The Oneness / Otherness Mystery (The Synthesis of Science and Mysticism)

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Book Description
About the Book:

This is a work about our very existence, about Reality, about the relationship between the individual personality and the cosmos in which that personality exists, showing how the person is a microcosm, a little part of the cosmos, subtly reflecting his 'world' however autonomous or independent he may believe he is. It intends to resolve the central problems of Eastern and Western philosophy, the question of the meaning of the mystical union and the question, which has arisen in the modern West, of the relationship between consciousness and the so-colled 'physical world'.

The final essay presenting the Science-Mysticism synthesis, provides a convenient basic framework for convenient basic framework for categorizing the various aspects of yogic mysticism which are often jumbled together haphazardly by uneducated holy men and commentators who often have little appreciation of the real significance of the various mystical realizations.

About the Author:

SUTAPAS BHATTACHARYA was born in Guahati, Assam, India in 1964. His family moved to London in 1967 where he has lived ever since. His formal education led to a First Class Honours degree in Molecular Biology from London University in 1986 with prizes from his college for top student in the school of Biological Sciences in both the second and final year of his studies.

Since graduation he has worked in scientific publishing. He continued to develop his interest in the philosophical questions relating to Science.

Working for a major international publishing company, he has amazed academics in numerous scientific disciplines with his claim to have identified the physical correlate of the Divine Light, the Pure Consciousness of Indian Philosophy, with a physical process well-known to Science.




The Lyricism of a Philosopher
    The creation of the sutra
    Traditional elite transcendentalism versus superficial mass culture
    The 'true brahman' and Western academic mythologies
    The 'true philosopher' and social concerns
    Human variation and the pursuit of so-called happiness
    The social utility of the philosopher
    Narrow-minded dogmatism in modern scientific scholasticism
The Reassertion of the Indian
    Neo-Hinduism, Brahmanism and Indian Nationalism
    A continuation of the Indian approach to philosophy
    Western attitudes to Indian thought
      The bigotry of the scientific establishment
      Jung as a bridge between East and West
    Metaphysics as the study of 'the world as a whole'
    The feminine aspects of the Self
    Scientific modernization and Indian Nationalist aspirations
    Western humanistic rhetoric and Indian Nationalism
    Indian Nationalism and Neo-colonialism
    Indian spirituality and Western social materialism
      Pernicious Western relativism and universal degeneration
      Hopes for a future Universal Civilisation
    My bonds to Bharat Mata
The Bigger Deeper Picture
    The materialist creed
    Idealism and the transcendental realm
    The Sanatana Dharma
    Understanding Science from the deeper perspective
THE SUTRA (Aphoristic verses)
    I.	This Oneness / Otherness Mystery
   II.	And Both Was I
  III.	Rashtra is My Word for Nation
   IV.	Bonds of Kinship
    V.	Two Two-legged Human Races
   VI.	Thou Art the Reason
  VII.	We are Two Branches of One River
 VIII.	Bande Mataram
   IX.	Satanic Mills
    X.	Lebensratum
   XI.	Indo-Europe
      XI(a). Chol Dilli XI(b). Old Indian Air XI(c). A Nation Born Through Synthesis
XII. No sure Ground XIII. That One
      XIII(a). Tad Ekam XIII(b). Tat tuam asi
XIV. Mind Games XV. This One XVI. The Web Intricate
COMMENTARY (Notes to the verses)

Postscript to the Sutra

The Historical Message of the Work
    Western mythology and Indian reality
    The modernization and globalisation of Indian civilization
    Western universalist pretensions
    Historical development relativism
    The interchange of ideas
Two integrating Themes
    The individual as a microacosm
    The 'true brahman' and the 'world of banias'
Tow Two-legged Human Races
    Post-colonial changes in Western perceptions
    International solidarity against colonialism
    Differing politico-historical perspectives in Asia and the West
    International repercussions of internal class struggles
Thou Art the Reason & We are Two Branches of One River
    The male-female dyad and the 'feminine' Hindu Mind
    Masculine 'imperialism' and historical progress
    Patriarchal institutions and the status of women
    Negative and positive manifestations of male tendencies
Bande Mataram
    Market Forces and the Nation - the modern gods
    The Green Revolution and the rise of Backward castes
    The politics of accommodation
    Secularism in India
    Scientific modernization, development and social justice
    The rejection of simplistic Christian Humanism
    Learning lessons from China
    Asian social values versus the 'Free market'
Satanic Mills
    The savage birth of the Capitalist world market
    The Ruin of Bengal and the Industrial Revolution
    Economic development in the Cold War
    The Bengal Famine of 1942-3: A British-inflicted holocaust
    European savagery in the Americans and Australia
    US settler colonialist imperialism and Nazi parallels
Chol Dilli
    British myths about the End of Empire
    Bengali bhadralok nationalism and Gandhian nationalism
    Defending the actions of Subhas Bose
Old Indian Air
    Indomania and the second European Renaissance
    Continuing Indian influences upon the West
      The Philistinism of the English establishment
A Nation Born through Synthesis
    The sword and the pen of resurgent Hinduism
    Origins of the Bengali Renaissance
    The introduction of English education
      The use of English in independent India
    Bankim and the regeneration of Indian culture
    Racial discrimination and the rise of nationalism
      The influence of France and Soviet Russia
No Sure Ground
    The globalisation of the Capitalist industrial phenomenon
    Mass market society and cultural degeneration
      Hereditary myths, elitism and consumerism
    American culture imperialism and India's strategic interests
    Prelude to the metaphysical essay


Part One: My Path to the Light

My Metaphysical Thought up to 1994
    My teenage encounters with the metaphysics
    My panpsychist theory of 1983
    The 1987 paper on consciousness
    The encounter with Indian philosophy
    Moksa and Near-Death Experiences: An intuitive leap
    Learning the meaning of Spirit
The Developments of 1994
    Learning from Jung and synchronicities
    Learning the significance of the Light
    Divine Light, Nothingness and Saccidananda
    Scientific perplexity over the Light
    The puzzle of coherent alpha rhythm
    Zen meditation and alchemy
    The Light as experienced in the slow paths
Part Two: The Emerging Picture

2(a) A Few Historical Western Misconceptions
    The Christian myth of Creation ex nihilo and Spirit / Nature dualism
      Mystical influences on early science
      Kant's a priori dismissal of Mysticism
      Freud and the uterine myth
      Jung's reduction of the spiritual to the psychic
    Bohm, Pribram and the Holographic / Holonomic Metaphor
2(b) Brain Deactivation, Coherent Alpha Rhythm and Death
    EEG coherence, meditation and brain death
      Some Materialist pseudo-explanations
    Subcortical and brainstem involvement in mysticism
2(c) The Mind as a Self-Organising Process
    Dissipative structures and the brain
    Auto-reverberation and lucidity
    Individuated complexes and Multiple Personality Disorders
2(d) Energy and Consciousness
    Origins and nature of the concepts of energy
    Energy and matter in mysticism and altered states of consciousness
      The Prana / Atman relationship
2(e) The Interface of Mind and Cosmos (Phenomenology and Ontology)
    Microcosm / macrocosm, analogy and projection
    Realms of potentialities, actualization and transcendental causation
    Mythology, ignorance, prophets, icons and scripture in modern science
    Broadening perception and shifting frames of reference
2(f) On the Emergence of Time and Space
    LSD experience and dimensionality
    The time / space matrix of perception
    Cosmic and microcosmic space-time emergence in Quantum Theory and Holonomic models
    Energetic vibrations, phase-locking and Time as the process of Creation
2(g) Self-luminous, Self-limiting, Active/Passive, Universal Consciousness
    The Unmoved Mover
    Mind moments and undivided wholeness
    Self-limitation and Maya
2(h) The World-Creating Vibrations
    Matter as energetic vibrations in physics
    The wave-like fluctuations of the mindstuff
    Contemplating the reality underlying scientific abstractions
    The Vibratory Creation and the Big Bang hypothesis
2(i) The Planes of Consciousness and Yogic Sleep
    The Light as the all-pervading Ground
    The development of lucidity
    Increasing freedom and creativity in dream-like states
    Shifts in perceptual focus and the subject / object distinction
2(j) Creativity, Lawfulness, Freedom and Insight
    The Christian myths of the Laws of Nature
    Transcendental creativity and emergent habits
    Mechanistic, holistic and transcendental perspectives on free will and Life
    Human creativity, intuition and gnosis
    Knowledge by identity and divine realizations
2(k) On Paranormal Phenomena
    The siddhis (supernormal powers) and space-time transcendence
    Aurobindo on psychical development and the subtle ether
    The subtle ether and the notion of resonance
    Human body fields and psychic phenomena
    Quantum non-locality and actualization of phenomena evidence for a transcendental realm
    Academic Parapsychology: The failings of mimicking physical science
    Clairvoyant reality and the mystery of 'normal' reality
    The myth of psychical energy in relation to space-time transcendence
    The involvement of the atman
    Jahn and Dunne on psychokinesis
    Walker on quantum uncertainties and psychic phenomena
    Imagination, resonance of form and physical manifestations
2(l) On Mind-Body Interactions
    The Cartesian split in medicine and the rediscovery of pranic healing
    Reductionist myths and the mysterious 'life force'
    Fields and 'downward causation' in the Placebo effect and hands-on healing
    Conventional and paranormal processes in pranic healing
    Psychosomatic processes and body-organizing fields
    The misunderstanding of vitalistic and transcendentalist notions
    The organism as a coherent, emergent space-time structure
    Psychoneuroimmunology and visualization in mind-body interactions
2(m) On Notions Relating to Karma
    Origins of the Classical Karma and Rebirth doctrines
    Eradication of habitual memory traces (samskara) in Patanjali Yoga
    Karma as avidya / maya and transmigration as dependent co-origination
    Events as the moment of death
    Insights from Rajneesh on Karma and Rebirth
    Insight from LSD psychotherapy on Karma and the mythology of Rebirth
    Reincarnation phenomena and parapsychological approaches to 'Afterlife Survival'
    A consistent interpretation of past-life memories, 'liberation' and supposed reincarnation phenomena
    The general meaning of Karma
2(n) Some Concluding Remarks
    The glaring absurdity of Materialism
    The modern West's subliminal Christian legacy
    The incompatibility of theistic religion and the perennial wisdom
    The 'Eternal Truth' of the Sanatana Dharma
    What am I why am I here?

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