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Science of Natural Life: A complete and easy Book on Nature Cure Principles, Methods and Experiments on almost all the Diseases with Photographs

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Author: Dr. Rakesh Jindal
Publisher: Arogya Sewa Prakashan
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 8190138626
Pages: 384 (Illustrated throughout B/W)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 9.7" X 7.4"
Weight 870 gm
Fully insured
Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business


In the age of so-called modern science, as man becomes a slave of physical comforts and goes away from Nature, he is becoming a victim of new and dangerous diseases like cancer, AIDS etc. As ambitions have increased in his life, tension and worry have become part of his life. It is now common to see people suffering from high blood pressure, sleeplessness, heart trouble, diabetes etc. as competition increases at national and international level in business and commerce, people do not eat, sleep or remain awake at up. They neither get the affection of father, mother, brother or sister nor are they able to enjoy family life among their wives and children. To free himself from the pressure of his personal life, a man spends time in clubs and hotes, drinks and smokes and returns late at night. People are spoiling their health in polluted atmosphere brought about by modern life-styles.

Similarly if man violates the rules of Nature, he is punished by Nature and becomes sick.

The growing inflation and high prices, adulterated and unnatural food are responsible for destroying the health of people. But the most dangerous and harmful factor is the modern medical system in which poisonous and strong medicines and injections are given which give temporary relief but because of which diseases increase day by day.

When a person is caught in the vicious circle of modern no way to get out of this frightening problem, and when he has exhausted all his money and strength ion fighting his disease, he turns to God and Nature Cure. Ram Nam and Nature Cure are not only a system of curing diseases but they also form a simple way of living. The common man is again attracted by this system of treatment and sees a ray of hope in it. Keeping this in mind, it has been felt that there is a need for a book about Nature Cure treatment which gives guidance the main methods of Nature Cure treatment are given. Besides these, knowledge is also given about Yogasan, pranayam, food and daily life. Among Mahatma Gandhi's constructive works was "Be Your Own Doctor". It is hoped that this book would inspire the reader to realize this dream. The readers may take full advantage of the knowledge given in this book and not only protect their health but also of their families and friends.

I am glad that my Hindi book entitled "Prakritik Ayurvigyan" is now being published in English. It has been very popular all over the country.

I must thank Shri Suresh Gupta for the careful and intelligent adaptation of the Book and to Shri H.C. Pant for his active co-operation.

It is possible that there are some printing errors in a book of this nature and size. I request the readers to inform me about them so that they can be corrected in the next edition of this book.


Chapter 1 Introduction 17-41
Chapter 2 Philosophy of Nature Cure 52-54
Chapter 3 Ten Basic Principle of Nature Cure 55-61
Chapter 4 Nature Cure is Pure Ayurved 62-68
Chapter 5 The Means of Nature Cure- The Five Elements and Ram-Nam 69-71
Chapter 6 Treatment by Supreme Soul 72-76
Chapter 7 Treatment by Ether Element 77-96
Chapter 8 Treatment by Air Element 97-139
Chapter 9 Treatment by Sun Element 140-158
Chapter 10 Treatment by Water Element 159-175
Chapter 11 Treatment by Earth Element 177-182
Chapter 12 Treatment by Food 183-221
Chapter 13 What is Disease? 226-235
Chapter 14 Duties of Patient, Doctor and Nurse 236-241
Chapter 15 Diseases of Organs from Neck to Head 242-263
Chapter 16 Diseases of Digestive System 264-293
Chapter 17 Diseases of Blood, Heart and Lungs 294-311
Chapter 18 Diseases of the Nervous System 312-320
Chapter 19 Diseases of Male Genitals 321-324
Chapter 20 Skin Diseases 325-336
Chapter 21 Female Diseases 337-349
Chapter 22 Child Diseases 350-355
Chapter 23 Sudden afflictions 356-384

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