Siddhi (Attainment of the Absolute)

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Publisher: Readworthy Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Author: Bhardwaj Umesh Nath
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9789350180013
Pages: 228
Cover: Paperback
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Siddhi means self-discovery in the highest sense of the term- the seeker’s realization of oneness with God. This book attempts to deal with the practical aspects of Siddhi. Drawing heavily from the Vedic and Upanishadic texts, it presents an illuminating analysis of how one can realise the Absolute.

It explains in detail the great five elements, Sadhana, Mahakala, kama, Brahma Jnan, Tantra, time, astrology, role of intoxicants in Siddhi, and Kundalini. It also offers some hints and clues that reveal the pathway to God-realisation.


About the author

Bhardwaj Umesh Nath,an MBA, is an advanced sadhaka and seeker of the Absolute. Initiated into Nath cult in his early age, he is the 10th disciple of Shri Gorakh Nath. He is a hypno and past life therapist as well as a Reiki and pranic healing master.



Explaining the concept of the Siddhi or realization of God, Sri Chinmoy said, ‘God-realization or Siddhi means self-discovery in the highest sense of the term. One consciously realizes his oneness with God. As long as the seeker remains in ignorance, he will feel that God is somebody else who has infinite power, while he, the seeker, is the feeblest person on earth. But the moment he realizes God, he comes to know that he and God are absolutely one in both the inner and the outer life. God realization means one’s identification with one’s absolute highest self.”

In “ Siddhi: Attainment of the Absolute,” written by Bhardwaj Umesh Nath, we have a forceful and brilliant monograph on this theme, which forms the central core of the Vedic and Upanishadic texts, focusing on the practical aspect of the Siddhi, he has presented a well reasoned-out, clear and illuminating analysis of how one can realize the Absolute. His treatment of the subject of siddhi is at once direct, inspiring and compelling, for the statements therein are such as have been tested by the author’s own practical personal experience. He is one who is himself living the life of strenuous quest after Truth.

Though quite young in age, Bhardwaj Umesh Nath is a seeker of high attainments. Himself an advanced Sadhaka and practical seeker, he has delineated all the important aspects of siddi, including great five elements, sadhana , mahakala, kama, brahma, jnan, dhyana , tantra, time, astrology, role of intoxicants, and Kundalini. It is replete with valuable hints and clues that reveal the pathway to God realization.

I know Umesh for quite a long time and have seen him advancing on the path of his sadhana. In producing this profound treatise the main objective of the author seems to be to fire the readers with a quest for the transcendent experience of Reality- the meeting with the Parabrahma. And I am glad to say that he has succeeded in this purpose. The book is powerful and rousing. His approach is refreshing, simple yet very insightful. One who reads these pages will definitely find himself or herself transformed both in the attitude to life and in aspiration.

I feel privileged to write the ‘Foreword’ for this book. I wish this work the reception, acceptance and approbation it richly deserves.



My inscription may be different from what you understand. You may not be proficient to obtain what I covet to propel to you (as conversation against which all this has been said here may be different from the conversation from which you are reading this. Whatever here has been said is against the conversation, how to attain Siddhi (attainment / realization of the Absolute. ). Emphasis, here in delineating the different subjects, is not to grant details about them but whatever is required in the achievement of the foremost purpose). But you need not to need to agonize; you will obtain what nature wishes for you to comprehend. My words are equivalent to which are written here but people may dig up different meaning from those words according to their edifice.

When someone is probing for some comprehension, he anticipates a Guru to be there to provide him the obligatory comprehension. It’s precise as well; at least one can be in comfortable zone that one is in receipt of the comprehension from the right spring. But how many Gurus are emotionally involved with this core spring and how to distinguish them is difficult task. Source is equivalent for everyone but how many are talented to unite themselves to it with their own labors. You can as well connect yourself to it, if you have the key or a burning craze. And key can be prearranged by those who have already got it , or you can explore it yourself with your burning aspiration.

People are using different methods and religions to congregate or experience that super power or spring. You may recognize several or most of those methods. Well that doesn’t make the distinction, how many methods you know. The right one is which you like or find irresistible. It doesn’t necessitate being the aged one as well; it may be the novel as well. But that should be entire and proved one. And indispensable thing in all of these methods is equivalent.

Who are attached with the source, they don’t have the time for others until and unless they have some karmic arrears with you. Neither I have any karmic arrears with you nor do I want to be anyone’s Guru. This book has been written because someone out of this world has forced me to do so. This physical body which we call human being can’t be a Guru.

Anything which is absolute or something which is very close to the Absolute can’t be written in words or can’t be spoken by anyone but it can be practiced. So don’t expect an ambiguity here. But if you comprehend and consider it in realistic life, you will undeniably approach the Absolute out of your occurrence. Don’t devastate times in exploration of Guru rather organize yourself for the event that Guru himself comes to you? If the pot is empty incredible unquestionably will reach to fill it. It is the obligation of the nature, let her perform it to load you. So this reserve will organize you for this absolute obsession to ensue in you if you covet or this reserve may also propel you on a trail of accomplishment of your desires if all that is what you aspire.

The information accessible in this book is the consequence of an urge of someone who is engrossed in conveying the normal human being, means general community, what is the Absolute in reality and his intention is also to keep you away from the so-called commercialized Guru. This book can grant the real edification which is required to be acquainted with yourself and the single most powerful entity of this universe. This book will also facilitate you in appreciating yourself and others in your daily life. This reserve can assist you in civilizing your IQ, EO and SQ. this book will inform you, “ you are the Guru, you are the God and it will commence you to the source in your body that fulfills all the obligations of this world”. If you read this volume then you can enhance the meaning of sanctified book. Practice whatever has been described there in the volume which is not tuff, you will realize yourself. I can say this thing since this information has prepared me to realize the Absolute. Originally, all the information has endowed upon me from my Guide so he is the real author of this volume. I have just assembled those words for this world. The name of my guide is Kalratri Mahakal Udharvekeshi Chandish.

There are two things in this globe- one is sleep and another is fire-which hold the explanation of the door towards the Absolute. Sleep is a huge thing which binds the consciousness from understanding the subconscious and super consciousness or one can easily enunciate it as the higher form of ignorance in our body. Super consciousness in something like fire. Yes , this is true. When someone investigates for the Absolute and if one is progressing, first comprehension he will ascertain about is sleep, after that about dream and its source. The next thing comes is thought , thoughts are not uncomplicated things but the whole universe. Willpower is introduced by nature after thoughts. Willpower and thoughts will guide towards time. And at the end one finds the Absolute after time. The physical form of that Absolute on earth is fire. The physical form of the Absolute in air is electricity. The physical form of the Absolute in space is sun. the words used here (in preface) are according to your science, not according to the sanctified scriptures of India , in defining the Absolute. In our sanctified scriptures the different gods haven been used fro defining these powers. These powers are personalities, essentially with whom we can communicated at a subtle level; this is what is called Siddhi.




  Foreword Vii
  Preface Ix
  Key to Transliteration v
1 Siddhi and Me 1
2 Samsan Kali (Goddess of Crematorim) 6
3 Siddhi: Realization of the Absolute 11
4 Great Five Elements 17
5 Mantra in Fire 28
6 Right Time for Worshipping Your Deity 31
7 Woman and the Universe 34
8 Love and Devotion 37
9 Guru 40
10 Directions 44
11 Temple 47
12 Astrology 50
13 Sadhana 64
14 Who are You Living within Your Mind 70
15 Yours and Your Deity’s Characterstics 72
16 Kama 75
17 Intoxicants and You 86
18 Kundalini –a 89
19 Mahakal 101
20 God 105
21 Brahma jnan 114
22 Illness 121
23 Dhyan 126
24 Tantram 134
25 Time 138
26 Soul 146
27 Rsis 150
28 Kundalini-B 156
29 Easy Sutras 191
30 Guru Gita 217

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