Reiki and the Healing Buddha

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Author: Maureen J. Kelly
Publisher: A Full Circle Book
Edition: 2001
ISBN: 8176210323
Pages: 206
Cover: Paperback
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The origins of Reiki go back to the Buddhist tradition in the distant pat. One of the forms of Buddha revered in Tibet and China was the "Healing Buddha". Esoteric meanings are associated with the Reiki symbols and principles. These meanings originate in the Buddhist concepts of healing.

While Dr. Usui rediscovered Reiki by studying Buddhist sutras, much of the hidden, esoteric sense has been overlooked in the subsequent teaching of Reiki to Christian practitioner in the West.

The underlying symbology and esoteric sense provide new deeper understanding to the action and principles of Reiki and can enhance the practice, regardless of your own particular religious or philosophical background.

Reiki and the Healing Buddha reconnects Reiki with its Buddhsit antecedents and provides both the experienced practitioner and the interested lay person with insights and view points on Reiki.

"An important, well written book, providing an essential contribution toward the discovery of the path of Reiki founded by Dr. Mikao Usui."Walter Lubeck, Reiki Master

Maureen Kelly is a Reiki Master residing in New Zealand. She was the editor and publisher of "Reiki News", a newsletter for Reiki practitioners in New Zealand. She has been delving deeply into the Reiki history and background in her pursuit to gain a deeper understanding of where Reiki originated. This book is the result of her intensive research into the history and background of Reiki.


A well-known American Reiki Master once told me that she had "gone past Reiki". Reiki, as it is presently taught, lacks the depth and complexity that the human mind likes. After several years at master level a Reiki practitioner can feel as though they have come to a dead end. When this happens it becomes necessary to reach back into the rich and intricate heritage from which Reiki has come for greater depth and understanding.

As I progressed through the Reiki degrees I found myself searching for more. The feeling of "Is this all?" would not go away. It led me to take several Second Degree Advanced classes with Reiki Master Randall Hayward, who had been researching Reiki for several years, and Margaret Underwood who had done her Reiki Master training with Randall. During one class a desire was triggered within me to do my own research into the Reiki symbols. Although my search began with the Reiki symbols, it eventually widened to encompass the whole Reiki system leading me to a new understanding of the Reiki story and to Reiki's relationship to Buddhism and in particular to the Healing Buddha.

The journey has been one of discovery of both myself and of Reiki. The more I have learned about Reiki the more amazed I have been about Reiki and the more I have come to love and appreciate this wondrous energy that we all Reiki. Fir me it has become more understandable which remaining one of the great mysteries of our times.

The sacredness of the Reiki symbols has, I believe, never really been undertood nor truly acknowledged within Reiki.

This book is my attempt to explain why these symbols are sacred as well as point out the symbolism of the Reiki story, and to bring to Reiki practitioners a deeper understanding of both. The Reiki symbols have appeared in other books with, I believe, inadequate or incorrect information about them. Unfortunately those books, as the only published records of the Reiki symbols, have become written authorities on the symbols. This book is also my attempt to "set the records straight" concerning Reiki and its symbols. Because of the numbers of Reiki and its symbols. Because of the numbers of Reiki practitioners and masters in the world today the only way to reach the majority is by the written word rather than the traditional oral communication which is the normal practice of Reiki.

This book has been primarily written for those who have already attended Reiki classes and had the energy we know as Reiki activated within them. The reader cannot and will not become a Reiki practitioner or master simply by reading this book. By far the most important element of the Reiki system is the initiation ritual which is performed by the Reiki Master during a Reiki class. This ritual activates the chakras and attunes students life force to the creative healing power of the universe so that they can channel the Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki) through their hands easily, whenever they place their hands on themselves or someone else. To my knowledge the Reiki initiation is unique. It may be similar to the initiation Jesus Christ gave his disciples so they could heal with their hands as He did, which is now lost to Christianity. It nearest counterpart today is the "empowerments" or consecrations administered by Buddhist monks.

It is my hope that this book will also help those who translte the sacred and spiritual writings of Asia to take seriously much things as symbols, initiations, life force and healing energies for it is my experience that they are not just words. For me Reiki is evidence that symbols, initiations and life force energy are dynamic and effective.

My respect for Mikao Usui, who rediscovered the method of healing known as Reiki, has increased enormously. How did he find his way through the sutras, decipher their meanings and become initiated to the energy itself? I found it a slow, painstaking struggle to wade through the Buddhist writings, and I knew about Reiki before I started, he didn't. The other thing which amazes me about Mikao Usui is that he took Reiki out of Buddhism and made it available to everyone.

1.What is Reiki?5
2.Symbols of Buddhism11
3.The Healing Buddha Pantheon23
4.The Twelve Hand Positions51
5.The Five Buddhas59
6.Introduction to the Reiki Symbols69
8.The Goddess95
9.Distance Healing111
10.The Spiritual Lineage Bearer125
11.Reiki Initiations137
12.The Reiki story-Its Esoteric Meanings147
13.The Healing Buddha Mandala and Reiki175
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