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Author: K. N. Saraswathy and B. Ardhanareeswaran
Publisher: Kadalangudi Publications, Madras
Language: English
Edition: 2000
Pages: 90
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business

Man is but a microcosm in the universe that is the macrocosm.

All heavenly bodies have not only their mutual relations but also are blended with existence. Ancient Hindu scientists—rishis/seers and sages—had propounded that human beings perpetually radiate electricity and that these beings have suukshma-Sareeram/invisible energy or electromagnetic field, and that the nature of radiation changes according to the planetary transits. Man in his life and the planets in their orbits are "parts of one Infinite happening where all is linked together by one breathing principle". (British scientist Dr. Tomaschek)

"According to the movement of planets, certain effects are produced that primarily affect the events of our lives. One can change the planetary influence through saadhanaa or spiritual practice". (Swaami Muktaananda)

The karma of a being at birth is fixed from his previous one; so the great clockwork of the skies shows unerringly to the sage the karma or the present 'fate' of the being. Every event of universal importance is precogitated and preconcerted in the sidereal regions of our planetary system. Blavatsky affirms that this mystic and intimate connection between the heavenly bodies and mankind is one of the great secrets of initiation and occult mysteries.

Great gurus—in particular, our Guru Revered Pandit Kadalangudi Natesa Sastri—had observed, and facilitated his clients too to observe that the worship of the Sun (suurya), the Moon (candra), Mars (kuja), ,Mercury (Budha), Jupiter (Brishaspati), Venus (Sukra), Saturn (Sani), Raahu and Ketu along with their devataas and prati-devataas is efficacious and does ward off the evil effects indicated by the planets situation/disposition/ association/conjunction/aspects on the devotee.

The puujaa does appease the cosmic forces, and does confer mental peace and clarity to view the confused situation/conflict in its totality besides the will to face the situation so that s/he need not succumb to the so called fate but exercise his/her freewill. Having a full or near-full comprehension of the situation/mishap enables the devotee to have the 'sting' of the mishap removed or reduced as it were; so it cannot hurt as it would or as much as it would otherwise.

The present set of Kadalangudi Centenary Series of books from No. 25 to No.33 presents in roman and deva-naagari scripts the mantras, kavacam, gaayatree, and arcanaas for aaraadhanaa/ propitiation and homage. Each book sets forth the 'case' lucidly, cogently and succinctly. A bonus is the interesting lore, myths and legends relating to the concerned 'planet'. We are sure that the set will fulfill the needs of the devotees. We will gratefully receive suggestions for improvement of these books.

We will be failing in our duty if we do not acknowledge the encouragement given to us by the Kadalangudi Astrological-Indological Research Centre (Regd. non-profit Trust) which conducts the Astrological correspondence courses in Tamil/English.

We are highly appreciative of the expeditious and efficient service done by the enthusiastic publisher Mr. M. A. Jaishankar, who is also the proprietor of M/s Jaishankar Publications (Madras-17, India), grandson of Aachaarya Kadalangudi and son of the authors.

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