medicine of life extension, regeneration, and disease prevention.

Given the right circumstances, the body has the ability to heal and regenerate itself. It is possible to regain or improve health and vitality with aging. However, knowledge of what is currently available and/or is on the horizon in medicine, science, and technology is necessary in order to make proper choices for optimal health and well-being. Scientific advances to improve life-span and quality of life are being discovered continually but they can be difficult to find and integrate into a workable personal plan.

Dr. Lottor has been involved with the fastest growing and cutting-edge medical field of advanced preventive/regenerative/anti-aging medicine since its inception. All you have to do is read her book and utilize the strategies presented. She has done all the work by combining revelations from current scientific research and her forty years of clinical experience and patient feedback into this one powerful resource. The Miracle of Regenerative Medicine is the most comprehensive evaluation and explanation of existing advances and cutting-edge trends in disease detection, treatment, prevention, and reversal that I have read to date. I believe this is the only book necessary to read in order to gain the necessary knowledge and empower yourself to make wise choices for your future health and longevity.

Beside all the information presented, Dr. Lottor presents numerous scientifically validated tips and practical advice you can incorporate right now to prevent, reverse, and treat bodily degeneration. It is only with this incredible innovative information that you will be able to make informed, wise choices to regain, improve, and/or maintain your health and remain at your physical and mental peak for life.

My personal story, which is the story of a majority of my patients, illustrates why it is crucial to take charge of your health, learn as much as you can, and make the proper choices now. When I was in my midfifties, it seemed as though my body was rapidly deteriorating. I had no energy, was depressed, lost my enthusiasm for life, couldn't concentrate, and was barely able to work. I couldn't imagine that this was how life was supposed to be; was it all over at fifty? I didn't know where to go for help or even find information on what was happening. Several medical professionals told me it was just the natural aging process and there was nothing to do about it. Refusing to believe or accept this, I started a long, solo, and difficult learning process that lasted several years. What I discovered turned out to be life changing. Gradually, I was able to reverse these signs and symptoms of "aging" and return to optimal mental and physical functioning by incorporating a multimodality, holistic lifestyle approach, all of which is delineated in this book. If I, as a board certified, top internal medicine physician, had minimal knowledge of advanced, preventive, regenerative medicine, I imagine many people lack this information and could benefit greatly by learning about and incorporating the suggestions found in this book. Because of The Miracle of Regenerative Medicine you can be saved from the struggle many people experience with illness and aging. So, take advantage of this precious gift that will allow you to take control of your health and live a long, happy, and healthy life.

JUDI GOLDSTONE, M.D., is a board certified internal medicine physician. She is a long-standing member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and the Obesity Medicine Association. Dr. Goldstone graduated at the top of her class from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and has practiced weight loss and wellness medicine for the past fifteen years. She is a well-known expert in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, nutraceautical usage, and nutrition. She practices at Southern California Center for Anti-Aging in Torrance, California.


Through the thicket of vines, a man and his party whip their machetes. The swords glimmer with the slashing motions, and the sunlight filters through the dense forest canopy. Sweat and the heavy air attract lazy swarms of mosquitos, which the men occasionally slap away before continuing forward. They are weary. They have traveled far, crossing oceans and trudging past the shores of the warm Atlantic coast.

They are searching restlessly, endlessly in these isles of Florida for a miraculous spring of water. Legend has it that this mysterious spring has the power to restore life, youth, and vitality to anyone who drinks of it. The captain has heard countless stories of its waters in his childhood; he has studied dusty tomes that claimed of its existence; and yet . . .

The man wipes his forehead and leans back on a tree, feeling the rough bark against his drenched shirt. He watches the men continue their work. In this very moment, he can only imagine how refreshing it would feel to drink deeply from the clear waters. To splash and laugh in the waves, like a child. To float weightlessly on his back, freed of every burden. To wash away the weariness settled deep inside his bones. No, he mustn't only imagine. Juan Ponce de Leon must obtain, once and for all, the wondrous powers of the Fountain of Youth.

Juan Ponce de Leon may be considered the patron saint of the Fountain of Youth, but the sixteenth-century explorer wasn't the only one to seek the powers of rejuvenation. Tales of the fountain resonate throughout history and geography over the span of thousands of years. The Greek historian Herodotus—widely regarded as the Father of History—describes his encounter with the miraculous water near the lands of Egypt, in the fifth century BCE. The water reputedly granted longevity, as well as stature and good looks to the inhabitants of Macrobia. And according to the legends of the East, Alexander the Great journeyed through the Lands of Darkness—the impenetrable forest that doomed its inhabitants to eternal wandering—to seek the coveted Water of Life. Even the Bible features its own fountain of healing in the Pool of Bethesda. According to the fifth chapter of the Gospel of John, an angel would descend to stir the miraculous pools, bestowing complete restoration to the first who entered its waters.

These texts characterize the Fountain of Youth as an element of myth, legend, and even miracle. Indeed, the fountain seems to inhabit a space beyond our everyday lives, in an atmosphere of fantasy and faith. If we were to trace the fountain back to its roots, we would not be surprised to see it emerge from the depths of human imagination, a desperate fantasy to cope with the ever-present decay of the body. But although eternal youth and everlasting life may be entirely fictional, the coming chapters will demonstrate that biological rejuvenation lies perfectly within our reach. Whether we desire to maintain our health, or long for the energy and focus of our youth, regenerative medicine promotes healthy, holistic, and natural solutions that will work to reverse the passage of time.

Before we look for a solution, we must first evaluate the problem: growing old. From a scientific standpoint, aging begins at birth. It is the continuing process of development and degeneration, in body and in mind. Time, gravity, environment, stress—each of these works to damage the body and propel us steadily toward death. However, the body doesn't passively sit and allow its own demise: from cuts and bruises to colds and infections, the body heals and protects itself through cell regeneration and the immune system.

Now, let's extend this natural healing process to a broader medical theory: if the body naturally heals and regenerates by itself, it may even be able to counteract the minute but persistent daily wear that our cells face over time. By renewing and replacing old cells, our bodies could effectively turn back the biological clock—under the right circumstances. That's where we come in: when we pay close attention to our bodies' language and provide ourselves with the best-known resources, our bodies will undoubtedly reach their full regenerative potential.

Contrary to popular belief, regenerative medicine is not an anti-aging effort. It does not aim to slow or stop the aging process. Instead, regenerative medicine aims to reverse the process by improving the efficiency of our biochemistry and cell functions, thereby promoting self-healing and recovery. Consider it parallel to the human mental capacity: though we each have our own peak levels of brain activity and function, we don't always achieve it. But if we were to fully understand the brain and the way memory, logic, and analysis work, we could utilize more of our brain power, more effectively. Similarly, when we begin to understand our bodies intimately and personally, we increase our bodily capacity for healing and recovery, as well as rejuvenation.

Regenerative medicine does not focus on the superficial: it doesn't tar-get appearances, like plastic surgery, or external symptoms, like pharmaceutical drugs. It doesn't aim only to increase the number of years we gain, because what is the use of a longer life without personal empowerment and independence? Instead, regenerative medicine improves the quality of the life we live, and gives us more years of freedom and happiness.

We as a society are entering a paradigm shift: as patients grow more familiar with alternative and complementary medicine, doctors are beginning to realize that traditional modes of medicine often neglect individual care. Whereas traditional medicine aims to combat the disease, regenerative medicine aims to treat the patient through the implementation of comprehensive lifestyle changes.

Regenerative medicine uses scientific research as a tool to better under-stand the origin of our strengths and our struggles—the body. Contrary to traditional medicine, regenerative medicine does not wait for the disease to occur. Rather, it takes preventive measures by confronting disease at its very roots. It always pursues a permanent solution through the use of natural compounds such as vitamins, minerals, nutraceuticals, herbs, bioidentical hormones, and the unobtrusive practice of energy medicine.

Regenerative medicine lies on the cutting-edge frontier of scientific research. As a relatively new scientific and medical discipline, it pays particular attention to harnessing the power of stem cells as well as the body's natural regenerative capacity to restore function to damaged cells, tissues, and organs. You may have heard of this already—scientists are developing stem cells into specific cell types so as to be able to repair, replace, or even grow new functioning organs.

In 2011, for example, nineteen-year-old marine Isaias Hernandez lost his right leg to a mortar in Afghanistan. He took such severe muscle damage up his thigh that ordinarily he would have had to have it amputated. However, the U.S. military invested $70 million in an experimental regenerative procedure that extracted a growth hormone from pig bladders to inject into his leg. These hormones stimulated his remaining muscle matter to regenerate, and eventually, after sufficient care and recovery, Hernandez found his leg—and his life fully restored.

More recently, in April 2013, a newborn baby, born without a trachea (windpipe) was implanted with a bioengineered organ in a hospital in Illinois. Dr. Paolo Macchinari led the procedure, taking stem cells from the baby's own bone marrow and artificially incubating the organ until it was ready to be implanted. This gave her a new chance at life. She survives to :his very day, and though she may need replacement surgeries as her body continues to grow, the fact that she has the capacity to grow in the first place is nothing short of miraculous. Developments like these represent huge steps of progress in regenerative medicine. Because, in the end, regenerative medicine does not incorporate artificial products that may cause unforeseen bodily rejections or consequences. It aims to heal the body from within.

Imagine a future without painful backs and knees —a future in which our own bodies will repair the worn-out joints that cause arthritis and inflammation. Imagine a future without the endless delay for an organ donor, because we will be able to grow our own skin, our own bones, our own livers and kidneys and hearts. Imagine a wellspring of healing for blindness, deafness, and even paralysis. Open your eyes: the future is here.

Growing older is a natural process, but feeling old is entirely optional. Our medical tool kit has never been so vast, versatile, and readily available. Our generation can not only experience longer life-spans, but also enjoy vitality, health, and wellness far into our autumn years. We work hard throughout our lives: pursuing careers, raising kids, maintaining an entire household. Don't we deserve something better as we age, when we have the leisure to enjoy life with those we love?

What's stopping us?

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