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Item Code: NBZ747
Author: Chidbhavananda
Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Tapovanam, Tirupparaitturai
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 8180851621
Pages: 208
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In ancient India a perfect man was called a Rishi. That ideal is kept up undiminished to this day. Anybody can become a Rishi. Man or woman must conciously strive for it. Intuition or the divine eye is developed in him through self-discipline. Knowledge becomes self-evident to the Rishi.

Among the classical literature of the world Ramayana stands foremost. Though Indian in origin, it is universal in its hold on mind. It is absorbing to the child, elevating to the common man, thought-provoking to the learned, inspiring to the mystic and illuminant to the sage. Ramayana does not become stale because of repeated study. As the plunge bath renews the body, perusal of this epic rejuvenates the mind. As food nourishes the physique, this book cherishes the faculty of understanding. It is the life companion of the ardent.

Sri Rama is the pivot on whom the whole fabric of this immortal book is woven. It is therefore called Ramayana or the story of Rama. He is the model to the young and the old, to the man of the world and to the recluse absorbed in the glory of the Self. He embodies virtue and ardently applies it to life in conflicting circumstances. Though stationed in the mundane he is at the core supremely above it.

Sita is the ideal wife of Rama. The word Sita ' means the furrow made by a plough. This girl was born without parents. As a daughter of the Earth she was found in a furrow and so she was called Sita, brought up by the King Janaka. Sita is the embodiment of purity and womanly virtues. She conquered misery by calmly enduring it. Sita is the last word on womanly perfection.

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