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Nehru's 97 Major Blunders

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Author: Rajnikant Puranik
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788122316087
Pages: 232
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description

But for a series of major blunders by Nehru across- the spectrum-it would not be an exaggeration to say that he blundered comprehensively-India would have been on a rapidly ascending path to becoming a shining, prosperous, first-world country by the end of his term, and would surely have become so by early 1980s-provided, of course, Nehru's dynasty had not followed him to power. Sadly, Nehru era laid the foundations of India's poverty and misery, condemning it to be forever a developing, third-rate, third-world country.

By chronicling those blunders, this boo highlights THE FACTS BEHIND THE FACADE.

This is a compact book summarising 97 major blunders of Nehru. However, while all major blunders are not covered, none of the minor blunders are included.

The focuses being on blunders, this book does not cover Nehru’s positives-there are a sea of books eulogising Nehru, and reader can refer to them.

It is not the intention of this book to be critical of Nehru, but historical facts, that have often been distorted or glossed over or suppressed must be known widely, lest the mistakes be repeated, and so that India has a brighter future.

This book is different from my earlier voluminous book "Foundations of Misery: Blunders of the Nehruvian Era" (available on Amazon both in the digital and in paperback edition) which does not cover as many blunders as this book does, nor lists them systematically and exhaustively; but which deals in detail with the background, history and particulars of the Integration of the Indian States/ Kashmir: BCE to 1950s/ Tibet: Erasing a Nation/ Himalayan Misadventure (India-China War); The Sinhala &- the Tamils (On Sri-Lankan Tamil Problem); India's Self-Inflicted Poverty/ socialism, Babudom &- Corruption; Being Foreign to Foreign Policy (Disastrous Policies on External Affairs); Ill-informed Internal Policies, Mental &- Cultural Slavery/ Distortion of History &- Cultural Heritage; Dynacracy (Dynastic Democracy), and so on.

This book has a wider coverage compared to the above, but does not deal in the background, history and details like the above does. Many aspects which you would find in this book you would not find in the book above, and vice versa.


Shashi Tharoor titled his book 'Nehru: the Invention of India: Yes, Nehru was honest, upright, knowledgeable, secular, cultured, hard-working, and a man of integrity. He was a capable leader, who gave his all to the nation. One also has to appreciate Nehru's physical fitness, despite his busy and stressful life-it was thanks to yoga and his healthy life style. His was reportedly a singularly unmedicated body till about two years before his death.

He wrote books, and they were good, though not great. They were rather average.

He was courageous-unlike the current nobodies moving under loads of security. Once during the 1947 riots, when he saw a person being attacked in Chandni Chowk, he stopped his car and personally charged-in to save him.

He was a popular leader. He valued the virtues of parliamentary democracy, secularism and liberalism. He was one of the founders of Non-Aligned Movement.

As an unfailing nationalist, he implemented policies which stressed commonality among Indians while still appreciating regional diversities. He was instrumental in setting up of the Planning Commission, National Laboratories, IITs, IIMs, and a vast public sector.

Nehru was personally an honest person. If you read MO Mathai's book 'Reminiscences of the Nehru Age’, you would come across many examples of his uprightness. MO Mathai was his PA. Like when Mathai suggested to him that he could deduct expenses for typing and other such incidentals from his income from sale of his books when filing income-tax returns to get deduction that was legally permissible, Nehru answered in the negative saying that when he had not incurred the expenses how could he seek deduction, even if legally allowed.

There is another good example from Kuldip Nayar's 'Beyond the Lines': "This incident might prick the conscience of today's leaders. Bhim Sen Sachar, then chief minister of Punjab, approached Nehru with an embarrassing request. Vijayalakshmi Pandit had stayed at the Shimla Circuit House, then part of Punjab, and had not paid the bill of Rs 2500. Sachar was told by his governor, C. Trivedi, to put the expense under some miscellaneous state government account. However, Sachar was a stickler for propriety. Nehru said that he could not clear the bill at one go but would pay the Punjab government in instalments. Nehru sent the amount in five instalments, each time drawing a cheque on his personal account."

Unfortunately, Nehru allowed others to be corrupt-reminds one of Manmohan Singh!

There are a host of books that eulogise Nehru. What can be mentioned here would be a drop in the ocean. However, this book seeks to highlight the vital and critical aspects about Nehru that are often swept under the carpet. Nehruvian blunders are summarised in this book, but they are not covered in detail. For details, please read the book "Foundations of Misery: Blunders of the Nehruvian Era" (www.rkpbooks.com), available on Amazon both in the digital and in paperback edition.

'Blunders' in this book is used as a general term to also include failures, neglect, wrong policies, bad decisions, despicable and disgraceful acts, usurping underserved posts, etc.


  Prologue 1
  What They Said 3
  What Nehru Said 8
  Pre-Independence Blunders 10
Blunder- 1 Usurping Presidentship in 1929 10
Blunder-2 Setting Jinnah on Path to Pakistan 12
Blunder-3 Scoring Self-Goal-Resignations of Ministries in 1939 13
Blunder-4 Leg-up to Jinnah 14
Blunder-5 Assam's Security Compromised 15
Blunder-6 Undemocratic Elevation as first PM 16
Blunder-7 Cabinet Mission Plan & Nehru's Blunder 20
Blunder-8 Making jews out of Hindu Sindhis 22
Blunder-9 Nepotism & Dynasty Promotion 25
  Integration of Princely States 26
Blunder- 10 Independent India dependent upon the British 26
Blunder-11 Refusing J & K Accession when offered 28
Blunder-12 Allowing Kashmir to be almost Lost 29
Blunder-13 Unconditional J & K Accession Made Conditional 32
Blunder-14 Internationalisation of the Kashmir issue 34
Blunder-15 Inept Handling of the J&K issue in the UN 37
Blunder-16 PoK thanks to Nehru 39
Blunder-17 Nehru's Shocking Callousness in J&K 41
Blunder-18 Needless Article-370 42
Blunder-19 Blood Brother who Deceived 44
Blunder-20 Wanting Maharaja to Lick his Boots 46
Blunder-21 Kashmiri Pandits vs. Kashmiri Pandits 50
Blunder-22 Sidelining the One who Could have Saved J&K 52
Blunder-23 Hyderabad- another Kashmir or Pakistan? 54
  External Security 59
Blunder-24 Inexplicably Irresponsible Ideas 59
Blunder-25 No Settlement with Pakistan 60
Blunder-26 Erasure of Tibet as a Nation 60
Blunder-27 Panchsheel-Selling Tibet; Harming Self 65
Blunder-28 Not Settling Boundary Dispute with China 67
Blunder-29 The Himalayan Blunder: India-China War 69
Blunder-30 Criminal Neglect of External Security 71
Blunder-31 Politicisation of the Army 74
Blunder-32 Lethargic Intelligence Machinery 75
Blunder-33 Suppressing Truth 76
Blunder-34 No Accountability 77
Blunder-35 Delayed Liberation of Goa 80
Blunder-36 Nehru's No to Nuclear Arms 81
Blunder-37 Responsible for 1965- War too, in a way 82
Blunder-38 International Record in Insecure Borders 83
  Foreign Policy 85
Blunder-39 Nehru- Liaquat Pact 1950 85
Blunder-40 Indus Water Treaty- A Generous Give Away 87
Blunder-41 No Initiative on Sri Lankan Tamil Problem 88
Blunder-42 No to India's UNSC Membership 89
Blunder-43 Advocating UN/UNSC seat for China 90
Blunder-44 Letting Go of Gwadar 91
Blunder-45 Erroneous Nehru- Era Map 92
Blunder-46 Nehru & Israel 94
Blunder-47 Non-Alignment' with National Interests 95
Blunder-48 Foreign To Foreign Policy 96
  Internal Security 99
Blunder-49 Compounding Difficulties in Assam 99
Blunder-50 Neglecting the Northeast 100
Blunder-51 Ignoring Illegal Proselytization 102
Blunder-52 Insecurity of the Vulnerable Sections 104
Blunder-53 Ungovemed Areas 106
  Economy 107
Blunder-54 Throttled Industrialisation 107
Blunder-55 Neglect of Agriculture 108
Blunder-56 Builder of Modern India 109
Blunder-57 Grinding Poverty 110
Blunder-58 Socialistic-Bureaucratic Nightmare 111
Blunder-59 Pathetic India vs. Other Countries 113
Blunder-60 Nehruvian(and Not 'Hindu') Rate of Growth 114
  Misgovernance 117
Blunder-61 Debilitating Babudom & Criminal- Justice System 117
Blunder-62 Corruption in the "Good" Old Days 118
Blunder-63 Messy Reorganisation of States 122
  Educational & Cultural Mismanagement 125
Blunder-64 Neglect of Education 125
Blunder-65 Messing Up the Language Issue 126
Blunder-66 Promoting Urdu & Persian-Arabic Script 129
Blunder-67 Neglect of Sanskrit 130
Blunder-68 Being Creative with History 131
Blunder-69 Distortion of History by Nehru 134
Blunder-70 Rise of the parasitic Leftist-'Liberal' Class 139
Blunder-71 Mental & Cultural Slavery 140
Blunder-72 Distorted, Self-Serving Secularism 143
Blunder-73 Not Seeking Reparations from the British 145
  Hubris, Ill-Treatment of Others 147
Blunder-74 Nehru & Netaji Subhas Mystery 147
Blunder-75 Nehru & Netaji's Stolen War Chest 147
Blunder-76 Bharat Ratnas- Ignoring the Deserving 149
Blunder-77 Ill-Treatment of INA 150
Blunder-78 Ill-Treatment of Netaji Bose 151
Blunder-79 Ill-Treatment of Sardar Patel 152
Blunder-80 Ill-Treatment of Dr Sardar's Daughter Maniben 154
Blunder-81 Ill-Treatment of Dr Rajendra Prasad 156
Blunder-82 Ill-Treatment of Dr Ambedkar 158
Blunder-83 Ill- Treatment of Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee 162
Blunder-84 Ill- Treatment Of Bordoloi 165
Blunder-85 Ill-Treatment of Bhagat singh & Azad 165
Blunder-86 Ill-Treatment of Veer Savarkar 167
Blunder-87 Ill-Treatment of Public 176
Blunder-88 Special Treatment for Edwina 178
Blunder-89 To Hell With Gandhism & Simplicity 182
Blunder-90 Full of Hubris 184
  Dynacracy (Dynastic Democracy) 188
Blunder-91 Dynastic Politics 188
Blunder-92 Nehruvian Gift: Democracy or Dynacracy? 190
Blunder-93 Election Funding, Exposure & Publicity 191
Blunder-94 Communal, Vote- Bank Politics 193
Blunder-95 Promoting Incompetents & Publicity 195
Blunder-96 Not Limiting the Term of the PM 197
Blunder-97 Not Appointing a Successor, Deliberately 198
  Even More Blunders 200
Blunder-A Squandering Once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity 200
Blunder-B Not Untilising Talent for Nation Building 202
Blunder-C Not Leveraging the Strong Base & Assets 203
Blunder-D Did Nehru Covertly Intend Letting J&K Go? 203
Blunder-E Nehru & Casteism 205
Blunder-F Nehru & Uniform Civil Code 206
Blunder-G Nehru, the Dictator 208
Blunder-H Nehru: Power Trumps Principles 210
Blunder-I Ill-Treatment of Tandon & Sanjiva Reddy 213
Blunder-J Anti Armed-Forces 214
  Epilogue 217
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