Nrusimha Deivajna's Jathaka Sara Dheepa: (2 Volumes)

Item Code: IDJ740
Author: Jyothisha Bhanu,Kalajnana Bhaskara,U.S. Pulippani
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Language: Text, Translation, Detailed Notes, Commentary and Charts
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8170820642
Pages: 1107
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

I am very glad to introduce to English readers, one of the best classic on Jyothisha, 'Jathaka Sara Dheepa' by name as a gift of the new year 2005. This is more a compilation than an original work. This is mainly on 'phalitha Jyothisha' or 'Hora Skandha', one of the main branch of three skanthas on Astrology. The other two being, Ganitha skandha and Samhitha skandha. The Author has compiled and given about more than 3100 verses in all, major of them have been taken from the classical texts prevalent during author's time. He has considered about 60 works and made some contributions from his side. He thus has shaped the work as a homogenous, major text covering all features of predictive astrology.

The Author Sri Nrusimha Deivajna seems to have lived during the beginning of 17th century. It is inferred, that he was the paternal nephew of Sri 'Ganesa Deivajna', author of the well-known work 'Graha Laghav'. As such, he is in the line of dynasty of Sri. Ganesa Deivajna. The author's father Sri. Krishna Mallary is respectfully remembered by the author.

The author seems to have been born and flourished in Vidarbha desha of Maharashtra. His is a massive work, dealing with complete Varga phala, such as Hora, navamsa, drekkana etc. While other classical texts have simply given only methods of calculation of these vargas, whereas Nrusimha Deivajna has also given the results of these vargas in detail, which is rarely found in any of the other texts.

Though he has not taken vimshothari dasa or any other conditional dasas of the Sage Parasara, he in his "Moola dasadhyaya" has evolved unique dasa system, equating the years of the Dasa to the years of the 'Ayurdhaya' calculated for the native. Nowhere in the prevalent texts, this has been done. For this reason, he has evolved 8 dasas namely lagna, chandra, Surya, Kuja, Budha, Guru, Sukra and Sani. The preference of the priority of these dasas have to be reckoned from the strongest to the weakest of the planet for which, the author has given "dhruva" numbers as factors, for the calculation of the same. He has also shown the methods of the calculation of the periods of dasas covering the total years of Ayurdhaya arrived at. This peculiar system is introduced by this Author only. The peculiarity being as follows.

Whereas, Vimshottari dasa years total to 120 years, which no native will live to cover those years. But in the Author's Mooladasa system, the native will be able to cover all the 8 dasas in proportional parts equated to the Ayurdhaya of an individual which may vary from individual to individual.

A part from this, he has given few methods on Ayurdhaya etc. He has also given various chakras for pinpointing the results of gochara by various methods. He has given various combinations on predictive side hitherto not given in any of the classical text.

The author of the original book (Sri Nrusimha Deivajna) has included many a chakra, to judge Transit results, such as, 'Sarvathobhadra chakra', 'Chandra Kalanala chakra', 'Surya Kalanala chakra', 'Ghora Kalanala chakra', 'Yamala-Tri-Tri-Vedha chakra', 'Amsa Vedha chakra', 'Thithi-nadi chakra', 'Naranari chakra'-3 kinds, 'Satha Patha chakra', Chakra for each planet (7), etc. I have included them with line diagrams, which are not found in any of the prevalent texts.

Though this work is exhaustive, there are some missing links also. In giving results of bhava phala, his treatment is not full. For example, he has not given kshetra-Beeja bala for female and male charts to find out whether a couple will have children or not. In the same fifth bhava, he has not given reasons of childlessness due to the curse of various agencies, such as pithrushapa (curse of the father) 'Mathru Shapa' (mother) 'Sarpa Shapa' (curse of the serpents) etc amounting to some 8 agencies.

In connection with the same fifth bhava, the details regarding 'Mantra', 'Devatha', 'Ishta Devatha', who will worship which Devatha, the qualifications for these etc are not given. I have culled out the details from various sources and made the work more complete.

Sixth bhava indicates service and salary also, which is not dealt with in this book. I have added the same.

Regarding Ayurdhaya, the author has given only causes for death. I have calculated Ayurdhaya by a chart in two methods 'Pinda Ayurdhaya' and 'Amsa Ayurdhaya'. I have also explained an easy formula from an ancient Tamil work to decide the age group. The 3 kinds of longevity Alpayush, Madhyamayush and Poorna Ayush which are again devided into the same category and each of the headings distributing the same in chara, sthira, ubhaya rasis according to the main classical text, have been tabulated by me and furnished under three separate headings.

Whereas, the Ashtaka Varga is not fully dealt with by the author. It has been fully dealt with by me.

Even in 'Bhava chinthana' the bhava karakas, and karakas for planets are not fully dealt with by the author. I have complimented them from "Uthara kalamrutha."

For the first time, I have explained the rationale behind succession of bhavas, inspired by an old commentary of Tamil classics "Jathaka Alankara" containing 1146 verses.

The aspect of Raja Yogas, Nabhasa Yogas form into various groups amounting to nearly about 2500 yogas. These have been tabulated by me based on the same Tamil Text explained above.

The Yoga Karakas, Bhathakas, and Marakas and the Key planets for each Lagna have not been given by the author. I have furnished them, culling out from various sources.

Example charts are given wherever needed. The author has collected the verses from as many as 36 classical texts, and also complimented them with his own verses. Furnishing the names of these classical texts may not be that much of interest for the readers, however, I have indicated the main authors through out the book. The author has also complimented the subject of the aspects of planets over Rasis, Navamsas and even Drekkanas etc. which is peculiar for this author which is rarely found in any other classical texts.

The commentator and editor of the original work Sri Lakshmi Narayana Upadhyaya has furnished the commentary, though not full, but in the form of scattered notes for the verses throughout the work in Sanskrit. The essential among these have been translated by me and put up with the text for the guidance of readers. The above commentator has eased various complicated calculations especially in the 'Moola dasadhyaya'. We are very much indebted to him for this.

In conclusion, I have to say that Sri Narinder Sagar of 'Sagar Publications' gave me the proposal of translating this massive work and has been a driving force behind me at each stage of progress of the work. I thank him very much. Though I am confident on my competency to do this work, it is for the readers to judge the same and encourage me.

At this sage of 75 with many handicaps in hand writing and my disturbed vision, it would have been not possible for me to undertake this work but for the timely help and efforts put forth by my friend kodiyalam Kotikanyakadhanam G. Vasudeva Thathachariar with brotherly affection. He wrote the full text and translation, notes etc with his beautiful hand writing as I went on dictating them amounting to nearly 1500 pages. The proof reading part was very much cumbersome both for Sanskrit and English. This also has been undertaken by him mostly, if not fully. He also gave me some innovative suggestions now and then. But for him, I could not have completed this work. There are no words for me to thank him except with him a prosperous happy days hitherto be lived by him for the long years to follow.

I acknowledge with great respect and gratitude Dr. B.V. Raman's Family as. I have taken extracts of Ayurdhaya calculations for pindayurdhaya (Dr. Raman's own examples) Amsayurdhaya and some other minor details such as determintal drekkanas. I thank them for the same.

I remember with great regard, my spiritual as well as Astrological mentor Late. Sri Mahavidwan Kuppuswamy Achariar.

I also remember with great respect, Late Dr. Bangalore Venkataraman, the great legend and stalwart on Astrology who left us very few years ago. He was also my guiding spirit from the beginning.

Srimathi S. Kousalya, my wife, has been much inspiration behind me. She also kept me free from all family botherations and worries. I thank her also.

Above all I remember my parents Smt. U.S. Kalyani and U.R. Srinivasan, who were my sustainers and early teachers.

I thank al the authors of original, ancient text and also Sri Lakshmi Narayana Upadhyaya, the original editor of the "Sri Jathaka Sara Dheepa."

As indicated earlier, Sri Narinder Sagar of Sagar Publications has been inspiring and encouraging me always. I also thank Sri Saurabh Sagar for publishing this book attractively.

Last but not the least, I thank all my readers for patronizing me. I request all, to indicate any errors and missing links that may be found in the work. So that they may be set right in the 2nd edition.

Preface to 2nd Volume:

In this second Volume, Chapter 51 to 92 are given. (Chapters 1 to 50 are covered in First Volume) In these chapters, Various miscellaneous Subjects related to Astrology are explained by the Author. Raja Yogas, Sun-Moon related Yogas, Graha Yogas (Conjunction of planets) are also dealt with in different chapters. Here, I have added extensive notes, examples etc. giving the details of these yogas more than thousands and odd. The Arishta yogas including Rajayoga Bhanga yogas are explained Well.

The 'Nabhasa yogas' are not explained well in any of the commentaries or Texts so far including "Brihath Jathaka". I have out of my own experience and with reference to Ancient Tamil Texts, given full details of these yogas. Various Arishta yogas are also included, with particular reference to the relatives of the native such as father, mother, brother etc.

The Ayurdhaya which is an important subject in Astrology, is not fully treated by the Author of the original work. I have compensated it. Furnishing more and complete details explaining missing links in this regard taken from other sources.

The Subject of "Ashtaka Varga" is also not well explained by the original Author. I have also furnished the missing links here in this regard.

Various 'chakras' are given by the Author pertaining to the nakshatras of the native. These chakras are worked out from the notes given by the editor in original work being translated from Sanskrit and appended by me.

The Author has given a peculiar Dasa System called "Moola Dasa". Though this is referred by Brihath Jathaka and Sathyacharya, this author seems to have given more details in this regard. With the help of the Sanskrit notes given by the author of original Text, I have explained the Dasa system which equates with complete longevity with Ayurdhaya with the dasas of all planets except Rahu and Kethu. I have taken the example of Late Dr. B. V. Raman and taking the longevity worked out by himself in the Second Volume of this book, "How to Judge horoscope" to which he lived correctly and I have worked out the same in terms of "Moola dasa" covering the periods of all 7 planets. This is more reasonable in the sense that no man can live upto 120 years, the full cycle of "Vimshothari Dasa". In that, the longevity years coincide with the dasa years in this system. The ways and methods of working out Anthar dasa, Prathyanthar dasa periods are similar as we do in vimshothari dasa. The details are not given due to the paucity of Space.

The Dasa result given by the original author are seem to apply only for 7 planets of Moola dasa since he has given the results for only 7 dasas of planets excluding Rahu and Kethu.

Arishta bhangas for dasas and misfortunate dasas are explained by the original author. I have fully dealt with them in my commentary.

As I said in the preface of first Volume, I remember with great respect my original 'GURU' late Sri, Maha Vidwan Kuppu swamy Achariar. But for his blessing and teaching, I would not have given such a monumental work to the world.

I express my sincere thanks to my best friend since my earlier days "Kodiyalam Kotikanyakadhanam Shri G. Vasudeva Thathachariar, who has been of immense help to me and has laboured from page to page, line to line, word to word in this translation work sparing no pains on his part. I pray to devine Mother to give him long life, health, wealth and peace of mind and his sojourn with me will never be forgotten.

Sri Uttam Chand Jain of Sow carpet, Chennai who is a doctorate in Napalese Astrology and also a Philanthropist has helped me in providing executive office assistance now and then. I thank him and bless him.

My wife Srimathi Kousalya has been my inspiring force behind this task and has shouldered all the responsibilities of the family. So that I could work freely without any worries in completing this book, and I thank her for this.

Sri, Narinder Sagar of "Sagar Publications" has been the driving force behind me from the beginning. Without any reluctance, he was sending me the proofs many times, so that this book is now brought out in good format, without any errors. My sincere thanks to him.

Last but not the least, late Dr. B.V. Raman, the astrological giant has been my mentor right from the beginning. I worked under him as secretary to the "Indian council of Astrological Sciences" for which he was the Founder and National President, right from the beginning and my tenure with him was from year 1991 till he passed away and I continued to work in the capacity up to the year 2002. I thank and remember him with great respect and dedicate this work to him.

About the Author:

The Author Sri U.S. Pulippani (Sundara Varadachari) is a retired technical officer from railways. He is a profound linguist (in English, Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu and Marathi). He is a good pen-man in English. He is an expert in both Vedic and Western Astrological Systems as well as oriental Chinese Oracles such as I-Ching, Feng Sui and Animal Zodiacal Astrology of Chinese. He is also an expert in Vasthu, Rules, Tarot etc. He is in these fields for the past 45 years and acclaimed all over. He has authored the following books in English so far.

1. Mystery of I-Ching, (Chinese Oracles)
2. Gochar Phala Dheepika
3. Pancha Pakshi Shastra

He has produced in Tamil the following books.
1. Pancha Pakshi Shastras based on 14 palm leaves Manuscripts.
2. Nakshatra Chintamani (1300 pages in 3 volumes).
3. Gochar Phal.
4. Bihari Sath Sayee (Love poems of Bihari Lal in Tamil Couplets).

The present work "Jathaka Sara Dheepa" a massive work of Sri Nrusimha Deivagna in Sanskrit covering all aspects of Vedic Astrology, has been translated into English with commentary and copious notes etc., is being published in Two Volumes.


Chap No.SubjectPage No.
1. Shastropanayadhyaya1
2. Surya Nara (Kala Purusha) Chakra Adhyaya20
3. Results of Year of Birth22
4. Results of Ayanas34
5. Results of Seasons35
6. Results of Lunar Months38
7. Results of Pakshas42
8. Results of Thithis43
9. Results of Week days47
10. Effects of Birth Stars49
11. Effects of Birth stars-Padawise53
12. Effects of 27 yogas60
13. Effects of 11 Karanas66
14. Results of Yonis69
15. Effects of Ganas72
16. Effects of Birth During day/night73
17. Establishment of Drig-Ganitha74
18. Effects of Moon in different Rasis78
19. Effects of birth in different Lagnas107
20. Effects of birth in Hora119
21. Effects of birth in Drekkana126
22. Effects of birth in Saptamsa135
23. Effects of Navamsas in brief157
24. Results of Planets' Strength (Graha bala) 158
25. Results of Rashmi balam162
26. Results of Graha Avastha168
27. Results of Navamsa171
28. Results of Chandra Navamsa175
29. Effects of Planets in others' Navamsa202
30. Effects of Dwadasamsa207
31. Effects of Trimsamsa219
32. Part-I Significations of Planets223
32. Part-II Effects of Sun in Rasis and aspects on him240
33. Effects of Moon in Rasis and aspects on her256
34. Mars in Rasis and aspects thereon283
35. Mercury in Rasis and aspects thereon294
36. Jupiter in Rasis and aspects thereon307
37. Venus in Rasis and aspects thereon319
38. Saturn in Rasis and aspects thereon331
39. Part-I Judgement of Bhavas (Significations of Houses) 344
39. Part-II Study of Lagna Bhava363
40. Study of Dhana Bhava397
41. Study of Third Bhava408
42. Study of Fourth Bhava416
43. Part-I Study of Puthra Bhava431
43. Part-II-Fifth House-Appendices442
44. Study of Sixth Bhava451
45. Study of Kalathra Bhava463
46. Study of Mrithyu Bhava486
47. Study of Bhagya Sthana513
48. Study of Karma Bhava545
49. Study of Labha Sthana579
50. Study of Vraya Bhava589
51. Vesi, Vasi, Ubhayachari Yogas1
52. Moon related Yogas5
53. Study of Exaltation etc of Planets14
54. Results of Dwigraha Yoga27
55. Results of Trigraha yoga36
56. Results of Chathur graha yoga47
57. Results of Pancha graha yoga56
58. Results of Shad graha yoga63
59. Part-I Rajayogadhyaya-An Introduction67
Part-II Results of Rajayoga72
60. Pancha Mahapurusha yoga123
61. Raja yoga bhanga141
62. Part-I Nabhasa yoga-An introduction147
Part-II Nabhasa yoga154
63. Pravrajya (Sanyasa) yoga167
64. Sthree Jathaka173
65. Nakshatra Arishta yoga213
66. Affliction of Lagna-Infantile death230
67. Chandra Arishta yoga246
68. Lagna-Chandra Arishta yoga252
69. Arishtas Caused by planets254
70. Lagna-Arishta bhanga yoga258
71. Chandra-Arishta bhanga yoga262
72. Arishta yogas-Yavana Principle265
73. Pithru Arishta yoga274
74. Arishta yoga-Thajika School277
75. Yogas for Instant death-Horasara299
76. Ayurdhaya - Part I303
Ayurdhaya - Part II308
Ayurdhaya - Part III315
77. Arishta yoga bhanga-Horosara338
78. Ayurdhaya Yoga-Yavana340
79. Ashtaka Varga343
Ashtaka Varga II-Missing Links363
80. Various Chakras-Swara Shastra373
81. Moola Dasa Adhyaya427
82. Result of Anthar dasas453
83. Misfortunate Dasas464
84. Dasa Arishta bhanga466
85. Effects of Sun's dasa-Hora Sara467
86. Effects of Moon's dasa472
87. Effects of Mars' dasa481
88. Effects of Mercury's dasa487
89. Effects of Jupiter's dasa492
90. Effects of Venus' dasa497
91. Effects of Saturn's dasa502
92. Different-Avasthas-Results-YAVANA507
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