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Author: Dr. Indrani Kar
Publisher: Sanskrit Pustak Bhandar
Language: English
Edition: 2005
Pages: 549
Cover: Hardcover
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

Preamble: On Sayana1-10
1.Sayana: His Life History1
2.The Date of Sayana3
3.The works of Sayana3
4.The Vedic Commentaries of Sayana4
5.Chronology of his works6
6.Sayana as a Vedic interpreter7
Chapter One: Introduction11-34
1.Statement of the problem11
2.A Survey of earlier studies14
3.Indian methodology vis-a-vis Sayana16
4.Sayana's methodology as adopted in the Rgveda19
5.Some new ideas elicited from sayana's Commentary30
6.Sayana's commentary helpful for understanding the Vedic texts32
Chapter Two: Rsi, Chandah, Devata35-110
Chapter Three: Viniyoga (Ritual Application)111-280
1.Yajna and its nature.111
2.Classification of Sacrifices114
3.Description of the Sacrifices118
i)The Previous Night of Agnyadhana119
iii)Setting up of the Garhapatya121
iv)Setting up of the Ahavaniya121
v)Setting up of the Daksina121
vi)Conclusion of Agnyadhana121
vii)Agnyadhana mentioned by Sayana123
i-ii)Entering the agnisala etc.134
iii-v)Offering in all the fires134
vi)Drinking of remaining milk and throwing of wood stick134
vii)Agnihotra as mentioned by Sayana136
6.Darsa Purnamasa Isti139
i-ii)Previous Day of the Darsa Purnamasa140
iii-vi)Sacrificial Day141
ix)Pradhanayaga with Upamsuyaga142
xii-xiii)Havihsesabhaksana, Prastaradaha, Paridhidaha, Samsrava homa143
xvi-xvii)Visnukramaprakramana, Daksina.144
xviii)Darsa purnamasa as mentioned by Sayana144
7.Agrayana Sacrifice158
i-iv)Offering to the four deities of the sacrifice159
v)Sayana on Agrayana sacrifice159
8.Caturmasya Sacrifice162
i)Vaisvadeva Parvan163
ii)Varunapraghasa parvan163
iii)Sakamedha parvan163
iv)Sunasiriya parvan164
v)Caturmasya sacrifice as mentioned by Sayana165
9.Animal Sacrifice177
i-ii)Preparation of the Vedis, Agnipranayana178
iii)Preparation of the Yupa, Yupanjana179
iv)Upakarana, Pasuniyojana179
v)Samidheni karma179
vi)Prayaja and others179
vii-ix)Svistakrdyaga, Havihsesabhaksana180
x)Anuyaja, Upayaja181
xi-xiii)Patnisamyaja, Visnukramaprakramana, Daksina181
xiv)Animal Sacrifice as mentioned by Sayana181
10.Sautramani sacrifice196
i-iv)Three types of offering and sharing the remnants196
v)Sayana on Sautramani Sacrifice196
11.Some Sacrifice197
I.Ekaha (Jyotistoma)198
i-iv) Preparatory days204
  v) Sacrificial day206
a. Pratahsavana206
b. Madhyadinasavana209
c. Trtiyasavana210
IV.Sayana on the Jyotistoma Sacrifice217
V.Sayana on the Ahina Sacrifice242
VI.Sayana on the Sattra Sacrifice255
12.Sayana on the Grhya Sacrifices265
13.Sayana on Rgvidhana Problem273
Chapter Four: Grammar281-363
1.The method of Grammatical analysis of Sayana
 I - Phonology
1.Phonology rarely discussed285
2.Change of d>1286
4.Sandhi (Euphonic combination)
 II - Morphology
i)Formation of Verbs318
1. Present stem system329
2. Aorist stem System330
3. Perfect stem System332
ii)Aspect and Perfect332
iii)Interchange between tenses and moods348
Chapter Five: Vocabulary365-437
Chapter Six: Omission of certain texts and References to the fragments of the lost Brahmanas439-451
1.Omission of certain texts439
2.References to the fragments of the lost Brahmanas444
Chapter Seven: Conclusion452-456
Appendix 1: References to the Original Sanskrit Text457-504
Appendix II: Notes and References505-528
Appendix III: Bibliography529-546
Appendix IV: Abbreviations547-549

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