Predictive Techniques in Varshaphala (Vedic Astrology Series)

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Author: Dr. K. S. Charak
Publisher: Uma Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2022
ISBN: 8186824030
Pages: 174
Cover: Paperback
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Weight 230 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business
Book Description

Preface to the Second Edition

Having languished in near-oblivion for a long time, the subject of Varshaphala has eventually received its due recognition. In this process, our own efforts have borne substantial fruit as is obvious from the avid reception which our two books, A Textbook of Varshaphala and Predictive Techniques in Varshaphala, have received from all over the world. It is with such encouragement from our readers that we present this second edition of the Predictive Techniques in Varshaphala.

The text has been thoroughly revised and updated. An index has been added at the end to enhance the utility of the book. A substantial help has come my way in the production of this book in its present form from Vinay Aditya, to whom I remain beholden.

Preface to the First Edition

Vedic astrology originated sometime in the hoary past, perhaps coinciding with the origin of the Vedic knowledge itself. Labelled as a Vedanga, a limb of the Vedas which happen to be the ultimate repository of knowledge, astrology attained a stature of great eminence in India many millennia ago. In order to study and understand the Vedas, a study of the various Vedangas, six of them in all, was considered a pre-requisite. Astrology thus was an important branch of knowledge to be pursued by all those keen to master the Vedic wisdom. The knowledge of astrology flourished because of incessant study and practice by the exalted sages of the past, those rishis of ancient India.

It has been a tradition in India to acquire knowledge from whatever source it can be acquired. This approach made the Vedic culture a highly dynamic one. Newer concepts were not only developed indigenously but also incorporated from outside sources. Nothing proves this better than a study of the Varshaphala or the Indian method of annual horoscopy, also called the Tajika system of astrology. In this system, which is based on sound principles of astrology given to us by the great rishi Parashara, several concepts alien to the original Vedic astrology have been incorporated. This is particularly true of the special sixteen Tajika yogas which almost certainly, at least in part, have come to us from the middle-east during the years not too far removed in the past.

The Varsaphala is an extremely sound branch of astrology which is based primarily on the longitude of the Sun in the natal chart. The system is most popular in northern India where a study of the natal chart is often supplemented by an analysis of the annual chart also. This system, however, has not received its due place in astrology. Partly because of excessive mathematical calculations involved, its study has remained limited and its principles known to a selected few. This constraint does not apply any longer since we have computers to do the most intricate calculations for us today.

The Predictive Techniques in Varshaphala has been produced with this special aim of making the principles of Varshaphala more popular, with special emphasis on the method of application of these principles to actual horoscopic charts. This book forms a valuable adjuvant to an earlier book by the author A Textbook of Varshaphala which deals with the details of the basic principles, but with a limited application to real-life charts In the present work, the precise method of using the Varshaphala has been outlined. The book has been divided into three sections :

The first section deals with the basic concepts discussed briefly. An understanding of some of these concepts will require a study of the book A Textbook of Varshaphala by the author Some never concepts have also been added here which do not find mention in the earlier work. These include a more detailed description of the Tajika aspects, of the Muntha, as also of the various dasha systems.

The second section deals with the scheme of analysis to be adopted. The one concept that has been brought home is that a Varshaphala must be studied in conjunction with the natal chart and never in isolation.

The third section deals with the application of Varshaphala principles to real-life situations. This section is profusely illustrated. Of the five dashas mentioned, the Mudda and the Patyayini have been more profusely employed. In charts dealing with medical conditions, the Hudda dasha has also been used.

This book has been produced to fulfill a long-felt void in the technique of annual chart analysis. The efforts of the author will be amply rewarded if the book serves its intended purpose.

About the Book

Varshaphala is a useful adjuvant to the standard Parashari system of chart analysis. It is a technique primarily employed by the Vedic astrologers of north India. Until now A Textbook of Varshaphala by the author has been the standard reference book in English on this subject. Predictive Techniques in Varshaphala is an advancement over the earlier work by the author. The salient features of the present work are :

Emphasis on the practical application of the principles of Varshaphala.
Integration of analysis of the annual chart with that of the natal chart.
New light on the Tajika aspects, the Muntha and the lord of the year.
Inclusion of the subjects hitherto untouched, like the transits, the Vedha, the Hudda dasha, etc.
Use of at least five different dasha systems with special mention of the indications for their use in different annual charts.
A predominant use of Tajika yogas' highlighting their reliability in predictions. Emphasis on considering the yogas not only from the lagna but also from the Muntha and the lord of the year.
A large section, profusely illustrated, devoted to the application of the various principles of Varshaphala to varied real-life situations.




Preface to the Second Edition 3
Preface to the First Edition 5
Elementary Concepts of Varshaphala 11
Casting the annual Chart 12
Importance of Dhruvanka 13
Aspects in an Annual Chart 16
Strength of Planets 19
Role of the Muntha 23
The Muntha and the Rahu-Ketu Axis 24
Dashas or Operational Periods 26
Lord of the Year 37
Significations of Planets 42
Significations of Houses 44
Transits and Vedha 45
Birth Ascendant in the Annual Chart 50
Scheme of Analysis of an Annual Chart 61
Parashari Principles in Varshaphala 64
The Tajika Scheme 69
1. Rise to Power 89
Power with Dignity 89
Intrigues and Power 95
Unexpected Fortune – the Role of the Sun in Power 99
Courage and Intrigue – Resurgence with a Vengeance 102
Sudden Rise – Ominous Forebodings 106
2. Fall from Power 112
Intrigues and Fall – Restoration of Power 113
Loss of Power – Dignity Retained 117
Ruthless Power – Humiliating Defeat 120
Career Foreshortened by Death 122
Death in a Foreign Country 124
3. Relationships and Marriage 127
Indicators for Marriage 127
Fascination Leading to Relationship 128
Dilemma of a Fascination 131
Marriage and Discord 135
Remarriage; Child Birth 140
4. Accidents and Unnatural Deaths 144
Neck Injury: Quadriplegia 144
Fatal Car Accident 146
Death from Toxic Fumes 149
Death by Drowning 151
Another Death by Drowning 154
5. Consideration of Health 157
Perils of Dwi-janma Year 157
Surgery for a painful illness 158
Non-functioning Kidney 160
Surgery on the Uterus 163
A Case of Leukaemia 165
Disease of the Liver 167
Summary 170
Index 173

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