Siva Samhita

Siva Samhita

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Author: Rai Bahadur Srisa Chandra Vasu
Publisher: Indian Mind, Varanasi
Language: (Text With English Translation)
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 8186117130
Pages: 158
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.0 inch x 5.5 inch
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About the book

The Shiva Samhita is a Sanskrit text on yoga enumerating its concepts and cognate principle. In the five Chapters are discussed and elaborated the essentials necessary for the practice of yoga ways of attaining siddhi the philosophy of existence importance of yoga the spirits maya or illusion the microcosm the functions of the body the principle of pranayama or breathing asanas or postures the Kundalini and its awakening the various forms of yoga etc.

An important treatise on the subject, the present edition, Text with English translation will prove the immense value to the scholars readers and students.


Chapter One
Existence one only7
Diffierences of opinion8
Yoga the only true method11
Karma Kanda11
Jnana kanda14
The Spirit19
Yoga and Maya22
Definition fo a Parama hamsa23
Emanation or Evolution24
Absorption or Involution26
Karma clothes the Jiva with body29
Chapter Two
The microcosm31
The Nerve Centre32
The Nerves34
The Pelvic Region36
The Abdominal Region39
The Jivatma40
Chapter Three
On Yoga Practice: The Vayus45
The Guru47
The Adhikari48
The Place Etc50
The Pranayama51
The Things to be renounced54
The means54
The first stage56
The second and third stage57
Increase of duration60
Siddhis or perfections60
The Ghata Avastha61
The Parichaya62
The Nispatti64
The Postures70
The Padmasana71
The Ugrasana72
The Svastikansana73
Chapter four
Yoni Mudra: the sacred drink of the Kaulas75
The Awakening of Kundalni79
Maha Mudra80
Maha Bandha82
Maha vedha83
Mula Bandha89
Viparit karana90
Uddana Bandha91