Sat-Darshana Bhashya and Talks with Maharshi

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Author: Kapali Sastriar
Publisher: Sri Ramanasramam, Tamil Nadu
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Edition: 2021
ISBN: 9788188018697
Pages: 188
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About The Book

Sat-Darshana is Vasishta Ganapati Muni’s inspired Sanskrit Translation of Sri Ramana’s Ulladu Narpadu(Forty Verses on Reality).

Kapali Sastriar, a close disciple of the Muni and scholar-sadhaka of the highest order, has elucidated with clarity and profundity the meaning of these verses in his Sanskrit Bhashya (commentary).

In this book Kapali has complied not only his English translation of Sat-Darshana and his Bhashya, but also his recorded conversations with Sri Ramana. These “Talks” cover the full range of the Maharshi’s teaching and prepare the ground for cultivating a deep insight into Sri Ramana Maharshi’s seminal teachings in the form of forty verses.



The Talks with Sri Maharshi are mainly selected from conversations that D has had with him since 1912. Some of these were later incorporated into the Ramana Gita and one or two booklets. These talks are given with a view to introduce the general reader to the main work, the philosophy of Sat-Darshan. The conversations with Sri Ramana Maharshi have been generally in Tamil, intermixed with a few English and Sanskrit words. We do not say ‘you’ in talking to him, nor does he refer to himself as ‘I’. They are used here for he purpose of the English version. The name of D is not mentioned as it is considered unnecessary for the purpose of the subject.

The translation of the Sat-Darshana slokas is in free verse. The English rendering of the Bhoomika (introduction) as well as the Bhashya (commentary in Sanskrit) is faithful to he spirit of the original. But in some places it is interpretative and amplified in order to make the English appear not a translation but a work readable without reference to the Sanskrit original. The English translation of the commentary on the 44th, the last verse, is not given as the one important subject dealt with therein, namely, the higher value of the revealed word or scripture is to be found substantially in the closing pages of the Bhoomika.

The rules of transliteration of Sanskrit words, in Roman, script had to be overlooked because of printing inconvenience: but wherever a Sanskrit word occurs it is preceded by its English equivalent.

In the closing part of the book is printed the original Tamil Ulladu Narpadu of Sri Maharshi, of which sat-Darshan is the Sanskrit version, in order to be of use to the Tamil knowing reader.




  'The Talks'  
1 Initial doubts 3
2 Rejection of thoughts 4
3 Vichara and the Grace 5
4 The Sad-Guru 5
5 The Self within waits for you 7
6 Vichara, not intellectual 9
7 Jnana Siddhi, no inactivity 9
8 Samadhi, Nirvikalpa and Sahaja - Trance and natural 11
9 Is Brahman beyond? 12
10 Retiring abode in the body 12
11 What is my self now? 15
12 The secret locus of the Self 16
13 Realisation and bodily experience 19
14 The Mukta and the Siddhis 22
15 Hand your burden to the Lord to hold 24
16 The Ashramas and the social rule 27
17 Society and the goal of mankind 28
18 The equality of the Jnanin 29
19 Shakti and Shakta : the Eternal Power and the Immutable Presence 30
I Of Non-duality (Advaita) 33
II Of Creation (Sarga) 41
III Of Bondage, etc.( Bandhadi) 46
IV The 'I' - sense (Aham Padartha) 52
V Of Release (Moksha) 56
VI Of Sadhana and Siddhi (Disciplind Achievement) 59
VII The Grace (Anugraha) 68
VIII Sat-Darshan : (How the work was given to the world) 70
  The Great Soul 71
  Note - on the individual soul 73
1 God Impersonal, subject of self-absorption 77
2 God-Personal, Sole Refuge for self-offering 84
3 The supreme Truth as God, world and soul 89
4 Religion begins with the triple; Truth transcends it 91
5 The Exalted state beyond intellectual discussions 92
6 Infinite Self - The One limitless Eye 94
7 Bodily self apprehends world of name and form 97
8 The world - the mind 98
9 Existence Real, the source of world and mind 100
10 Truth-perception described 104
11 Duality's and trinities: their source 106
12 Knowledge and ignorance, relaive : True Knowledge, their source Absolute 108
13 The support of the trinity -knower, knowledge and known 109
14 True knowledge luminious, no void 110
15 The One Self, Consciousness; manifold its form 112
16 The unborn self and the notions He, Thou and 'I' 113
17 Time-spirit, the Eternal Present 114
18 The Self: Space and Time 116
19 The ignorant and the wise - difference in bodily consciousness 118
20 The ignorant and the wise - the world Phenomenal and the world Real 120
21 Fate and Free-will 121
22 The Supreme poise of the Self - real seeing 123
23 See thy Self: See the Lord 125
24 See the Lord, turn within 127
25 The 'I' rising, rises All 128
26 The ego, neither Spirit nor Matter 129
27 The ego, its character 131
28 Conquest of the ego, condition for all-conquest 133
29 No ego in the Real state 134
30 Deep dive for the Self 135
31 Calm mind, the real quest for the Self 137
32 The Jivan-mukta one with the Supreme 138
33 The ways of jivan-mukta inscrutable 140
34 Long discussion, weakness of thought 141
35 The Self, ever the seer 142
36 The Maya's play 144
37 Attainment of the Real, the supreme achievement, Siddhi 145
38 The meditation 'I am He' some help 147
39 The truth is One, non-dual, known or not 148
40 Release from the triple karma 150
41 Bondage and liberation relate to ego, not to the supreme Self 151
42 Discussion on post-release states, no means; Loss of ego, Release Real 153
43 and 44 Concluding stanzas of the Sanskrit version of Sat-Darshan 155
  Ulladu Narpadu (Forty Verses on Reality) 157
  Forty Verses in Praise of Sri Ramana 165

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