The Secret of Tapas (With CD Inside)

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Author: Amarkavi Ramachandra
Publisher: Hayagreeva Publication, Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9789380404097
Pages: 352
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

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This super book is an advanced version of my earlier title “Nija Ananda Bhodham”. This exposes my spiritual experiences at the peak of Tapas in a state beyond Thuriya where the Sadak becomes one with Divine in total wrap of omniscience intelligence. It is a super state of Tapas witnessed with mighty 18 Siddhas of yore in general and super souls like the great Agastiya, Nehrur Sadasiva Brahmam, and other like Veda Vyasa. I rank first in its series to reveal the cosmic truths of man vs. cosmic intelligence in the context of human presence on earth as autobiography highlighting and detailing various prerequisites for direct communion with God to terminate in record of cosmic truths dictated by the divine as with the Veda Vyasa. I am able to touch the plane of Saint Agastiya at will instantly for all my communion with the divine for revelations stored in the above said two titles. There are no citations or quotes in my books form any Upanishads or the great Bhagawat Gita although the origin and spirit of the contents are congruent with that of Vedas, Upanishads and Gita.

I was chosen by the divine for this mission of uplift the humanity by providing the missing-links in Indian philosophy and spiritual practice and theory. The whole contents of the 2 titles are never found in any Vedic or Upanishads text in the same order and context for the reason that my Sadhana and Siddhi rank with the great Veda Vyasa and saint Agastiya in its way and adopt thus serving to bridge the gap between the Vedic time and the current era. God has certified then and there in above texts that it will be presumptuous for anyone on earth to claim any mastery over these 2 titles even on his repeated knocks with this study since the substance furnished there are true, divine and above all unprecedented in its descend from above to any human after Veda Vyasa. As an ordent devotee of Mula Ganaathi I take pride in the humanity as a whole as willed by the divine.



Amarakavi 's revelation overreaches the logic of all the system of philosophy and all disciplines of yoga. The summits touched by it transcend the loft peaks of Vedanta and disclose regions beyond samadhi of yoga. It is not just a Sadhana but a consummation of all Sadhanas and as such, it would admit no limitation in its operation in any dimension in the temporal as the in the eternal.

In the light of such a revelation the magnificent task of man, which in essense is the consummation of himself with the divine as the divine, does not stop with any personal aim of self-realisation but in participation of a divinely ordered cosmic plan through ascent and descent into the infinite forms of the transcendental and the temporal.

When man "Becomes God" - to choose a simple mode of expression - he must share with God himself all the delights of the divine expression and manifestation, all the sublimities of reincarnation.

This would provide the keynote of a comprehensive grasp of Amarakavi's message whose stress is not merely theoretical or practical but fuses both.



"The Secret of Tapas" is the source-book of higher research in a field long forgotten by learned scholars and seekers after truth. It is a book of inspiration and is intended itself to inspire all research.

The tradition of India is essentially spiritual and hence it is rooted in first-hand experience of sages from times immemorial. All research into the various fields of tradition such as Yoga or Vedanta would directly or indirectly belong to the experiences and the revelations of the sages. No research in India's spiritual fields would be complete without an indepth study of the revelations of the sages.

This Super Title belongs to the category of source material calling for research. Its meaning could be comprehended gradually and steadily only by such research. Hence the need for a research centre.

The "Amarakavi Research Centre" is a necessary accompaniment of Amarakavi' s philosophy as set forth in his Nija Ananda Bhodham. Of course, by the very nature of it, the research must be much more than a merely academic pursuit. The full fruit of Nija Ananda Bhodham is the fruit of "Integral Yoga" practised and lived and not merely taught and discussed. I would add that it is not confined in its relevance to Indian alone, or to anyone country, but to the entire world, East or West, North or South.

It is ancient Hindu wisdom, revived today in Yoga Drishti, as one could fathom himself beyond sense perception. This book has gone into its concise editiion now, but in its integrated thoughts with the basic text as a whole. It is "practical Yoga" enunciated in its pages, where the attempt is to transform One's Nature in a deepening oneness with the divine - the infinite. It is only there, that spiritual knowledge is acquired in intuitive thought, through progressive self-transcendence as with sages of yore.

I commend this book for universal study as it promises a value that is probably the highest - in human progress on earth and in assured claim with all nationals of the world. Amarakavi is privileged into it today and even there, never "opens himself" for personal recognition. Amarakavi is a Siddha and "Illara Jnani".




Lord Sri Mula Ganapathi picture  
Amarakavi Ramachandra (Siddeswara) 1906-1993  
Introduction - 1  
Yoga of Self-consummation 6
The Secret of Tapas 7
Introduction by Prof.K Seshadiri 8
Foreword by Dr. V.V. Giri Former President of India 9
A Word to the Readers - V.R.V 11
A Note 21
Transcendental yoga 23
The Cosmic Map in the eternal 25
The Self-experiences of a Siddha 27
An Appeal to Research Scholar 32
India reborn to the Vedic times 35
The Significance of Cover Page 42
The Sanctity of Tirupathi 46
Salutation to Mula Ganapathi 48
How to mend Phenomenal 52
The significanace of Amarakavi 55
Amarakavi's Sadhana 58
Amarakavi - A Born Siddha 61
Amarakavi Exposes in the Voice of Paramatma 63
The Secret of Tapas 68
Divine Inspirations 75
We are A Miniature Cosmos 91
Could we not Rededicate to the Spiritual quest 100
Bhagawath Gita and its Origin 103
The spirit of Advaita in Traditional Wisdom 105
Advaita and Soundarya Lahiri 108
Way to Brahma Nishta 113
Higher Spiritual Force 117
The Rationale of the Metaphysical 121
The Human Dimensions in the Physical 126
The Hidden Dimensions of Tapas 132
Section - II  
Vishudhi and Four Physical Dimensions 137
Gradients of Divine Revelations 142
The Mystery of Human breathing 146
The Vestige of Human Soul 155
This Book - A Passport to Noumenal 160
Glimpses of the Supernatural being 165
A revelation of Knowledge as Power 170
The Collective Wisdom of Past ages 176
Life Force vs Mental Activity 184
The Solar force 191
Mantra Diksha and Inner Voice 197
Our Lost Spiritual Wisdom 202
Phenomenal Existence 206
Experience of the Eternal 209
Man - A Supernatural Being 213
Transform into Divinity 215
Libration from the Phenomenal 218
The Dawn of the New Age 222
Section - III  
Amarakavi Exposes the Missing-links 227
The Human Presence and yoga 231
The Four Cardinals of yoga 240
The Integral Yoga of Amarakavi 245
The Four Dimension of Humanity 250
Vedic Times and Modem Era 254
Self-consummation 258
The Promise of yoga in Human Evolution 263
Self-communion 267
Manolayam 273
Jnana Diksha 279
Present vs. Eternal Life 285
My Experiments with the Eternal Truth 289
The Mystic "Kundalini" 295
Section - IV  
Amarakavi's Life and Sadhana 304
The Highest in Human perfection on Earth 306
The Rationale of Vacant Look (Kechari Vidya) 321
Inner Voice 326
Section - V  
Amarakavi's Research Centre 337
Guidlines for research with this book 339
The Mystery of Human prensence 342
Yoga of the Infinite 345
Book Review in Indian Express (1982) 347
Profile of Amarakavi Ramachandra 349
List of our Publications 351

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