Shri Chaitanya Shikshamritam

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Author: Thakur Bhakti Vinode
Publisher: Sree Gaudiya Math, Chennai
Edition: 1998
Pages: 322
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description


Whatever lessons and instructions Shri Chaitanya Dev, having incarnated Himself as son of mother Shachi at Shridham Navadwip-Mayapur bestowed to the worldly people are named Shri Chaitanya Shikshamritam. That Shikshamritam is just as nectar and highest valuable treasure of the whole mankind.

The first edition of this book appeared in 400 Chaitanya era, corresponding to 1886 A.D. The present book follows the third edition of the original Bengali Book. We Humbly inform the great readers that if they cultivate the book most earnestly then their aim will be completely fulfilled.

If you well-cultivate the book you can see, that Shri Chaitanya is the essence of all Shastras. In Rik, Sama, Yaju, Atharva Vedas and in Vedanta and in Vedanta Shastras whatever depth of truth has been explored Shikshamritam also contains that essential portion.

Eighteen Puranas, 20 religious scriptures, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata , six systems of philosophy and whatever Tantra-Shastras are available in Shikshamritam these are taken as basic tattwas. In foreign religious scriptures as well as in our own religious books whatever good things are there, these also can be seen in this book. Moreover whatever can not be seen anywhere will also be procurable from this palatable book.

The religion which has been preached in this book is very simple and sublime. Simple in this sense everybody whether ignorant, blunt, stupid, illiterate can understand this book, solemn because it is congenial to the learned who are conversant with knowledge of Shastas and determination of judgement.

The best jaiva Dharma which is the Supreme Dharma and to which everybody is eligible can be found in this book. If the Pandits maintain impartiality they can be really eligible for this book.

Those who practice varnashrama dharma or other can derive instruction from this book. People of hesitating mind and blunt persons after tasting this book can have deliverance from the earthly life with purity and reverence.

On the other hand, people of broad intellect and Pandits who are well expert in determining Truth if cultivate impartially become attracted with the Salutary instruction of the book and can easily attain the supreme place. Those who are entangled in various principles and doctrines can get rid of their false opinion by getting delicious lessons from this book and then their mind becomes broad. So it is again said the nectar-like instructions of Shri Chaitanya are the great treasure of jives.

Persons who have no faith in supernatural matters do not possess relish for this instruction. About them, our comment is; In course of time if good fortune dawns for ever they also will be eligible for such instruction.

In many cases those wicked persons who follow irreligion or fraudulent religion pass them as Shri Chaitanya's verdict and many who have no discrimination of judgement accept them without any reserve and thereby are deprived of Shri Chaitanya Dev's preachings. For their sorrow we breathe sighs of disappointment.

May Mahaprabhu redeem from taking wrong path.

Shri Kedarnath Bhakti Vinode

Shri Chaitanya Era 420


Reason of Translating


This book which was written by Shrila Bhakti Vinode Thakur was an unparalleled book. It was very popular. But because the book was written in Bengali, only the Bengalees could get advantage from the book. Whereas other people who do not understand Bengali could not get access into it although they are very keen after knowing Shri Chaitanya's Gospels and instructions specially about His Ideal of Love and Devotion which is the criterion of His religion. Once when Acharyadeva, Shrimad Bhakti Vilas Tirtha Gosvami Maharaj was present, a proposal of translating this book into English arose, Shrila Tirth Maharaj supported the scheme most enthusiastically. By and by the English translation began and consequently completed. The English book is now published by Shree Gaudiya Math, Chennai. This book will be largely beneficial to the English-knowing people of India and abroad. This book is a very important one either in Bengali or English, this is the background of writing this book through English Medium.

Shri Bijoy Krishna Rarhi
Navadwipa, 10-3-1983


Chapter 1    
1 General introduction of Paramartha Dharma 1
2 System of Lord Chaitanya's Teachings 18
3 Lord Krishna, His Potency and Relishable Sentiments 26
4 Individual jivas-fallen and liberated 36
5 The Doctrine of Distinction and Non-distinction 42
6 Ascertainment of the Means to be practiced 48
7 The object of Final attainment 57
Chapter II    
1 Deliberation on Subordinate Injunctions-Their Divisions 65
2 Virtuous Deeds 69
3 Competence of Karma and Caste Distinction 84
4 Delineation of Asharmas 92
5 Diurnal Worship 96
Chapter III    
1 Sign of Vaidhi Bhakti 106
2 Code of Culture of Bhakti 115
3 Determination of evil 125
4 Decision of mutual relationship between direct and indirect injunctions 139
Chapter IV    
1 Discussion about Raganuga Bhakti 145
Chapter V    
1 Bhava bhakti 150
2 Signs of the Bhava Bhakti 154
3 Determination of knowledge 159
4 Determination of Rati or Inclination 201
Chapter VI    
1 Discrimination in decision of Prema-Bhakti 208
2 About the Dawning of Prema 211
3 Decisions of Nama Bhajana according to gradation of eligibility of Prema 215
4 Process of Nama-Bhajana 225
5 Goal of persons in the Ascending stage of Prema 237
Chapter VII    
1 Preliminary decision of Rasa 246
2 Deliberation of Rasa as the spirit of Worship 257
3 Discussion about Shanta Rasa 260
4 Judgement of Priti-Bhakti Rasa 262
5 Prema BhaktiRasa-Sakhya Rasa 267
6 Vatsalya Bhakti Rasa 270
7 Madura Bhakti Rasa 272
Chapter VIII    
1 Conclusion 306


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