Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman Charit Manas (The holy lake containing the acts of Sri Hanuman): Srimad Goswami Baba Tulsidas ji's devised

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Author: Mishr Harivansh Lal Sundd
Publisher: Aravali Books International Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 1998
ISBN: 8186880313
Pages: 874 (Colored Illustrations: 121, Black & White illustrations: 2)
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description
From the Jacket


Ramcharitmanas unveiled and crystalised the sacred secret of the lila (sports) of Lord Sri Ram. The inspiration and insight for this magnamopous work of Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman Charit Manas at the site of Sri Hanuman Guffa at Tulsi Mandir Ghat; Goswami Tulsidas had completed Sri Ramcharitmanas and wrote various hymns to Hanuman, where the author got the divine revelation to tell the work of Mishr Harivansh Lal Sundd is a further step to the contribution of Sri Goswami Tulsidas ji.

In altogether 11 Ascents and Annex 'A' to 'O', the narration unfolds the divine Will manifest in various sports of Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman with Lord Sri Ram in Treta Yug, Lord Sri Krishn in Dwapar Yug and several saints Maharaj, Sri Smarth Guru Ramdas and other saints in Kali Yug. In contains pioneering effort to authenticate the place and timing of various events in sequence. The lila of Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman Ji portraying and symbolizing the quintessence of human values and ethics marvel the needed excellence in present day as well as future spiritual and material life on this earth. There are 120 action oriented invaluable pictures associated with the life of Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman ji and also an anthology of precious and otherwise hidden mantrs incorporated therein for the benefit on future researcher and seekers to revalidate and reconstruct their hypotheses on ancient Hindu civilization.

Here in this work, there is everything that India can be proud of its heritage, of knowledge, wisdom and sanctity. The validity and usefulness permeate to individual social, national and international life in the community of people and welfare of the creation all around.


About the Author


Born on 28 July 1918 in an illustrious family of intellectuals and philanthropists, Mishr Harivansh Lal Sundd had his early education at his ancestral place Nurmahal (Punjab). He had his college education at Dyal Singh College, Lahore. He joined Army and served the Army Ordnance Corps for 40 years. In his retired life, he took up agriculture and social services. He practiced Homeopathy and for some times, served Sri Sant Sadhu Ram Charitable Hospital. His past time was always spent in the company of saints, introspection and study of ancient scriptures.

In November 1990, he had a heart stroke. His children organised pilgrimage to Pryag, Ayodhya, Chitrkut and Kashi. While at Tulsi Ghat Hanuman Guffa in Kashi on 17th March, 1991 he felt a revelation unto himself to attempt a writeup on Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman ji. He shared his experiences with the Mahant of Tulsi Akhara Dr. Veer Bhadr Mishr who concurred to his proposal. He came to Nurmahal and subsequently to Udhampur where the whole set of Conceptual design. Of the present work lustered to him. Back to his native place at Nurmahal, he commenced work on Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman Charit Manas. He received day-by-day and step-by-step guidance by Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman ji Himself and his other four guides. The itinerary of his mind grasped and focused the sport of Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman from the celestial abode of Lord Shiv at Kailash Mansrovar to the terrestrial abode of Vishwanath at Kashi while partaking the sport of Lord Sri Ram beginning from and terminating at Ayodhya in Treta Yug.

The concepts and thought of the author in this work speaks volumes about his illustrious lineage and heritage besides the grace of the Lord on him.



Let us bow to Sri Maruti, the destroyer of demons, and one who sits with head bent, joined palms and eyes moist with tears, at every place where praises of Sri RAGHUNATH are sung.

I take refuge of Sri Hanuman ji, the emissary of Sri RAM; born of wind god, the Chief of the Monkey troops, fast like the MIND, and having force of the WIND, Controller of Senses of perception and ABOVE ALL, the WISEST among the WISE.

Let us pay our respectful obeisances unto unique ever-living personages (Immune from cycle of death) Chirjivi Immortal and Eternal (1) Sri Ashwatthama (2) Raja Bali, (3) Sage Vyas, (4) Sri Hanuman, (5) Sri Vibhishan, (6) Sri Kripacharya, (7) Sri Parshuram, (8) Sage Markandey.

The genesis of Sri Sankat Mochan (Hanuman) is unique and not easily comprehensible. He is not only enumerated amongst the eight celibates, He is found mentioned in ancient Vedic scriptures (Shrutis), as such his origin dates with the creation of universe. He and Brahma are equal in the divine hierarchy and he is the apparent heir of Sri Brahma when the Universe at date dissolves and is recreated. He is Rudr Incarnate and son of wind god and as such Infinite, and assumed His Present form in Treta; 8,82,159 years ago, coinciding with the Incarnation of Bhagawaan Sri Ram. He is omnipresent Ever-living and only living god (Undecaying as well as immortal). Bhagwati Sita blessed him in the following words.

Bhagwati Sita, recognizing Sri Hanuman as beloved emissary of Sri Ram graced Him with blessing: "May you become (i) repository of strength (ii) Virtues, my child:" May you ever remain immune (iii) from old Age & Death; (iv) Prove to be a treasure of good qualities; (v) My son, (vi) May the Lord of raghus ever shower his abundant grace on you.

After victory over Lanka, Sri Hanuman prayed before his lord Sri Ram to grace Him with unceasing devotion and Bhagwaan Sri Ram clasped Sri Hanuman to his bosom and said; " O Superb, grand, par excellent Sri Hanuman! So it be as you wish; As long as my charming story is told and sung this earth, your glory will remain indelible and your body will have life force (PRAN). Whatever you have done for me, I cannot repay it". On having the boon of Immortality, Sri Hanuman submitted to Bhagawaan, " As long as your story is told, I will be present, listen and be happy."

Goswami Tulsidas, who is greatly blessed, and had vision of Sri Hanuman ji as well as Sri Ram and Lord Shiv face, declared in Hanuman Chalisa:

" O Hanuman ji! Through Thy sincere remembrance, one gets all the pleasures, and there in no need to call and worship any other god. O Hanuman the great! All torments shall cease and all pains abate by meditating on Thee alone."

A 'Preface' is normally something said by way of introduction or preliminary explanation, a statement usually explanatory, placed at the beginning of a book, not regarded, like introduction, as part of composition; the ascription of glory etc. in the liturgy of consecration of the Eucharist; anything preliminary or immediately antecedent. This humble compiler follows the tenants but goes ahead a bit to exploit auxiliary thought and vision.

Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman, whose charming life story has flown in the form of Manas; having individuality and the virtues viz. Fastness like Mind, force as that of Wind, and who is Controller of Senses, Wisest among the Wise, Emissary of Sri Ram, Chief of the Monkey troops, Destroyer of demons, highest delighter and listener Sri Ram Katha, with head bent and tears of love gushing from the eyes and above all Inborn Celibrate, Immune from old age and death, is placed in the divine category of Gods. He is held as an extraordinary personality worthy of worship. He is an example of observer of the highest spiritual art of living.

In this 20th Century, the humanity has reached a crossroad. Within a period of twenty years or so, it went through the agony of two World Wars. Since the end of last war, during the last forty years or so, we are living on the threshold of a nuclear holocaust. Humanity is at the mercy of super states possessing nuclear weapons, and perhaps even those so-called super states are also at the mercy of a score of individuals. Unless humanity is able to neutralise the base instinct, it is headed towards total annihilation. Children have already turned to annihilism. A vibrant spiritual resurgence is the only practical solution for human survival. A devoted heart with boundless faith, deep intellectual introspection, love expressed as active sympathy, mystic intuitive experience and absolute fearlessness, which Sri Hanumanji has is the need of the hour.


  Meditation/ Invocation I- LVIII
  1. Meditation 2. Sri Ram Mantr; 3. Sri Hanumanji visible to eye of wisdom; 4. Hymn to Sri Sun God; 5. A Note on Transliteration; 6. Contents; 7. Meditation- Invocation (Panchdevs); 8. (Goddess Sharda/ Sarsawati, Vanaik and Celestial stream Ganga; Preceptor; Supreme Brahm; Jagatjanani Bhagwati Sita; and Panch Kanya; Goddess Durga; 9. Shruti Satu -Palak Ram and Bhagavati Janki; 10. Bhagavan Shiv and Bhagwati Parvati; Sri Vishwnath Kashi, Shiv Namabali; 11. Sri Rudr Avtar Maruti; 12. Sri Radhe- Krishn and Sri Hanuman on Arjun's Chariot; 13. Sri Ram- Panchayat; 14. Bhakton ke Parm Adarsh Sri Maruti; 15. Dedication; 16. Complier's Guides Divine.  
  Preface 1-89
  1. Premordiality; 2. Mahatma Gandhi- A great communicator of Sri Hanuman Ideal Charit; 3. Description of Manas in Brahm Sutr Bhasya; 4. Antiquity of Akshr (Naam) and Sri Ram Katha; 5. Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman Charit Manas-Sport of Sri Ram; 6. Goswami Tulsidas's Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman Charit Manas; 7. Divine circumstances leading to the concept of Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman Charit Manas; 8. The divine Guides; 9. Sri Sankat Mochan Ram Charit Manas- Write-up; 10. The Narrative; 11. Sri Hanuman-God of Environment & Ecology; 12. The Heart (Hardya- Manas)- Description; 13. Ascents; 14. Inspiratory.  
  Ascent-I 90-134
  1. Prayers; 2. Sri Hanuman Ashtak (Eight steps of Sri Hanuman Charit Manas); 3. Hanuman worship -Traditions and Iconography; 4. Birth of Sri Hanuman as Lord Shiv Incarnation; 5. Birth of Sri Hanuman; 6. Sri Hanuman Childhood; 7. Indr confers the name Hanuman and other Gods grace Boons to Babe Monkey; 8. Sri Hanuman cursed by Saints to forget His might; 9. Sri Hanuman's Education; 10. Special Virtues and Intuition; 11. Vanar Race; 12. The sports of Sri Hanuman and Layout of this Manas; 13. Every pore of the skin of Sri Hanuman emits Sri Ram; 14. Dating of the Incarnations of Sri Hanuman and Sri Ram; 15. A meeting Supreme in Kali Era; 16. Secret of Sri Hanuman Smearing with Sindhur; 17. Sri Hanuman appeared as Lord Shiv to Mother Sita;  
  Ascent-II 135-227
  1. Manifestation of the Supreme Brahm as Sri Ram (Seventh Incarnation); 2. Lord Shiv in disguise as a Brahman predicting Sri Ram's Life; 3. Lord Shiv's visit to Ayodhya with his Incarnate Babe Hanuman; 4. Kakbhushundi's obession; 5. Sri Ram's sports enjoyed by Babe Hanuman in Ayodhya; 6. Adolescent phase of the life of Princes; 7. Visit of Sage Vishvamitr to Ayodhya; 8. Sri Hanuman's flight to Ryshmuk Range- Kishkindha; 9. Departure of Sri Ram, Sri Lakshman from Ayodhya on Celestial Mission; 10. Lord Shiv's and his incarnate Sri Hanuman's Grace on Goswami Tulsidas -in retelling Sri Ram Katha; 11. Brief life sketch of Goswami Tulsidas and grace/ contribution of Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman in Tulsi's Eight Divine attainments; 12. Goswami Tulsidas ji's first attainment of Life; 13. Second attainment in life by Goswami Tulsidas; 14. Goswami Tulsidas achieved his third attainment of Life; 15. Goswami Tulsidas achieved his fourth divine attainment; 16. Goswami Tulsidas achieved fifth divine attainment; 17. Goswami Tulsidas achieved sixth divine attainment; 18. Goswami Tulsidas achieved seventh divine attainment; 19. Goswami Tulsidas achieved eighth divine attainment; 20. A peep into Hanumantswarup; 21. Sri Hanuman in Treta while in the Service of Sri Ram; 22. Status of Sri Hanuman during the sports of Sri Krishn; 23. Sri Hanumanji's status during Kali; 24. Bhakti movement during Muslim rule; 25. Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman Charit Manas -Baba Tulsi's well conceived conception- to highlight Sri Hanuman's Godhood- A Post impression; 26. Blessed personalities who enlightened worship of Sri Hanuman as 'God'; 27. Sena Pati Bankati Hanuman, Durga Kund Varanasi (Est. 1939); 28. Bhakti/ reformatory movement of Goswami Tulsidas; 29. Tulsidas - As portaited by a Muslim Poet Minister in Akbar's Court; 30. Divine institutions engaged in the preaching of worship of Sri Hanuman ji; 31. Sri Ramcharitmanas-Description; 32. Exploits of Sri Ram till the reappearance of Sri Hanuman in the actual service of the Lord; 33. Sri Ram meeting Sri Hanuman at the base of Ryshmuk Hill on the banks of Pampasar; 34. Dharm Rath (Chariot pf Righteousness);  
  Ascent III 228-236
  1. Sugriv's Protection; 2. Friendship of Sri Ram and King Sugriv solemnised; 3. Sri Ram at Pravarsan Hill;  
  Ascent IV 237-242
  1. Monkey's host gather at Pravarsan Hill; 2. Search of Sita; Meeting Swayamprabha;  
  Ascent V 243-249
  1. The first meeting - Sri Hanuman - Sri Ram: Transformation of Conscience; 2. Sri Hanuman's Preparedness for flight over Sea to Lanka;  
  Ascent VI 250 -258
  1. Sri Hanuman's Commencement of flight to Lanka; 2. The Ocean greets Sri Hanuman; 3. Sri Hanuman's encounter with Sursa; 4. Ogress Demoness Simhika hinders Sri Hanuman's flight: 5. Sri Hanuman reaches Lanka.  
  Ascent VII 259-269
  1. The Monkey Chief lands on the Sea Shore of Lanka; 2. Description of Lanka; 3. Sri Hanuman released God of Death from Ravan's captivity; 4. Captive Planet- Saturn released; 5. Sri Hanuman entered Lanka; 6. Sri Hanuman meets Vibhishan  
  Ascent VIII 270-289
  1. Sri Hanuman's Locating of Sita in Ashok Grove; 2. Ravan Visits the Ashok Grove; 3. Sri Hanuman glimpses Real Bhagawati Sita; 4. Sri Hanuman Conveyed Sri Ram's Message to Sita ji; 5. Bhagawati Sita bestowed boons to Hanuman; 6. Sri Hanuman felt hungry; 7. Enshrining the lotus feet of Lord Raghupati in heart; 8. Ravan's aim of Life.  
  Ascent IX 290-333
  1. Sri Hanuman in Ashok Grove; 2. Sri Hanuman in Ravan's Court; 3. Lanka Set on Fire; 4. Sri Hanuman Sees Sita again; 5. Hanuman's diminutive forms; 6. Sri Hanuman's eight Sidhi's expounded; 7. Hanuman at the sea shore- in search of Sita; 8. Sri Hanuman's acts during march to Lanka; 9. Installation of Sri Rameshwr Ling; 10. Sri Ram and the troops cross the Sea; 11. Sri Hanuman's demonstration of velour during Sri Ram- Ravan war; 12. Sri Lakshman -swooned by Meghnad's javelin; 13. Sri Hanuman's acts in reviving life to swooned Lakshman; 14. Hanuman's flight to bring Sanjivni; 15. Hanuman's flight from Ayoghya to Lanka; 16. Next six days of Sri Ram-Ravan war; 17. Kumbhakarn killed by Sri ram; 18. Sri Lakshman killes Meghnad; 19. Sri Hanuman's might in bringing Sri Ram and Lakshman from Nether Region; 20. The last two days of Sri Ram-Ravan war; 21. Sri Hanuman detailed to convey victory over Lanka to Sita.  
  Ascent X 334-403
  1. Sri Hanuman's return from Lanka after seeing Sri Bhumja; 2. Return journey of Vanar party after seeing Sita; 3. Sri with Vanar army at sea shore; 4. In Lanka- at Suvel Camp; 5. Sri Ram's journey from Lanka to Ayodhya last day of exile; 6. Installation of Hanumadishwr; 7. Sri Ram's visits to Kiskindha and Kanchan Giri; 8. Hanuman flew to inform Sri Bhart of Sri Ram's arrival at Ayodhya; 9. Sri Ram's and brother's past time in the Groves; 10. Sri Hanuman's sublimity in service of his Lord; 11. The grandeur of the Name Sri Ram; 12. Sri Hanuman imparted celestial knowledge; 13. Ashwmedh Yagya (The Horse Sacrifice)- Sri Hanuman's acts therein; 14. Valmiki Ashram- Abode of Sri Sita in Her 18 years exile from Ayodhya; 15. Completion of Ashwmedh Yagya; 16. Bhagavan Shiv's Conclusion of narration of Sri Ram Katha to Bhagwati Parvati with answer to all doubts (Sri Ram's terminating Support on earth); 17. Sri Bhushundi Ramayan; 18. Sri Hanuman's acts during Dwapar of Manas Kalp; 19. Bhagawaan Sri Krishn dispelling the Ego of his consort Satyabhama (incarnation of Goddess Earth). His Divine carrier Sri Garud and His Divine Sudershan Chakr; 20. Sri Bhim's (the son of wind God) meeting his brother Sri Hanuman (the son of Wind God); 21. Bhagawaan Sri Krishn washing out the pride of Sri Arjun; 22. Sri Hanuman's protection to Arjun in Mahabharat War; 23. Virues/ acts Sri Hanuman- a recap in Mahabharat War; 24. Commonalities Bhagawaan Sri Krishn and Sri Hanuman; 25. Sri Hanuman's participation in Ashwmedh Yagya at Dwarika 'Horse Sacrifice by Bhagawaan Sri Krishn'; 26. Bhagawaan Sri Krishn terminating His sports in human form; 27. Advent Bhagawad Gita in Treta; 28. Commonality Bhagwaan Sri Krishn and Sri Mahadev who took the form of Sri Hanuman with one ansh; 29. Methodology- Service Sri Panchmukhi Hanuman.  
  Ascent XI 404-626
  1. Exaltation of Sri Hanuman; 2. The Secrets of gracing Asht Sidhis Nine Nidhis by Sri Hanuman to devotees; 3. Sri Hanuman- Inborne Celibate and Jitendr; 4. Sri Hanuman- a great Musician and Sangeetacharya; 5. Sri Hanuman - A competent administrator, diplomat and politician; 6. Abode of Hanuman; 7. Sri Hanuman sentinel of Ayodhya and protector of devotees; 8. Glory of Sri Hanuman in Dohavali; 9. Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman- Lord of Environment and Ecology; 10. Sri Hanuman- A great Warrior, A military Commander and Health Redeemer; 11. Balaji -Sri Hanuman; 12. Sri Hanuman-A Celestial Protector of Sri Ram Bhakt (Swami Ram Avadh Das's Life Story); 13. Lord Hanuman ji's graced on Smarth Guru Ram Das's 14. Jagatguru Acharya Sri Garibdas ji Maharaj preached the dictates of Sri Hanuman; 15. Sri Hanumanji in Sai Literature; 16. Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman Charit Manas - Description and Glory; 17. Education and Learning of Sri Hanuman; 18. Akhara Goswami Tulsi, Varanasi; 19. Winning the pleasure of Sri Hanuman; 20. Altruism (egolessness)- Top most glory of Sri Hanuman; 21. Merited grandeur- Sri Sankat Mochan Hanuman.  
  Annex- A to O 1-190

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