Reiki 108 Questions and Answers {Your Dependable Guide for a Lifetime of Reiki Practice}

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Author: Paula Horan
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Edition: 2007
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Pages: 168
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Book Description

Have you ever noticed, how occasionally in life, when you plan a new project and begin focusing your energies to get it off the ground, that something else which still needs to be completed, inevitably draws your attention before you can move on to your new project? When you then take up the challenge and follow what it spontaneously arising, you actually clear the way for what you wanted to do in the first place. This is exactly, how Reiki-108 Questions And Answers Came about.

Originally, I had planned to write another book at this time, called True Reiki True Self. I had even completed the first few chapters, when I had to interrupt the process to go on yet another long extended teaching tour. True Reiki True Self, as I envisioned it, would become an inspiring testimony to the unfathomable healing essence of Universal Life Force to the unfathomable healing essence of Universal Life Force Energy. It would incorporate some of the history of Dr. Usui from his own journals, which have just come to light, and a discussion of the Tantra From which Reiki is derived. Drawing on my own experience and sharing many of my own stories, I wanted to give the reader a taste of how truly limitless Reiki can be. At lest, that was my plan, which will now come to fruition a little later than anticipated.

During my tour, Shekhar and Poonam Malhotra, my publisher in New Delhi, put in a strong request that I first write a book with the bare essentials of Reiki in order to clarify some widespread misunderstandings. Initially, I resisted this project of a "back to basics" Reiki book. Having previously authored three books on Reiki, Core Empowerment (1998), Empowerment Through Reiki (1989), now available in fifteen languages, and Abundance Through Reiki (1995), I felt I had already fully covered the basic. What my publisher and my husband so aptly pointed out, is how profoundly my teaching has changed over the years. It has become simpler and more straightforward. Perhaps, I could convey this to a larger audience.

After getting over my initial resistance, this book developed its own flow and simply happened. It truly wrote itself, and I derived a lot of pleasure from participating in its creation. The result is a joyful dialogue on the utter beauty, the utter simplicity that is Reiki.

There has been an amazing array of information put out on Reiki in the last few years. Although several good books have been written by a few of the more mature practitioners, the sheer volume of the information now available is sometimes confusing and contradictory to the reader, and is often even totally unrelated to Reiki. Typically, rules from other healing methods a re added to Reiki, which aid in the confusion.

For most people in the early stages of Reiki practice, it is hard to grasp just how simple Reiki is. There is a tendency for the beginning practitioner's (and the beginning teacher's) mind to try and make t more complex. The mind (ego) seems to need a lot of unnecessary rules, regulations and accouterments to convince itself that something as a simple as Reiki actually works without added on "doo-dada", even though his or her hands palpably tell him or her just the opposite!

In this book, I hope to help a broader public dispelling a lot of the dis-information that I have been heard all too often from other teachers in recent years. Most important, my intention is to explore the basic facets in a clear and simple manner, from my viewpoint, after fourteen years of experience both practicing and teaching Reiki in several different countries.

The information has been kept short and to the point. However, oversimplification has also been carefully avoided. The intention is to present something similar to a reference work, yet in an easy user friendly format. The idea is to provide you with something like a companion or guide that can address the queries which inevitably surface.

When formulating the questions, I was able to draw on the many classes that I have taught since 1987. I purposely chose the questions that my students most often ask me during or directly after a Reiki class.

Teaching happens in a natural flow when it takes the form of a dialogue. The question and answer format seemed appropriate in order to recreate the sense of engaging in a dialogue with the reader. The philosophers of ancient Greece did not hold professorships. They went about Athens and talked to just about everyone. Likewise, the Buddha didn't sit under a tree to scribble scriptures on palm leaves. Instead, he wandered all over Northern India and engaged people in conversations whenever they were interested in listening to what he had to share.

When I teach a class, people ask me questions and I respond spontaneously to whatever is invoked by the questioner. This is precisely the feeling I tried to achieve in Reiki-108 Questions and Answers, the feeling of a live dialogue between student and teacher. Here, many of the topics are dealt with which regularly come up during a Reiki class. You could say, the book is the next best thing to taking a class with me. The only drawback, is that I am not personally present to clarify points or dispel doubts. However, if you use this book as intended, you will find that a careful examination of the pertinent passages will eventually give you the answers that you were looking for, which are actually already inside of you. In order to ask a question, you already have to have intuitively grasped a large part of the answer. Answers are really jus to doubts.

This is why the book is also called Your Dependable Guide For a Lifetime Of Reiki Practice. Whenever you are in doubt or feel that a certain question about the basic practice of Reiki has been left unanswered, go back and look up the relevant sections of the text.

Let's face it. Humans are forgetful. Even if you pay close attention, you are bound to disregard a lot of things that were mentioned in your Reiki class. Furthermore, studies have shows that even good students on the average absorb only 35% of the information given to them at any one time. Which explains why you have to go back and study the things which you really want to learn. Since the human mind generally doesn't have the capacity to absorb all of the information which it receives, it helps to have a reliable source you can go back to whenever you need clarification.

This book fulfills yet another need. Considering the previously mentioned fact that usually only 35% of the information given at any one time in retained, what do you think will happen to basic Reiki knowledge, which can only be integrated experientially, if passed on through a line of teachers who became Reiki masters within a week or a months, and then proceeded to initiate others into mastership shortly thereafter? How much accurate knowledge will remain after three or four generations of teachers and students of this kind? Under such conditions, a book of basic Reiki questions and answers can be of great assistance for those who want to go back to its real roots.

Overall, I have kept the book within the boundaries of Reiki, as taught by Hawayo Takata. Some short references are made, however, to other authentic transmissions of Universal Life Force Energy, also going back to Dr. Usui, the founder of modern day Reiki. It is derived from the writing of Dr. Usui found in his commentaries and diaries as well as from the Tantra of the lightening Flash Which Heals The Body And Illumines The Mind, a Shingon Buddhist scripture and the source of inspiration for Dr. Usui's own realisation. As these teachings are meant to be revealed in a direct student/teacher interaction I have only included material that pertains to the history of Reiki, and is therefore of general interest.

In any event, at present, most Reiki practitioners can trace their lineage back to Dr. Usui and the Usui Method of Natural Healing (Usui Shiki Ryoho) through Mrs. Takata and one of her twenty-two master students who made Reiki popular all around the world. Therefore, particular emphasis has been put on her form of Reiki, simply because it is the most widely practiced, and yet often the most misunderstood, even to the point of complete distortion. 108 Questions And Answers is my own contribution to help clear some of the most common misunderstandings in a gentle and non-judgmental manner.

That there are altogether 108 questions and answers listed in this book is of course, no mere coincidence. The total of the digits in 108 is 9. Nine, in turn is the only number which reproduces itself as the sum of the digits when multiplied by any integer number. For example: 3x9=27 and 2+7=9. Or: 4x9=39 and 3+6=9, and so forth. Therefore, 9 is seen as the number of completion. As the product of 9x12, 108 is regarded as a particularly auspicious presence of Universal life Force Energy.

For further information, in appendix, I have included an essay on the full body treatment, Its effect on the endocrine system, the systems connection to immune system, and its role in healing because this is where Mrs. Takata focused her attention in her own treatments, besides treating the major organs of the body.

In most other books on Reiki, references to the endocrine system remain scanty. Instead, their focus is on more esoteric and etheric levels of organization. For this basic presentation of the principles of hands on and distant healing with Universal Life Force Energy, I have refrained from getting too esoteric. In this instance, it did indeed seem counterproductive.

In a second essay, I have discussed at length the reason why Reiki may prove particularly helpful in this day and age, as each individual's very own personal declaration of independence from drugs and unnecessary outside interventions.

Through the actual practice of Reiki, all of the answers you will ever need will come to you as if by osmosis. It is important to remember that all "in"-formation comes from the outside and is ultimately mind-stuff. Therefore, it is essential not to get stuck in or attached to any of the answers contained in the text. It is better to let the answers instead act as an inspiration to help you create your own response-to help you get in touch with your own inner knowing.

Practicing Reiki supports you in tapping your own feelings. All of your answers lie within the superior intelligence of your heart. Thus, the ability to feel, which Reiki promotes due to its very essence as heart energy, will help you to find your own answers. For those who need support in letting go of resistance to feelings, this book may provide insight to assist you further along the path.

Ultimately, the proof in the pudding regarding Reiki is in the practice. I wish you much comfort, ease and joy in your work with Reiki, Share it with yourself and others as often as possible, because the more you call on Universal Life Force Energy the quicker it will respond.

About the Author

Paula Horan is a psychologist, Reiki Master, author and seminar leader whose warmth and inspirational teaching help motivate her student to manifest the richness inherent in the lives.

Paula has appeared on Radio and T.V. shows in the U.S. Europe and India. Her first book, Empowerment Through Reiki has been translated into fourteen languages. It was followed by Abundance Through Reiki and Care Empowerment.

Acknowledgements xiv
Preface xv
Basic Reiki
1.What is Reiki? 1
2.Where does Reiki come from? 2
3.How does Reiki heal ? 3
4.Who is Dr. Mikao Usui? 5
5.How is Reiki different from other healing method? 6
6.Is there more than one form of authentic Reiki? 7
7.What are attunements? 9
8.How can I tell if I have chosen a suitable Reiki master? 11
9.Is there such a thing as a grand master in Reiki? 12
10.How is Reiki taught? 14
11.How many Degrees of Reiki are there? 16
12.Why are there Degrees? 17
13.Why is there a fee for Reiki? 19
First Degree Basics
14.What is First Degree Reiki? 21
15.How many attunements are there? 22
16.How long does it take to learn Reiki? 24
17.How often should I practice? 24
18.What are the basics taught in a First Degree Class? 25
19.What is the structure of a First Degree Class? 26
20.What are the hand positions and how can I treat specific illnesses? 27
21.How do I know when to change positions? 29
22.How long does it take to do a full body treatment? 30
23.Is it OK to just treat the area which really needs it? 31
24.Can I take on the other person's negativity when I treat them with Reiki? 32
25.What do I have to do to make sure that Reiki flows? 34
26.What should I think about when I give a treatment? 34
27.Can I hurt someone with Reiki? 36
28.Can I give too much Reiki? 37
29.How long should I leave my hands on each position? 37
30.Why is it that someone occasionally may feel worse rather than better after a treatment, or even jittery or nervous during a treatment? 38
31.Should I pray or do a mantra or some ritual before beginning a treatment? 39
32.What should I focus on when treating myself or others? 40
33.If Reiki is mainly for self treatment, why do you ask beginning students to do so many treatments on others for the first twenty-one days? 41
34.What is the twenty-one day cleanse process? 42
35.What are some of the reactions to the attunements? 43
36.Why do you ask us to keep a journal for the first twenty-one days after receiving the attunements? 44
37.Why do you recommend writing down our dreams during the twenty-one day cleanse process? 45
. 38.Is Reiki only for sick people? 46
The Five Principles
39.What are the five principles and where do they originate? 48
40.The first principle is: "just for today, I will be in the attitude of gratitude". What does it means? How can the attitude of gratitude affect my life? 49
41.The second principle is: "Just for today I will not worry". How can I keep from worrying? How will freedom from worry affect my life? 50
42.The third principle is: "Just for today I will not anger". Does this mean I should suppress my feelings? How do I avoid getting angry? 51
43.The fourth principle is: "In your daily work be honest (true) to yourself". How are we supposed to understand this? 52
44.The fifth Principle is: "Just for today I will be kind and respectful to all of creation". What does this mean? What are the ramifications? 53
45.How can I best use the five Reiki Principles? 55
All About Healing With Reiki
46.Is Reiki more than a healing method? 56
47.How does Reiki affect the body/mind? 57
48.How does Reiki affect chronic problems? 57
49.How does Reiki affect acute problems? 58
50.Do I have to remove my jewelry or clothes to either give or receive a treatment? 59
51.Is it OK to cross my legs, or for a person receiving a Reiki treatment from me to cross their legs? 60
52.How long does it take to heal various diseases, and can I guarantee results? 61
53.What is the optimal number of treatments to give another? 62
54.How long should I treat someone? 63
55.Why should I charge for treatments or ask for an exchange of energy? 64
56.What kid of exchange of energy should I expect for sharing Reiki treatments? 66
57.What should I do if I don't feel differences in different hand position on the body? 66
58.How can I develop empathy so that I can sense more what another needs? 67
59.How can I protect myself against taking o another's pain? 69
60.Can I treat someone who is dying? 70
61.Can Reiki be used with other healing methods? 71
62.Will Reiki go through casts, metal and other hard objects? 71
63.Can I give Reiki to my car, computer, toaster or other inanimate object? 72
64.Can I do distance Reiki at First Degree level? 73
65.How can I use Reiki to remove energy blocks from the body? 73
66.Why are so many people attracted to Reiki today? 75
67.What is the best time to do Reiki? 76
68.What will happen to me after practicing Reiki for a while? 77
69.What do I do if my life takes a bad turn after things have been going well for a long time? 78
70.Should I use crystals with Reiki? 79
71.How can I use crystals with Reiki? 80
72.Is Chakra balancing a part of Reiki, and if so, how do I do it? 81
73.Can Reiki protect me from negative energy? 82
74.How can I center myself with Reiki? 84
75.Can I do Reiki if I am already doing other spiritual practices or forms of meditation? 85
76.Can I mix Reiki with other forms of spiritual practice? 86
77.How does Reiki affect meditation? 86
78.Can I mix Reiki with other forms of therapy? 87
79.Will Reiki have an effect on the use of allopathic drugs? 87
79.Will Reiki have an effect on the use of allopathic drugs? 87
80.Can I continue drug treatments while receiving Reiki? 88
81.Do I need to change my diet when I do Reiki? 88
82.Can I get rid of addictive habits like smoking or drinking with Reiki? 90
83.Will Reiki cure overeating and help me lose weight? 91
84.Are group treatments helpful? 92
85.Can I treat plants and animals with Reiki? 92
86.Can I treat my food with Reiki? 93
87.How does Reiki release old blocks and emotional or mental patterns? 93
Second Degree Basics
88.What is Second Degree? 95
89.How much or how long should I practice Reiki before taking Second Degree? 96
90.How many attunements are there in Second Degree? 97
91.How many symbols are taught? 97
92.How long is a Second Degree class? 98
93.How does Second Degree Reiki differ from first Degree Reiki? 99
94.What happens in the twenty one day cleanse process after Second Degree? 100
95How can I benefit most from Second Degree? 101
96.How can I use Second Degree on myself? 102
97.What is the real secret of Second Degree? 103
98.How can I use Second Degree to do distant treatments on others? 104
99.Why are the symbols and the descriptions of the attunements not to be published in a book? Are they secret? 105
100.Does Second Degree amplify my power? 108
Third Degree Basics
101.What is Third Degree? 109
102.Do I need Third Degree to increase my power? 110
103.What should be my motivation for Third Degree? 110
104.How long should I practice Reiki before considering Third Degree? 112
105.Is there such a thing as separate 3A and 3B master levels, or a special training for grand masters? 113
106.Can Third Degree be taught like a seminar or class? 115
106.What are the requirements and preparation for Third Degree? 115
108.How is Third Degree taught? 117
A.The full body treatment and its effect on the endocrine system 119
B.Why Reiki? 128
C.The Reiki declaration of independence 134
D.Suggested Reading 138
E.Paula's Reiki Lineage 142
F.About the Author 143
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