Rajini’s Punchtantra (Business And Life Management The Rajinikanth Way)

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Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Author: P. C. Balasubramanian& Raja Krishnamoorthy
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788129119995
Pages: 137 (Throughout B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About the Book

Coolie to CEO, small-time entrepreneur to business magnate, teenage student to retired grandparent—Rajinikanth’s punchlines hold a special lace in the hearts of a wide spectrum of people. The memorable dialogue of Rajini have, in fact, acquired cult status among his fans as sayings that encapsulate many significant universal truths. And so, in this book, P.C. Balasubramanian and Raja Krishnamoorthy attempt to interpret some of Rajinikanth’s most famous punchlines and demonstrate how each of them can be adapted as a motto for any business organization or in any life situation.

From Sollraan, seiaraan’ from the film Arunacha lam to ‘Namma vaazhkai nanzma kailathaan irruku’ from Basha, the authors highlight the relevance of Rajini’s punch lines in areas such as governance, leadership, motivation, reputation-building, responsibility, commitment, and so on. Simple yet insightful, these lines can be used by anyone to communicate his or her views in a forthright and impact manner. A management guide with an innovative twist, Rajini’s Punch tantra gives you a unique perspective on thirty of the most fundamental and effective mantras for both business and life management. This is a delightful and distinctive handbook for everyone.

About the Author

P.C. Bal Subramanian is one of the founder directors of Matrix Business Services India, one of India’s leading verification companies. He is passionate about enterprise and institution-building and is of the opinion that it is people who matter the most in any company and loves being able to motivate people in order to bring out the best in them. He believes that one must always give equal importance to ones professional as well as personal life; he is also an ardent admirer of Rajinikanth. It is the coming together of these two elements that provided the motivation for this book.

Raja Krishnamoorthy has over thirty-three years of experience in the field of human resources. He is one of the directors of Talent Maximums India, a Chennai-based HR services organization. As a trainer and consultant in the area of organization development, he does extensive work in team synergy, transformation and leadership skills and personal growth through self-awareness. He is also an actor, explorer and thinks of himself as a student of life.

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Tamil cinema has been a fountainhead of political ideologies and revolutionary thoughts. That it has managed to seamlessly weave social purpose with popular entertainment is its uniqueness.

Rajinikanth is a phenomenon nonpareil in Tamil cinema. He is fascinating as much for his striking ‘style’ movements as for his deeply insightful punch lines. His strength lies in effortlessly combining mass appeal with sincerity of purpose. Rajinikanth’s off-screen life and conduct have vastly added credibility to his on-screen image and character. It is no wonder that Rajini is eponymous with his punch lines, which are laden with meaning.

The authors, P.C. Balasubramanian and Raja Krishnamoorthy, should be warmly complimented for collecting together Rajini’s pearls of wisdom and showcasing their brilliance. The authors are not uninformed fans given to irrational idolatry. One is a successful entrepreneur and the other a well-respected consultant. That both have found Rajini’s signature statements deeply relevant to management practices and, indeed, life at large is testimony to the true value of Rajini’s punch lines. It is also telling proof of Rajini’s appeal among people in all walks of life.

The annotations provided in this book are lucid and friendly, yet deep and thoughtful—just like a Rajinikanth movie!


Once in a while, in history, there appears someone whose message provides hope, lights a spark and energizes all of mankind. It is never quite the message itself but who said it, how and when, that makes it significant. Often these messages are simple and earthy; yet, coming from this personality, they grow alive and powerful. They acquire significance, wide acceptance and are etched in public memory. So it is with Rajinikanth. His punch lines have had such a deep impact on me that it became my mission to make a book out of them.

I have grown up watching Rajinikanth films—nothing new in that, most of my generation did. But, unlike many adolescent obsessions that you grow out of as you mature, I have not been able to grow out of my fascination with his punch lines. As I grew older—and, hopefully, wiser—I soaked in deeper their meaning. The impact they made on me and a whole lot of others is remarkable.

From a coolie to a CEO, from a small-time entrepreneur to a big businessman, from an urchin to a postgraduate, from a maid to an activist, from lovers to siblings, from spouses to in-laws—I have seen ‘Rajini dialogues’ evoke deep resonance in all, often accompanied by a sparkle in the eye, a nod of acceptance and a smile of acknowledgement. The statements have touched them and remained deep within.

I call these ‘value statements’, for only such statements travel a long distance, remain in the minds and hearts of people for generations and are quoted in their conversations. I have encountered people from different walks of life who quote Rajini’s punch lines at work or home or social gatherings in order to communicate their views in a simple but powerful manner. And, most of the time, the lines are found relevant, enjoyed and accepted well. This is why it has perhaps become a Rajinikanth tradition that millions of his fans (and many others who might have not seen the particular film in question) look forward to these value statements from the superstar—not just in his movies but also at public forums where he may be delivering a speech.

Hence I recognize that, in their mass appeal, their potential to entertain, their power to educate and awaken society and make an impression on the minds of millions, these value statements are waiting to be leveraged for wider impact. That, essentially, is the purpose of this book.

In a way, Rajini’s own life is his message. It has been a journey of hardship, struggle, dreams, superstardom, learning, responsibility, resisting temptation, simplicity, utmost humility—and being a role model for generations of people. And, in the process, Rajini has woven such magic in the minds of millions that his mere utterances have turned into gems of wisdom.

I salute this living legend, with reverence and admiration. This book is an effort to chronicle a part of his contribution to society and document it for posterity—so that future generations too can enjoy, cherish and learn from them.


1 Foreword. IX
Introduction XI
1 Padaiyappa: ‘En vazhi thanee vazhi’ ‘My way is a unique way’ 3
2 Basha: ‘Naan oru thadavai sonna, nooru thadava sonna maadhiri’ ‘If say something once, it is equivalent to saying it a hundred times’7
3 Sivaji: ‘Paera kaetavudane chumma athuruthilee’ ‘The mere mention of [hisj name causes tremors’ 11
4 Annamalai: ‘Naan solrathaiyum seiven...sollaathathaiyum seiven’ ‘I will deliver what I promise...and deliver even what I didn’t’ 15
5 Baba: ‘Naan yosikkaama pesa maataen, pesina piragu yosikka maataen’ ‘I think before I speak, and don’t doubt what I say’ 19
6 Muthu: ‘Naan eppo varuven eppadi varuvennu yarukkum theriyathu aana varavendiya nerathile correctaa varuven’ 23
‘No one knows when and how I will come...but I will be there at the right time’
7 Yejaman: ‘Neenga sattapadi dharmam pannanumunu soireenga, naan dharmam panratha sattama vechukiren’ 27
‘You say that one must do good as stated by law, whereas I believe that doing good is the law’
8 Dharmathin Thalaivan: ‘Nan thatti kaetpaen, aana, kotti kudupaen’ ‘I question hard (the wrongdoer) and reward generously (the deserving)’ 31
9 Baba: ‘Khatham...khatham...mudinjathu mudinju potchu’ ‘Let bygones be bygones’ 35
10 Engeyo Kaeta Kural: ‘Kai ala vu kaasu iruntha athu nambala kaappathum, athuve kazhuthu varal iruntha athanamma kappathunum’ 39
‘If you have a handful of money, it will take care of you; if you have too much wealth, you will have to take care of it’
11 Basha: ‘Pon, penn, pugazh pinnadi ambalai poga koodathu, ambalainga pinnala ithellam varanum’ 43
‘Don’t chase wealth, women and fame; these should follow you’
12 Arunachalam: ‘Sollraan, seiaraan’ ‘He (the higher one) instructs, I do’ 47
13 Johnny: ‘Intha ulagathule ethu aeduthalum, onnaiveda onnu betteragathan therium’ 51
‘In this world, in any situation, one option will always look better than the other’
14 Manithan: ‘Sollarathaithan seivaen...seiyarathathan solvaen’ ‘I do what I say...l say only what I do’ 55
15 Basha: ‘Nallavangala aandavan sodhippaan, kaivida maatan... Kettavangaluku aandavan neraya kuduppan, aana kal vittuviduvan’ 59
‘God tests good people but does not let them down... He may give the bad ones generously but lets them down’
16 Arunachalam: ‘Paathu vaelai seiyunga...paarkum pothu vellai selyatheenga’ 63
‘Be focused and watchful while working, but don’t work just because you are being watched’
17 Sivaji: ‘Panningathaan kootama varum, singam sin glathan varum’ ‘Swine travel in droves, but the lion comes alone’ 67
18 Baba: ‘Asanthaa acilkarathu unga policy, asaraama adikarathu Babe policy’ asaraarna adikarathu Baba policy’ 71
‘Hitting out when the other’s guard is down is your policy, being ever- vigilant is Baba’s policy’
19 Annatnalai: ‘Kettuponavan vazhalam aana nallaa vazhnthavan kettu poga koodathu’ 75
‘Wrongdoers may exist, but the good should not turn to evil’
20 Basha: ‘Namma vaazhkai namma kaUathaan irruku’ ‘Our life is in our hands’ 79
21 Arunachalam: ‘Sollraan...senjittaan’ ‘I committed. ..l delivered’ 83
22 Muthu: ‘Naanga kodutha vakkum kodutha porulaiyum thiruppi vangarathae illal’ ‘We don’t take back the word or the things we give’ 87
23 Padalyappa: ‘Kashtapadaama ethuvurn kidaikathu, kashtapadama kidaikarathu ennaikume nilaikathu’ 91
‘You don’t get something without real effort; even if you get it without effort, it won’t stay with you for long’
24 Basha: ‘Vaazhkaila bayam irrukalam, aana bayamae vazhkai ayuda ‘ 95
It is okay to fear some things in our life, but fear itself should not rule our life’
25 Babe: ‘Baba counting starts now... I, 2, 3...’99
26 Sivaji: ‘Saavara naal therunjipochuna vazhara neal naragam aayudum’ ‘If you know when you will die, your life will be hell’ 103
27 Muthu: ‘Kedaikiradhu kedaikkaama irukkaadhu. Kedaikaama irukaradhu kedaikkaathu’ 107
‘What you are entitled to, you will certainly get; what is not for you, you will not get’
28 16 Vayathinile: ‘ithu eppadi irukku’ ‘How is this?’ 111
29 Basha: ‘Naama nammala gavanichhaathan aandavan nammala gavanipaan’ 115
Only when we take care of ourselves will God take care of us’
30 Music Launch of Chandrasnukhi. ‘Naan yaanai lila, kuthirai, keezha vizhundha takkunu yezhunthupaen’ 119
‘I am not an elephant but a horse, for I get up instantly when I fall’
Acknowledgements 122
Praise for the Book 123
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