The Ramayana: A Linguistic Study(An Old Book)

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Author: Satya Vrat
Language: English
Edition: 1964
ISBN: 8121504112
Pages: 314
Cover: Hardcover
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About the Book:

The Ramayana is always a fascinating study. This Adi Kavya coming from the pen of one of India's greatest poets has exercised a very powerful influence on the life and thought of millions of people of India over the ages. A voluminous work like the Ramayana can certainly be expected to be a good repertory of all kinds of information, historical, social, religious and cultural. So can it be a good index of the language as it obtained in contemporary society.

The present study is the first attempt of its kind analysing and critically evaluating the language of the Ramayana in all its varied aspects and, therefore, fulfils a long-felt desideratum. The twenty-four thousand verses of this great epic of India have been given here the most searching treatment and fresh ground broken in more ways than one. The study of the Ramayana synonyms, phonetic tendencies, onomatopoeia, prepositional verbs, usage, etymologies and un-Paninian forms, to mention only a few of the many topics dealt with exhaustively here, is bound to interest students of Sanskrit language in general and Linguistics in particular. The treatment of the subject is scientific throughout. The work is well-documented.



Foreword by Dr. Suniti Kumar Chatterji
Introduction by Dr. Siddheshwar Varma

Some Preliminary Observation

    Valmiki - The Immortal Bard
    Some Linguistic Peculiarities of the Ramayana


Chapter I

Rare Words or Words with Unfamiliar Meaning


Chapter II



Chapter III

Some Phonetic Tendencies

  1. Anaptyxis
  2. Syncope
  3. Haplology
  4. Metathesis
  5. Interchange of d and l and r and l
  6. Phonetic Variants in Proper Names
  7. Metrical Interference with Quality of a Vowel
    1. Shortening of Long Vowels
    2. Lengthening of Short Vowels


Chapter IV

The Onomatopoeic or Descriptive Words


Chapter V



Chapter VI



Chapter VII

Prepositional Verbs


Chapter VIII



    The Use of Some Roots in Peculiar Meaning
    Repetition or Superfluity
    Verbs with a Cognate Object
    Idioms and Proverbs
    The Use of Words in Secondary Meaning
    Short Forms for Complete Expressions
Chapter IX

The Un-Paninian Forms and Other Anomalies

  1. Vowel Sandhi : Internal
    Vowel Sandhi : External
    1. Hiatus in Two Padas
      1. Absence of Savarnasandhi
      2. Absence of Gunasandhi
      3. Absence of Vrddhisandhi
      4. Absence of Other Vowel Sandhis
    2. Hiatus in the Same Pade
      1. Absence of Savarnasandhi
      2. Absence of Gunasandhi
      3. Absence of Yansandhi
  2. Consonant Sandhi
  3. Double Sandhi

Feminine Forms

  1. Atmanepada and Parasmaipada
  2. Verb Formations
  3. Confusion in Ganas
  4. Set and anit
  5. Omission of Augments at and at
  6. Causal Forms


  1. Present Participles
  2. Past Participles

Other Anomalies

  1. Gender
  2. Interchange of Case, Voices and Tenses
  3. Concord : Gender
    Concord : Number

Omission of Case-affix
A Supplement : Synonyms
Classified Indexes

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