Planetary Dispositions and Marital Affairs

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Item Code: IDL083
Author: Dr. V.P. Shukla
Publisher: CBH Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8185381860
Pages: 324
Cover: Paperback
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Planetary dispositions and Marital Affairs is the first book of its kind based on research oriented papers. Marriage is a landmark in one’ life. In Hindu society it is a sacramentand something more beyond a contractual agreement to live together. The couples join together for furtherance of Dharma and begetting worthy children. Thus, marital affairs attain supreme importance in human beings. A blissful marital life is an asset while a disturbed and ruined conjugal life is only a bed of thorns. In order the help ensure a happy marital affairs. A variation of planetary configurations may result in a number of hues and shades. Varied application of some astrological principles to some horoscopes in particular reference to marital affairs could lead to a marriages are turning to be just a contract of covenlence, the institution as a whole is falling a prey to objectivism. Adherance to our ancient cultural heritage and to get acquainted with planetary influences on marital affairs so as to get the best choice and avail the real bliss of the nuptial knot is the need of the hour. The theme of the book is to educate our readers and warm them is certain factors governing the fragility of marriages which could be averted or managed properly. It is hoped the book could help the readers and astrologers as well.


About The Author

Dr. V.P Shukla born on April 1, 1936 in an agriculture based Zaminder Family in a village a Mizapur Distt. (UP). He is a retired officer from senior gazzatedpost of Regional research scientist (U.P. Agriculture service) . Studied Astrology as swadhyaya (self study) for over two decades and the Astrology magazine form Bangalore also served as an almamater. After retirement from the Government Job stared writing on Astrology in English and Hindi. Major interest has been on Marital Affairs Ph. D. degree was conferred by the faculty of medical studies of The open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo (Sri Lanka) in year 1997. A regular contributor to the Astrology Magazine (Bangalore) and Hindi Journals like Bhartiya Nakshatravani (Lucknow), Triskandha Jyotisham (Varanasi), Jyotisha Evam Vastu (Jaipur) and Akshara Astrology (Swami Madhopur). About 50 research oriented articles have been published so for.



Astrology is the science of correlation of astronomical facts with terrestrial events. Astrology is primarily concerned with the application of cosmic laws to phenomena on the earth in general and man in particular. The importance of this divine science in the social life of man is manifold. Mation of the evil or good results of our past Sanchita Karma which can either be counteracted or a allowed to have their full sway by the application of prarabdha Karma. Astrology carries tremendous potential to address the various problems of society.

Family is the fundamental unit of society. Marriage is the basis of raising of a family in a cultured society. An increasing fragility of marriages often poses a danger of disintegration in Indian society has assumed an utmost important in the present state of affairs.

This presentation is a compilation of some of my research oriented articles published earlier from time to time In the ASTROLOGICAL MAGAZINE. In this volume I have tried to prove that the concept of Karma Theory expressed through planetary dispositions in a horoscope, based upon cause effect relationship is very clearly discernible in physical phenomena. In this book I have made an attempt to select only such important dispositions and planetary combinations which have definite effect on marital affairs relationship and planetary combination which have definite effect on marital affairs an individual. A blissful marital life is an asset for successful and smooth life, while a nuptial knot lacking concord affinity and harmony becomes a bed of thorns. An effort is made to analyse planetary influences on marital affairs in human life more so in our society where it is a long relationship cherished throughout life.

Planetary disposition and Martial affairs incorporates material on research work and the study of facts and the observation of nature. The benefic planets like Venus the Karaka for love marriage etc. give an altogether adverse effect when disposited in friendly Rasi or Navamsa ruled by Mercury. Similar are the results of another benefic planet Jupiter the Karaka for Husband in dispositions with malefic afflictions. Other combinations like Moon-Mars the sun Mercury and Mars-Venus Yogas behave unusually, but also unerringly in the context of marital affairs. Saturn a malefic helps in timing of marriage. Heredity in horoscopes has also been delineated. Along with these subject some other topics relation to conjugal life are dealt with in different chapters which could be helpful in safeguarding the quality longevity and resulting outcome of marital affairs. Aberration and moral uprightness in female nativities have also been our ancient heritage to improve the quality of family life. I am confident the book will help in educating the students on the intricate delineation of marital affairs through a horoscope.

I express my indebtness to Mrs. Gayatri Devi Vasudev. Editor. The astrology Magazine, Bangalore for her most valuable advice encouragement and assistance in improving the get up and materializing this presentation. I wish to place on record my grateful thanks to all my friends and well wishers without whose encouragement and benevolent help this book would not have seen the light of the day. I express my thanks to justice S.N. Kapoor of New Delhi presently president of the Indian Council of Astrology Sciences (Read). Chennai and Dr. Kameshwar Upadhyaya of Varanasi national Convenor, Akhil Bhartiya Vidwat Parished Sector 6, Ramakrishnapuram New, Delhi whose suggestions and critical comments on topics helped a lot. I must express my gratefulness to Mr. R.N. Mukerjee a retried Reader of Commerce Faculty, Hari Singh Gaur Vishwavidyalaya Sagar (MP) for giving elderly guidance and providing help in the arduous task of proof reading.

Last but not the least; I must express my gratefulness to M.Easwaran, Editor CBH publications Nagercoil for bringing out the book in time and for giving it an attractive look. I earnestly believe that the book would certainly help the students and astrology lovers to find so much of material regarding marital affairs at one place.



Astrology is a Vedic science. It is also known as Vedanga (organ Of Veda). Vedic astrology is an oriental science with universal impact. Our sages viewed this divine history from the dawn of civilization. In India we have evidence of astrological knowledge in our great epics such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Our ancients discovered some of the fundamental said much earlier what western scientists like Einstein and Eddington said about the universe and what modern scientists might have yet to say about man and his relation with the universe. Our ancestors found out the grand truths that the human being is reflection of the universe. It is now being extensively realized that a certain relationship exists between man’s conscious ego and nature. It is quite scientific to presume that the universe bestowed all its intelligence upon human being. As human intelligence cannot be detected in the chemical composition of a man so is with the chemical composition of a man so it is with the chemical composition of the stars. The truth however remain that the principle of individualisation is the influence of planets and stars. Astrology provides the key to understand this fundamental truth. Astrology takes into cognizance the relationship existing between man and the cosmos.

Astrology being a vedanga has always occupied an unique position in India and found illustrious supporters up to the second half of the 19th century when for a time a sceptic section if educated Indians tried to disparage it. But the science withstanding the test of time flourished. Even in the western word astrology has its place. Alexander (Sikandar) (356-323B.C) is said to have died of poisoning as foretold by Hindu astrology at his court. There are hundreds of references to stars the sun the Moon and planets in the Bible. When God wished to tell Abraham how the stars and said, “look towards the heaven and number the stars, if thou be able to number them” (Gen 15;15). A number of references are there to eclipse of the Sun and of the moon. In Isaiah (13;10) and Joel (2;31) such references are there. Calculated eclipse of the Sun which coccured during old Testament times date back to July 31 1063 B,C, August 15,831 B.C May 18,603 B.C and May 28, 585 B.C. since early Times the connection between astrology and astrology was well established. In Bible too a reference in Judges (5;20) refers to the influence of the stars in the lives of men. The most fascinating part of Biblical astronomy concerns the star of Bethlehem in the second chapter of Matthew. The text has abundant evidence to show that many of the constellations were known to the ancients. In the last book of the Bible in its last chapter the Lord calls himself, “the bright and morning star” (Riv.22;16). It may be recalled that in astrology Venus is described this way. These instances should convince readers of the antiquarian origins of astrology.

Astrology is based on the Law of Karma and rebirth. The Karma theory is the product of daring thinking based upon the cause –effect relationship discernible in physical phenomena. In Hindu philosophy the Karma theory and Freewill are demonstrated by facts. Karma is what we have experienced as the results of our past acts. Future is only a shadow of past. It is therefore possible to predict the future to some extent. Like determinism and indeterminism in the atomic world in astrology too, we have on one hand the inevitable effect of Karma on the other hand there is freewill as well. Universe is cosmos and it is ruled by certain laws. There can be no disorder nor chance. Since the heavenly bodies, stars and plants have their movements and other phenomena according to certain order the lives o individuals must also be guided by certain in definite laws and rules.

With different combination disposition and aspects of planets the heavenly bodies supply different stimuli to our body cells resulting in varying reaction, mental attitudes and moods. The secretions of glands from stars and plants exercise an influence on all substances living or inert. It may be tides in sea eclipses, climate and weather changes epidemics market trends etc. all have a correspondence with solar radiations and planetary movements.

Varahamihira has dealt with the astrology causes for epidemics and plague in his Brihat Samhita which clearly implies some sort of correspondence between certain celestial phenomena and various types of diseases. A Japanese scientist Meki Takata of Toho University has conceded that “man is living Sun-dial”. Mutual positions of the stars and planets behave differently. Wars revolutions and political disturbances are governed by Mars, Saturn and Jupiter and their mutual dispositions. Positions and strength of the moon and Mercury decide mental abilities as well as maladies in a nativity. Venus decides marital life. Comforts sensual life, while Mars rules domineering habits, arrogance drive etc. Jupiter governs knowledge and Mercury rules education and intelligence. The Sun governs ago while the Moon is responsible for psyche. Saturn is a restrictive planet but rules over Justice discipline renunciation spiritual inclination confinement and contracts. Rahu is another restrictive and hindering planet but responsible for sudden incidences too. Ketu behaves like Mars and governs spirituality and emancipation.

Procreativity is the basic instinct of human beings where a regular conjugal life has been advocated to ensure procreation. In Hindu philosophy the institution of marriage has been assigned this job. In our society the nuptial bond is something more than a mere contract to live together. It is not confined to carnal pleasures or brute sense of gratification. The couple join together for furtherance of Dharma and begetting worthy children. Both the partners take a vow to complement each other throughout their lives. Such vows make the couple loving caring and dependant on each other. Marital life is an asset for successful and smooth sailing while a disturbed or ruined conjugal life becomes a bed of thorns. In order to help ensure a happy marital life an effort is made to analyse planetary influences on marital affairs in the following pages.

Astrological analysis is more difficult than medical diagnosis. Our sages have bequeathed so many dicta in the classical texts but these bequests could only serve as a guide line. Each dictum, however, is subject to a number of modifications. Each nativity us unique in many ways. Different factors including nature and signification, some of which have been enumerated above cause enormous permutation and combinations with varying results. In fact a variation of planetary configuration may result in number of hues and shades in the results. Planets their position in sign, constellation, house (Bhava) and their inter-relationship affect the results. Dasa system had equally important contribution. Aspect from these either, both or all of the involved therein also have an influence over the happenings. So many involvements make the job of an astrologer quite complication and challenging. A delay in marriage of a native may be due to one or more factors in a horoscope. As pain in the lungs, heart or gastric trouble. Similarly in astrology the 7th house in the horoscope could mean desire marriage amorous affairs partner people or public, virility, anus trade foreign residence diplomacy brothers of sweet heart property of mother distinction and merit in career. Isolation of one from the other needs all the astrological skills at one’s disposal. Lack of standardization astrological make the problem more difficult. Hence there is a need to test and modify the bequests of our ancient seers to suits our present day needs.

The present work concerns itself with the varied application of some astrological principles to some horoscopes with particular reference to martial affairs and allied subject. It is the need of the hour that problems if astrology be inquired into with the aid of well attested facts. Mere theorization and condemnation by certain scientists may go astray. Now-a-days some of the scientists in the west have begun to treat astrology with more seriousness and in its true perspective put some pseudo intellectuals of our county still continue with their skepticism and disparagement. If this book could convince some of these skeptics in India that changes taking place in heaves have their repercussion on human affairs and the universe my endeavor would be amply awarded.

Marital affairs are quite important in human life, more so in our society where it is a long relationship which is cherished throughout life. A marriage endowed with concord and harmony gives heavenly bliss while a tie lacking affinity and suffering from discord makes a hell of life. Women are worst sufferers of a wrecked alliance although men are no exceptions. These days when the marriage is turning to be just a contract of convenience and its institution as a whole is falling a prey to objectivism. Astrological advice is either ignored or given secondary consideration only. With my limited knowledge and short experience I feel that people must be educated a adhere to our ancient cultural heritage in this respect and also get acquainted with planetary influences on marital affairs so as to get the best choice and avail the real bliss of the nuptial knot. This thinking has prompted me to do this work.

A few lines about the contents of this book would explain in short its basis. Except in the first two chapters and the one dealing with heredity (Chap 5) the other chapters deal with female nativities only. Thus, most of the horoscopes discussed are of female. Emphasis is laid on member of the solar system is a significator of love passion and marriage. He is called Kakatrakaraka too. Mercury is a bosom friend of Venus. The position of the later in a sign Owned by the former acts adversely on his significations. A study with about 100 horoscopes is reproduced.

Jupiter another benefic is significator of woman’s made or husband, children and fortune. He is also the Guru. Jupiter disposition sometimes cause denial of marriage which is bewildering. His role in denying marriage has therefore been studied (Chapter 3). Mars is an energetic plants and he rules bone marrow and blood circulation. Some astrological texts consider Mars as a significator of sex in female. In my opinion, he gives attraction energy in sexual relationship which is neither enduring nor supportive. Kuja Dosha is a much talked about evil but the role of Mars in menses. The basis of procreativity, is quite important and reliable. The Moon-Mars combination has been extolled by some savants, but practical experience particularly in reference to marital felicity, is otherwise. Hence an illustrative study on this combination has been incorporated (chapter 12). Mars-Venus combination has been studied for marital affairs (chapter 13). It is also detrimental.

The sun Mercury combination known as Budha Aditya Yoga is also praised highly, but a study on this yoga in marital houses has shown that this good Yoga turns to be detrimental in female nativities particularly with reference to marital affairs. Similarly such dispositions in different Zodiacal sign show variations. These studies have also been presented (Chapter 8 and 9) with illustrative examples of female charts.

Saturn and Rahu are destructive malefics. Rahu in the ascendant, with his influence on the 5th, 7th and 9th houses (Bhavas) shows a deleterious effect on marital affairs. A study on this has been in materializing marriage. This revealing study has also been given a place in the book (Chapter 14). Heredity in Horoscopes (chapter 5) Quantitative Analysis of procreativity (chapter 6) Pre natal epoch and mental Retardation (chapter7) are some of the chapters of practical importance and utility which have been incorporated. In females rectitude and uprightness are qualities which been direct bearing on their marital life too. Two different chapters (chapters 17 and 18) on these aspects have been added with horoscopic illustrations and their bearing on family life. A chapter on illegitimate Births and Matriparityakta Yoga (Chapter 19) has also been presented.

The concepts of Badhaka (chapter 15) and Kendradhipati Yoga (chapter 16) have been dealt with in reference to marital affairs of females and it has been established that both these concepts are not applicable in predictive astrology.

The 8th house in female nativities is a house of Mangalya (Saubhagya) dealing with malefics (chapter 10) and another with benefics (chapter11) in the house have incorporated. The results are different and revealing.

With these submissions I venture to present this maiden endeavour entitled “Planetary Dispositions and Marital Affairs” to the erudites, scholars intellectuals students and suggest some guidelines for future on the basis of their experience and erudition.




  Introduction 1-6
Chapter 1 Marital Bliss & Venus Mercury’s sign 7-16  
Chapter 2 Venus in the Navamsa of mercury & marital bliss 17-31
chapter 3 Jupiter’s role in denying Marriage 32-45
Chapter 4 Rahu in Lagna and Martial Happiness 46-56
Chapter 5 Heredity in Horoscopes 57-76
Chapter 6 Quantitative Analysis of Procreativity 77-99
Chapter 7 Pre-natal Epoch and mental Retardation 100-115
Chapter 8 Budha Aditya Yoga in marital Houses 116-134
Chapter 9 Budha Aditya Yoga in Different signs 135-150
Chapter 10 Eighth Houses Affliction and Marital Misery 151-158
Chapter 11 benefics in Magalyasthana and marital Affairs 159-173
Chapter 12 Shashi MangalaYoga-Bane or Blessing 174-188
Chapter 13 mars-Venus syndrome in marital Houses 189-208
Chapter 14 Saturn in Timing of marriage 209-221
chapter 15 The Redundant Concept of Buddha in Predictive Astrology 222-232
Chapter 16 Kendradhipati Dosha- a Random shot 233-241
Chapter 17 Aberrations in female charts –A study 242-259
Chapter 18 Hora and Trimsamsa Effect on Rectitude 260-273
Chapter 19 Illegitimate Births and Matriparityakta Yoga 274-279
  Glossary of Technical Terms 281-283
  Appendices 285-320

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