Notes of a Madman

Notes of a Madman

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Author: Osho
Publisher: Rebel Books
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788172611071
Pages: 150 (Illustrated In B/W)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 6.3 Inch X 5.3 Inch
Weight 230 gm
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“Om mani padme hum…
What a beautiful expression: the diamond and the lotus together. They are not colleagues; the diamond lives in a totally different world. The lotus knows nothing of the diamond, but the mystic has brought them together. The mystic is the magician. He brings things together which cannot ordinarily be brought together. Togetherness is his whole work, and this mantra represents the ultimate togetherness…”

“A study of Osho’s works has led me to recognize him as one of the most thought provoking and interesting spiritual teachers and rebels of our time.”

From the Jacket

I have lived my own way. I am not answerable to anybody. When you live according to somebody else you are always confused, and answerable to them; always trying to fulfill their expectations. I don’t expect anything from anybody, nor do I want anybody to expect from me. Freedom is my slogan. It is freedom that brings truth.”


To become enlightened one needs the lightness of a flower, the lightness of a feather, the multi-dimensional colors of a rainbow. One needs the joy of the birds in the morning; one needs the freedom of the clouds. One needs only one thing: a heart full of ecstasy - not the ecstasy of something ultimate, not the ecstasy of some thing in paradise, but ecstasy here and now, ecstasy this every moment, when your eyes are fun of this very moment, when there is nothing else, no past, no future, when this moment pervades you so totally, so intensely, so passionately that nothing is left behind.

Hence, I say, if you live in joyous ordinariness you are enlightened. There is no need for any spiritual nonsense, for any esoteric nonsense. My invitation is for the mad people of the world. I am a madman’s guide to enlightenment!

This is a unique book. As with Books I Have Loved it is a transcription of what Osho is saying in the presence of a few individuals in the unlikely setting of his dental sessions. Here, in this intimate atmosphere, Osho speaks extemporaneously from the extraordinary perception of his enlightened consciousness.


Preface vi
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Session 22
Session 317
Session 427
Session 537
Session 6 51
Session 759
Session 8 67
Session 975
Session 10 91
Session 1199
Session 12 111
Session 13 119
About Osho 129
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