The Role of Animals and Birds In The Hindu Mythology

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Author: Kolar Krishna Iyer
Publisher: Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams, Tirupati
Language: English
Edition: 2016
Pages: 207
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Book Description

Bird and Animal characters, from an ant to an elephant are found in many episodes in our Puranas, Epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha and Bhagavatha and Jataka tales. They also play a very important roles. It is a deer that enabled RAvanasura, the king of Lankapuri to abduct Sita Devi. Monkeys enabled Sri Rama to go to Lankapuri, kill Ravanasura and get back Sita Devi. It is the bird-kite Sampati that told Hanuman and others the whereabouts of Sita Devi. In Bhagavatha many demons came disguished as animals; Vatsasura as a Calf, Aghasura as a huge serpent, Dhenukasura as an Ass, Kesi as a Horse and Arista as a bull to kill Krikshna at the behest of the demon king Kamsa. Lord Sri Vishnu, in out of the ten Avataras he took, he took the form of a fish (Mastyavatar), Tortoise (Koormavatas) boar (Varahavatar) and Lion (Narasimhavatar). The Vahanas of the Gods are all animals and birds. In Padma Purana the benefits of reciting each Chapter of Bhagavad Gita are narrated in the shape of episode. Birds and animals make their appearance very prominently in each episode. In Bhagavad Gita also Lord Sri Krishna mentions animals and birds as follows:

“Know Me as Ucchswava (Name of Royal Horse) among horses, among the elephants the Iravata, among cows I am the “wish fulfilling cow called Kamadhenu. Among serpents, I am Vasuki, Among beaste I am Lion and Vainateya (Garuda) among birds. Among fishes I am the Shark” (verses 27 to 31 Chapter-X of Gita).

“Sages look with an equal eye on a Brahamana endowed with learning and humility, on a cow, an on elephant and even on a dog and an outcaste (Verse.18, Chapter V of Gita).

Jataka tales deal with the life of Goutama Buddha during some incarnations and in one of his previous births (life) as a Bodhisatta. In most of these tales, the characters are exclusively animals and birds. This shows the importance given to the animals and birds by Gautama Buddha also. Fifteen of these tales are included in this book.

There are several others involving about forty animals and birds.

I have made an attempt to cull out more than one hundred such episodes from our Puranas, Epics Ramayana and Mahabharatha, Bhagavatha Bhagavad Gita and the Jataka tales and presented them to the readers, young and old, in the following pages. Each episode forms a full-fledged story by itself.

The main object in this my humble effort is to highlight the fact that in God’s creation the animals and birds have as an important place as human beings.




  Preface (v) and (vi)
1 Animals and Birds in our Puransa and Epics 1
2 Conveyances of Gods 1
3 Garuthmantha (Eagle) 2
4 Mooshikasura Demon (Rat) 6
5 Nandi (Bull) 9
6 Animals in Astrology 9
7 Name of Animals and Birds given to Puranas 9
8 Name of Upanishad (Frog) 10
9 Four Animal Avatarars 10
10 Mastyaavatar (Fish) 11
11 Ksheerasagaramathanam (Koormavatara, Tortoise) 13
12 Varahavatar 14
13 Narasimhavatara (Prahalada) (Lion) 16
14 Sage Kasyapa's Curse (Cow) 17
15 Birth of Sri Lord Krishna (Cow) 18
16 Salvation of Gajendra (Elephant and Crocodile) 19
17 Syamanthakamani (Beer) 20
18 Vatsasura and Bakasura (Calf and Duck) 23
19 Agahasura (Serpent) 25
20 Dhenukasura (Ass) 27
21 Kaliya (Serpent) 29
22 Vidyadhara (Serpent) 36
23 Vrushabhasura (Bull) 38
24 Kesi (Horse) 39
25 Bheemasena in Nagaloka (Serpent) 39
26 Pandava's last Journey (Dog) 40
27 Karna and the curse (Beetle) 41
28 Matsya Grandhi and Vedavyasa (Fish and Hawk) 42
29 Vidura (Birds and Dragon Flies) 44
30 Curse on Panduraja (Deer) 46
31 Aswathma's Revenge (Owl and Crows) 47
32 Astavasavoos (Cow) 48
33 Real Sacrifice (Mangoosa) 49
34 Nahusha (Python) 54
35 Viswamithra Maharishi (Cow) 59
36 Jarathkara (Serpent) 65
37 Elephant Supreethikam (Elephant) 70
38 Pasupathastram to Arjuna (Bear) 72
39 Sagar Chakravarti (Horse) 74
40 Shakuntala (Fish) 74
41 Ekalavya (Dog) 76
42 Yudhistira and Yakshadevata Quiz (Deer) 78
43 Vali, Sugreea, Hanuman and Sampati (Monkeys and Kite) 83
44 Hanuman 86
45 Jatayuvu (Bird) 87
46 Service to God (Squirrel) 87
47 Naleejung (Pigeon) 88
48 Abducton of Sita Devi (Deer) 88
49 Susarma (Bull and Parrot) 90
50 Mitravanam (Tiger, Sheep and Monkey) 91
51 Sage Raikvu (Swans) 92
52 Sankukarna (Serpent) 93
53 Madhava (Goat) 94
54 Dheeravarma (Swan) 95
55 Somya Varma (Hunting Dog and Hare) 96
56 Sri Kalahasti eeswara 97
57 Sri Kalahasti (Serpent and Elephant) 98
58 (Eagle and Parrot) Pingali 101
59 Kromcha Birds Valmiki Maharishi 102
60 (Spider, Sepent and Elephant) Sri Kalahasteeswara 103
61 (Boar) Bedara Kannappa 104
62 Sibi Chakravarti (Hawk and Doe) 105
63 Rishyasringa (Antelope) 107
64 All are Mother's Forms (Cat) 112
65 Lord Sri Vishnu gives food (Ant) 113
66 Ekaveera (Horse) 115
67 Naladamayanti 119
68 Nagabhooshana (Serpent) 127
69 Bramarambha of Srisailam (Bee) 128
70 Jadabharatha (Deer) 129
71 Hayagreeva the demon (Horse) 130
72 Rantideva (Dog) 132
73 King Nrugu (Chameleon) 132
74 Adi Sankara (Crocodile) 134
75 Sri Ramana Maharishi Ashram (Birds and Animals) 136
76 Manickyavachakar (Jackals and Horses) 141
77 Sibi Kumar (Cow and Calf) 143
78 Sage Gauthama (Crow and Cow) 144
79 Satyavratha (Porcupine) 151
80 Pururavu (Goats) 154
81 River Dakshina Ganga (Godavari) (Cow) 157
82 Mahendra becomes Bull-Vahanam 158
83 Demon Mahishasura (Buffalo and Crocodile) 159
84 Dharmavyadu (Crane) 161
85 Mouse Siri (Mouse) 163
86 Mandapala (Spotted Birds) 167
87 Seshachalam Hills 169
88 Wedding of Lord Venkateswara with Padmavathi 170
89 Ego and Pride of Trinity Gods 173
90 Monkeys Heroic deed 174
91 The Cold half of the month 177
92 The Monkeys and Ogre 178
93 The Discontented Ox 180
94 The stupid Monkeys 180
95 The Crocodile and the Monkeys 182
96 The Ass in the Lion's skin 183
97 The Woodpecker, Tortoise and Antelope 184
98 the Otters and the Jackal 186
99 The Hawks and their three friends 187
100 the Grateful Animals 189
101 The Peacock Wooing 193
102 A Noble Creature, Deer 194
103 The Priest's Revenge 195
104 The Oldest of the three 196
105 (Monkeys) The compassionate Monkey and the Ungrateful Man 197

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