Sai Baba and Me (Together Through Lifetimes)

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Book Description
About the Book

The journey described in Sai Baba and Me is an ideal example of what a Master does for a soul's existence here in this world, as well as in the spirit world. It is about the Master and his disciple travelling together, through the existence of the soul across several lifetimes.

This is the beginning and it will continue as life continues, even after one leaves the body. It will give the reader glimpses of why this life is being lived, and what will happen after the soul leaves this body.

Then the soul will plan and decide how, when, where, and in which body it will choose to be born again. And thus continue its onward journey in the spirit world.

It will keep journeying until it reaches its desired goal - being in close proximity to its Creator. For the soul, that will be its ultimate liberation.

About The Author

Being a channel of Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi - My Master -has helped me have the wisdom and access to information and facts otherwise unavailable through the normal senses. All this information comes through the spiritual practice of channeling. The reader would do well to accept certain basic truths of this life, to simplify them, and to move ahead on the spiritual path.

The story is mine and the facts as stated are mine. To believe them or not is at the sole discretion of the readers. The aim is to appeal to the faith and trust in the hearts of the readers. Otherwise it can be read as an interesting story of faith and love, and of a Master's relationship with His disciple.

I wish to be a messenger of faith and love and that's why the facts as revealed to me are documented here. If one's heart is awakened to its true calling and purpose of life by the love expressed here, this book will have served its purpose well.

With all my heart in His service and surrender to His will.


This is a new day. Each day as it presents itself is completely new, if we could only realise its novelty. New moments, new words, new realisations, new encounters, and new breath. Breath, the essence of life and all that is alive. A creature's essence, this breath is the gift that does not cease to exist, but creates different forms and spaces to continue life's essence; this breath where my Master resides. Aeons pass, but the breath always holds what it needs the most, the present moment in which it works. This present, this moment - the Now is the only aspect of time that exists. This is where all the secrets lie. All abundance, all life, are in this now.

Many years ago when I first started writing with my beloved guide Karl*, he wrote, `Renu, don't forget, you are always in the now, anything except the now is just a fantasy about the future or regret about the past. Now is where the breath is, now is where life exists.'

Precious words, but their meaning is as eternal as the words are simple. Now is where we live, breathe, think. The now is our life, but how many of us realize the eloquence of the now, of being and residing with the breath of the now instead of thinking of the past or the future? The past does not exist, the future is uncertain. Very few know and realise the power of the now. Dogs live and die, they wander seeking nothing, being in the now, they eat when food is available, bark when they feel threatened, and sleep when nothing else is happening. This is being in the now, not the barking and sleeping, but doing what is required in the now and not thinking about the rest. Fools also live in the best way, they are unaware of their foolishness, they breathe and live as if they know everything. At least they are not harassed by the mental anxieties suffered by the intellectual lot.

A great leader once said, 'I will not wither but weather.' All he was trying to say was 'hold onto the present moment - not wither, but weather the present.' The past is irrelevant and future inconsequential.

No moment is the same as the last one. One moment lost is life not lived in continuity. Time lost, is time surrendered to the past. Large spaces in the mind take up thoughts of the past and the future. Let's say if a person died at 70 but was in the present, actually living in the present, where the actual living is, for moments that added up to only 30 years of life. Did he die old or young?

On the other hand, take someone who died at the young age of 40 but was in the moment, in the present, all his life. So, who dies young? The one who lived till 70, or the one who lived till 40? Life is a contrast, but do we get this contrast while we are actually living it?

The present is ignored and that's why it's not lived. How much of this life, which we hold so dear, do we actually live? When we say, he died young, how young do actually the so-called old die, if they have not been in the present but have lived only bits and parts of the moments that life is found in?

Theories and philosophies will follow, but how many of us actually stop to imbibe their real meaning and apply them in our daily lives? Thunderstorms come and go; earthquakes shake us up and go. We live on. But where are we actually going, what is the journey and what is the destination? How many are aware that it is a journey that will end, but with a new one waiting to be embarked upon?

Many questions go unanswered in the normal course of life, but how many of us wake up to search for the answers to these questions? Time spent in making a living has taken away the meaning of living. There is no breadth or depth to this life that we live, but fail to understand. Man is on a different mission of making a life, but forgetting to live the life that he already has. Wonder of wonders, an old man dies, the body withers and he becomes a non-entity, his photograph hangs on the wall, but no one bothers to pray for his soul. This too, is life, once gone, forgotten to the world. Dead not just in body, but non-existent in thoughts and memories too.

The breath and the moment are thus intertwined. If you are with the breath, you are in the moment. If you are in the moment, you are with the breath. Noticing the breath, its coming and going, gives you awareness of many worlds. There can be no awareness if you are not with the breath. Very few know how to meditate on the breath in the correct way, but those who do, know what lies beyond this world. There are worlds beyond this one, and they are subtler. To connect with these worlds, subtler energies and other realities, the aura and the consciousness should be as light and subtle as these energies. Awareness and the breath help bring our consciousness closer to the ultimate reality. Our reality is far wider and deeper than this minuscule journey we undertake on Earth to fulfill purposes best fulfilled here. The known is realised from the perception of our senses but the unknown, that is not accessible to our limited senses, does exist. It's only when we know that we are much bigger than this life itself, that we will understand the essence of living. Knowledge is light. Knowledge is awareness. Knowledge is strength. They, who know the existence of these realities, are more aware and therefore more alive. When we see our own reality, we forget that there are other realities existing side by side. These cannot be seen, but can be known only if we come out of the prisons of our own minds.

This journey is a promising one from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge, but the destination can be known only if there is faith. What is interesting is the journey itself.

My life's journey, that's what this book is about; the journey from one lifetime to another, and another, and finally to this one. The knowledge available to me has been a blessing and I am inspired to share it. There are instances here which might not be accepted by the rational mind, but then if life were completely rational, we would have lived in a very closed world of boundaries where only logic and rational results would have been experienced. When we know of a result beforehand, as logic has helped us deduce it, we will naturally be less active, and will not need to take any action to achieve it. All this is a scientific explanation for the mind. However, the reader's soul and the heart, if in the right place, will not refute these instances which come from my personal experience.

My world, my life, and my soul, which are synonymous with my Masters' have been privy to this knowledge which flows along with Their grace. Many will not understand, a few will try to grasp it, and the rest will have that beautiful gift intended for the reader. Locks and chains cannot bind the mind, it soars free in the freedom it is given.

The direction in which this book moves is backwards, as it is a journey which started many lifetimes ago. It may not go back to the very beginning of my existence, but it provides an important link to the present life that I am leading.

The lifetime where this journey begins is in an era of great unrest in the part of the world in which I am living. I am a little boy of 11 years, roaming the streets of a country in the middle of a war. I am trying to understand where all this is leading, what my role is and what will happen to my family. My family consists of my sister and my parents.

There is change coming to my country and into my life. I am struggling to know the roots of my existence. Despite the future being uncertain, I am more concerned about the reasons for my existence.

This is a story of a little boy, me, in a past lifetime recounted here by the grace of my Master. The reasons will be evident as it progresses.

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