Sri Aurobindo: A Collection Of Seminar Papers

Sri Aurobindo: A Collection Of Seminar Papers

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Publisher: The Asiatic Society
Language: English
Edition: 2004
Pages: 52
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15 August, 1972 was the beginning of Silver Jubilee of independence of India and the birth centenary of Aurobindo. Was it merely a coincidence? A coincidence which indicates much.

The Asiatic Society celebrated the centenary along with the nation. Dr. P. B. Mukharji held a seminar on 16 September 1972 which wsa inaugurated. Participating lecturers were Dr. A. C. Das, Shri R. C. Pal, and Professor A. K. Mazumdar were the commentators. Contents of this booklet of the Seminar Series are the inaugural speech the lectures and the comments.

He came with an inextinguishable flame within which emitted in the scholar burnt in the patriot and was aglow in the Yogi. The local scholar rolled into a national leader who bloomed himself into the Universal Being. It is unfortunate that we talk about it, hear about it but do not relies it.

It is inspiring to notice Aurobindo crawling down from her mother's lap the arms of the mother-land be enveloped by mother-spirit of the universe.

Some say he was a phenomenon and some say he was a legend; with Mother we can say, In the history of the world Aurobindo ;s contribution is not spiritual lessons not even revelation of truth he himself was on this Earth a manifest magnificent achievement of the Great Creator. In life here and after-life Aurobindo had and has an inseparable aureole with him.

Publication of this Seminar Series has been delayed because of it having been held up in expectation of comments promised. The promise however has not materialized.

26 January 1976

- D. K. Mitra
General Secretary


Foreword to the second edition vii
Foreword to the first edition ix
Inaugural Address
P. B. Mukharji
Sri aurovinda's theory of Superman
A. C. Das
Sri aurovinda's theory of Superman-[comments on Dr. A. C. Das's paper]
Ramachandra Pal
An approach to Existentialism from the Standpoint of Sri Aurobinda
Pritibhusan Chatterji
Existentialism from the standpoint of Sri Aurobinda
A. K. Mazumdar
Sri Aurovinda's contribution to the Freedom Movement
Arun Chandra Guha

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