The Ramayana in Classical Sanskrit and Prakrt Mahakavya Literature

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Author: Dr. V. Raghavan
Publisher: Dr. V Raghavan Institute of Performing Arts, Chennai
Language: Sanskrit and English Text
Pages: 196
Cover: Paperback
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It gives me great pleasure to place before the elite audience, the book on Ramayana: in classical Sanskrit and Prakrt Mahakavya Literature by Dr. V. Raghavan. This topic was a series of lectures delivered by the eminent professor under Prof. P.D. Gune’s Endowment at the University of Poona in 1977.


These lectures are based on an analysis of the contents of the classical Sanskrit Poems : the Rahguvamsa of Kalidasa, Janakiharana of Kumaradasa, Ramacarita of Abhinanda, Ravanavadha of Bhatti, Ramayanacampu of Bhoja, Ramayanamanjari of Bhoja and the Prakrt kavya, Setubandha of Pravarasena.


The epic Remayana has had a strong influence on the minds of poeple of India and especially the classical Sanskrit poets. Dr. V. Raghavan, former Professor and Head of the Dept. of Sanskrit and renowned for his research abilities, has to his credit several studies on the Ramayana. To mention a few ‘Some old lost Rama plays; Tattvasangraha Ramayana, Ramayana other than Valmiki’s Ananda, Adbhuta etc.), The greater Ramayana and The Ramayana in greater India are some of his noteworthy studies.


Ramayana in Greater India (1975), a series of lectures delivered under an Endowment (Rao Bahadur Kamala Shankar Pranshankar Trivedi Memorial lectures at the South Gujarat University was published in 1975. These lectures covered the different versions prevalent in Ceylon, Far-east, Burma and other Middle Eastern Countries.


Ramayana Triveni is a comparative study of the characters in the Ramayana of Valmiki, Kamban and Tulsidas.


This book presented here, is a study on the Poems in Classical Sanskrit and Prakrt which points out the different versions of these poets in the story of Rama. The influence of the Valmiki Ramayana on the kavyas of these poets is well known. These poets have made some changes in the story to suit their poems. Dr. Raghavan has made a thorough study of the Kavyas mentioned above and pointed out meticulously, the differences in the story from the original. Some of these poets have introduced even new elements to make their works quite appealing.


A perusal of the book will place before the minds of scholars not only the ability of these poets but also the depth of the study and analysis made by Dr. V. Raghavan who thus brought to light the special features found in these poems which make them individualistic.


My association with Dr. V. Raghavan started with my joining the Sanskrit Dept, University of Madras in 1951 to assist him in the New Catalogus Catalogarum project. After becoming the Secretary of the Samskrta Ranga founded by him in 1958, this association became more closer. Under his able guidance, work on the New Catalogus Catalogorum and the activities of the Samskrita Ranga were continued with sincere, committed efforts. This bondage between the preceptor and the disciple is being thus furthered even after his demise.


The Dr.V. Raghavan Centre for Performing Arts and in particular the efforts of Smt. Nandini Ramani, daughter of Dr. V. Raghavan is to be appreciated for bringing out this publication.


Publisher’s Note


On the auspicious occasion of Rama Navami this year, I have great pleasure in bringing out yet another unpublished work of my revered father, Dr.V.Raghavan who reached Lord Rama’s feet twenty five years ago on the same day. I deem it an extremely pleasant task to go ahead with the printing of his remaining works one by one, and make them available for the benefit of the future generation of students, researchers and scholars.


The present work, a series of lectures delivered at the University of Po on a (Prof. P.D. Gune Lectures, 1977), throws light in an interesting analysis of the Epic, with reference to certain well-known and lesser known Maha Kavyas in Sanskrit & Prakrt.


It reveals once again, the in-depth scholarship and the deep interest of the author in the study of Ramayana, himself being an ardent Rama Bhakta.


With the ever vibrant spirit and encouragement from my mother Smt. Sarada Raghavan, and moral support from my elder brothers Sri. R. Kalidas and Dr. R. Charudattan and elder sister Smt. Priyamvada, I feel courageous to undertake the publishing of the works of the scholar-savant who is regarded as the by word in the field of Sanskrit, and all allied areas of study. I am sure this work will provide a deep in sight and create further interest for all those involved in the study of Ramayana. I wish to acknowledge Dr.C.S. Sundaram, Reader(Retd.), Dept of Sanskrit, Madras University and a close associate of Dr.V. Raghavan for nearly four decades, for his foreword and his invaluable guidance for completing this endeavour successfully.


Sri. Ravi of Sri Vignesha Printers is to be given credit for getting the work printed in a fitting manner.


Let the noble ventures of this center be blessed by Lord Rama, the very embodiment of Dharma.








Publisher’s note



The Ramayana in Classical Sanskrit and Prakrt Mahakavya Literature









The Setubandha or Ravanavadha of Pravarasena



The Janakiharana (JH) of Kumaradasa



The Bhatti-Kavya



The Ramacarita of Abhinanda



The Ramayana Campu of Bhoja Ksemendra



Ramayana Manjari



Ramopakhyana in his Bharatamanjari



Ramavatara in his Dasavataracarita



The short account in Brahatkathamanjari and the same compared with that in Somadeva’s Kathasaritsagara.



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