A Practical Approach to The Science of Ayurveda (A Comprehensive Guide for Healthy Living)

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Author: Acharya Balkrishna
Publisher: Divya Prakashan, Haridwar
Language: English
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788189235888
Pages: 359 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book

The present book ‘A Practical Approach to The Science of Ayurveda’ highlights the basic principles of the World’s oldest medicine system, Ayurveda in a simple and easy language with complete facts, full authenticity and scientific approach.

It is a high-quality, research-based scripture with all scientific facts and universal principles to establish a balance between the mind and the body in relation with individual constitution so as to achieve complete health and disease-free life on both grounds, physical and psychological.

For an easy understanding of Ayurvedic principles and an ancient outlook, about 29 handmade images have been added which represents a new approach for the first time in Ayurvedic scirptures to present Ayurvedic concepts in aesthetic and vibrant way following the traditional ancient Indian Mural Paintings in a scientific manner.

The book also present the author’s self-experienced Ayurvedic remedies for different diseases along with correct diet and lifestyle regime with respect to different seasons. It reflects how this ancient wisdom could be applied to everyday’s life. it focuses on the methods of Yogasadhana and clarifies the concept of ‘Astacakra’ in a new and scientific approach. Also resolves the controversy related to the number of cakras with full evidences in a simple and practical way. It teaches a step-by-step program to refine the mind and restore the fitness of the body.

Following all the methods and remedies in the daily regime results in transformation and rejuvenation of health. This unique Ayurvedic health guide will enrich and revolutionize the concept of health care system throughout the globe. By adapting these remedies in daily life, the health budget of the family can be minimized to zero percent, which will create an ideal record.


About The Author

A savant and a great saint of the spiritual tradition of Yoga and Ayurveda in India, Acharya Balkrishna, is involved in renovation, propagation and establishment of Ayurveda, authentically. Acharyaji is a representative of a saintly tradition in whom the knowledge of Maharsi Caraka, Susruta, Dhanvantari and all other saints of Ayurvedic tradition is completely and intimately compounded. Acharya Balkrishna is a great scholar under whose guidance Ayurvedic treatments and Research has been globally established gloriously, with no government aid. With his efforts he has scored 29 patents on Yoga and Ayurveda and under his guidance 41 research papers have been published in several National and International Journals and Magazines. Acharya Balkrishna has received innumerous awards like “Vanaushadhipandit”, “Sugyanshri” etc. for his contributions in the field of Yoga and Ayurveda. Famous magazines like “India Today” (Nov 2009) and “Outlook” (Jan 2010) counts him among the ten versatile and dynamic young man of India. He has authored many books on Yoga and Ayurveda and has edited many scriptures from unpublished Ayurvedic manuscripts. A famous scripture on Ayurvedic treatment ‘Aushad Darshan’, whose more than 50 lakh copies have been sold, is also a unique creation by him. At present his dream project ‘World Herbal Encyclopedia’ is under publication. Acharyaji’s famous Television program on several channels has revived the interest in using plants for medicinal purposes and also the interest in using plants for medicinal purposes and also the interest in Ayurveda, globally. He is a great visionary, highly ascetic, energetic, diligent, simple, easy-going and a versatile personality with multi-dimensional skills who is constantly engaged in the service of mankind. World’s largest food processing unit, ‘Patanjali Food and Herbal Park’ is the result of his innovative vision. He is the inspiration and designer behind the construction of huge and highly modernized Divya Pharmacy and Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd. Formation of Patanjali Bio-Research Institute (PBRI) aiming for the conservation of Nature and Environment and development of organic farming for pollution-free soil, is also the materialization of his ideology. He is an associate of Swami Ramdev, who is one among himself and the chief architect of all the organizations under Patanjali Yogpeeth and Divya Yog Mandir. Establishment of world-class, well-organized, well-equipped Hospitals, Yog Bhavan, Laboratories and other huge infrastructures are examples of his visionary power and initiative. Besides, he is the founder of Patanjali University, Patanjali Ayurveda College, Acharyakulam Educational Institute and Vaidik Gurukulam. He is one of the renowned and pioneer Indian in the field of Ayurvedic Science and a source of inspiration for patriotic Indians.




Chapter 1 An Introduction to Ayurveda 1-15
1 What Ayurveda Signifies 1
2 Unique Features of Ayurvedic Treatment 3
3 Ayurveda and its Diversified Areas 11
4 Astanga Ayurveda: The Eight Branches of Ayurveda 11
Chapter 2 Fundamentals of Ayurveda 16-77
1 Pancamahabhuta (The Five Basic Elements) and Ayurveda 16
2 The Principle of Tridosa: The Three Biological Humors 17
3 Prakrti: Know Your Constitution 41
4 Traiyopastambha: Three Supporting Pillars of the Body 47
5 Saptadhatu: The Seven Fundamental Tissues 51
6 Ojas: The Vital Essence 58
7 Upadhatus: Sub-Tissues 60
8 Mala: Waste Matter or Excretory Products 61
9 Digestion and Metabolism 65
10 Physical Strength 71
11 Srotas: Body Channels 74
Chapter 3 The Body and its Vital Forces 79-107
1 Tridanda: The Three Dimensions of Life -Body, Mind (Psyche) and Soul 79
2 Panca Pancaka: The Five Pentads 86
3 Pancakosa: The Five Spiritual Body Sheaths 89
4 Body Physiology and Astacakra: The Eight Cakras 95
5 Astacakra and its Relation with Various Yogic Practices and Kundalini Yoga 103
Chapter 4 The Nature of Material Substances 108-136
1 Rasa: Taste 109
2 Guna: Attributes 118
3 Virya: Potency 120
4 Vipaka: Post-Digestive Effect 121
5 Prabhava: Specific Action 123
6 Types of Substances According to their Actions 124
7 Food-Lifestyle, Important Diseases and their Best Remedies 126
8 Home Remedies from the Kitchen Pharmacy 131
Chapter 5 Health Horizons - An Ayurvedic Approach to a Healthy Life 137-181
1 Dinacarya: Food Habits and Conduct during the Day Time 137
2 Ratricarya: Food Habits and Conduct at Night 153
3 Improper Lifestyle: The Major Cause of Obesity and Emaciation 157
4 Rtucarya: Food Habits and Conduct during Different Seasons 161
5 Suppression of Natural Urges: Unretainable Urges 176
6 Dharaniya Vega: Retainable Urges 180
Chapter 6 Dietary Facts and Rules 183-197
1 Facts About Food 183
2 A Compatible Diet 189
3 Unfavorable Foods and Combinations 190
4 Diseases Caused by an Incompatible Food and Lifestyle and their Treatment 193
5 Favorable Foods and Combinations 197
Chapter 7 The Characteristics of Important Liquids and their Adjuvants (Anupana) 198-216
1 Water 200
2 Coconut Water 204
3 Milk 205
4 Yogurt 207
5 Buttermilk 209
6 Butter 210
7 Ghee (Clarified Butter) 211
8 Oil 212
9 Honey 215
Chapter 8 The Classification of Disease and Examination 217-250
1 Classification of Diseases 217
2 Four Legged Frame of Treatment (Four Important Factors in the Treatment of Disorders) 227
3 Methods to Assay the Cause of a Disease 231
4 Different Methods of Disease Examination 235
Chapter 9 Treatment Methods 251-278
1 Different Methods of Treatment in Ayurveda 253
2 A General Introduction to Pancakarma Treatment 257
3 Rasayana Cikitsa: Rejuvenation Therapy 266
4 Vajikarana: Treatment for Infertility and Virility - The Science of Healthy Procreation 275
Chapter 10 Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda 279-291
1 Theoretical Similarities in the Principles of Yogasastra and Ayurvedic Treatises 280
2 Importance of Yoga in the Treatment of Ayurveda 281
3 Relationship Between Tridosa and Alleviation of Diseases Through Yoga 283
4 Effective Solutions and Sources to Obtain Good Health 285
  Appendix 292-300
  Glossary 301-333
  A Glimpses of Major Writings by the Author 334-338
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