Recent Research in Paninian Studies

Recent Research in Paninian Studies

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Item Code: IDE787
Author: George Cardona
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9788120816374
Pages: 390
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.8" X 6.7"
From the Jacket:

The present volume is a continuation of the bibliography and study of the bibliography and study presented in Panini, A survey of Research, first published in the Netherlands (The Hague: Mouton & Co., 1976), subsequently published in India (Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 1980), and reprinted in 1997. The basic format adopted for the first survey is observed here: a bibliography of major work done since 1975, including materials which came to the author's knowledge up to December of 1997, is followed by his appraisal of this work, with extensive references to primary sources which are the bases of scholarly discussions and notes. This volume also includes three indexes: an index of names, an index of primary sources, and an index of primary sources for Panini, A Survey of Research. Readers can thereby get an informed impression of the research that has been carried out to date in Paninian studies.

About the Author:

George Cardona was born in New York City in 1936. He received a doctorate in Linguistics, specializing in comparative Indo-European, from Yale University in 1960. In India, he studied Paninian grammatical works and texts in other sastras with Jagannath S. Pade Shastri of Vadodara (Baroda), Ambika Prasad Upadhyaya, K.S. Krishnamurti Shastri of Chennai (Madras), and Raghunatha Sharma of Varanasi and Chhata. Since 1960 he has taught at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is professor of Linguistics. He has also taught at several other universities as a visiting professor. He was a fellow of the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioural Sciences, Palo Alto, in 1971-1972, and was Collitz Professor at the summer institute of the Linguistic Society of America at University of Illinois in 1978.He is past president of the American Oriental Society (1989-90) and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Philosophical Society.


Preface to the Second Revised Editionxi
Preface to the First Editonxiii
Conventions and Abbreviations3
1.Histories of Sanskrit grammar, surveys of research, bibliographies97
1.1.Histories of Sanskrit grammar97
1.2.Surveys of research104
2.Panini, Katyayana and Patanjali106
2.1.Panini: The Astadhyayi106
2.1.1.Editions, translation, indexes and lexicons of the Astadhyayi106 and translations of the sutrapatha106 of the dhatupatha and the ganapatha110 and indexes111
2.1.2.Concerning the original text of the Astadhyayi111 of pre-Paninian grammarians111 works which have been attributed to pre-Paninians111 in and modifications of the Astadhyayi sutrapatha112 dhatupatha140 ganapatha144
2.1.3.Other texts usually associated with the Astadhyayi146 unadisutras146 phitsutras147 linganusasana147 Paniniyasiksa147
2.1.4.The system of the Astadhyayi147's derivational system147 composition of the grammar: general organization, rule order, types of rules154 organization154 order and the application of rules154 or rules161 technical terminology, metarules, stylistics162's technical terminology: generalities162's technical terminology: particular terms162's technical terminology: markers179 grammar of Panini's metalanguage180's system of phonology and morphophonemics180, morphophonemics181 Sivasutras184's system of grammar187 and nominal morphology187 and Karaka rules197 of particular rules201 rules201 rules206 of Panini's system with other systems210 with other Indian systems210 with modern systems and techniques213 language described by Panini214
2.2.The Mahabhasya216
2.2.1.Editions and translations of the Mahabhasya and its commentaries216
2.2.2.On the history of the Mahabhasya text221
2.2.3.General studies of the Mahabhasya221
2.2.4.Historical change and Paniniyas229.
2.2.5.Techniques of interpretation230
2.2.6.Discussions of philosophical import231
2.2.7.Other studies of the Mahabhasya231
2.3.Chronology and realia235
2.3.1.Panini and the pratisakhyas235
3.Later commentaries241
3.2.Running commentaries241
3.2.1.The Kasikavrtti and its commentaries241
3.2.2.Other running commentaries245 Bhasavrtti245 Sabdakaustubha245 Durghatavrtti245
3.3.Reordered commentaries245
3.3.1.Works prior to the Siddhantakaumudi245
3.3.2.The Siddhantakaumudi, its commentaries and abridgements246
4.Treatises on semantics and philosophy of grammar247
4.2.2.The Vakyapadiya: editions and translation249
4.2.3.Authorship of the Vrtti250
4.2.4.Studies on the doctrines set forth in the Vakyapadiya265
4.3.Later semantic treatises269
4.3.1.Editions, translation and studies269
5.Paninian studies and cognitive studies and technology272
6.Literary works illustrating grammatical rules274
7.A summary of trends275
Index of Names325
Index of primary sources339
Index of primary sources: Panini, A Survey of Research357
Addition and Corrections371

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