The Studies in The Aranyakas

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Author: Dr. Mrs. Bhagyalata Pataskar
Publisher: Adarsha Sanskrit Shodha Samstha (Pune)
Language: English and Sanskrit
Edition: 2010
Pages: 644
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description


The Aranyaka is less studied subject. In fact neglected one to certain extent. It occupies certain position in the history of Vedic literature as well as in the history of Vedic philosophy. However in both of these areas it is just described as the transit period and that is all. To describe in the terms of marks or pages, it is given only 10/15 marks treatment or 8/10; ages treatment.

Normally the scholars maintain that the certain works are called Aranyaka, because they deal with particular topics such as philosophy, mystic explanations, symbolic representation of the ritual etc. i.e. the topics normally not befitting to be discussed in the warm sweet home and hence are supposed to be studied away from the public places and hence in the forest. Therefore it is the content of assumed that the Aranyaka serves a link between Brahmana and Upanisad. How the Aranyaka-s do this, needs to be explained satisfactorily.

I find one more important aspect of the Aranyaka-s, which I call the inwardization of the ritual. This is the contribution of the Aranyaka-s to the history of Indian Philosophy. I have elaborately dealt with this topic in my article. Here I would like to present a few points.

(a) The yajna we find in the Brahmana is in gross form, depending on the external material. It is Aranyaka-s that visualized macro and micro aspect of the yajna. It should be specially noted that the Atharvaveda which is on the perifery of the Srauta yajna has no Aranyaka although the Atharvaveda Samhita has philosophical hymns and number of the Upanisad-s belonging to Atharvaveda is considerably higher. To me it seems that when there is less ritual there is no scope for the Inwardization of the ritual.

(b) The Idea of Philosophizing the Yajna is the novel one that gave new dimension to the concept of the Yajna i.e. a complex of intimately interrelated things functioning smoothly and yielding good results. To perceive the yajna differently is the contribution of the Aranyaka-s on which we find the philosophy of Karmayoga.

(c) The Aranyaka with the Strenght of the Meditative power Decontextualized the yajna from the fire alter, fire, oblation, chandas of mantra and extended scope of yajna upto adhyayama dana etc. cf Brahmayajna Bhutayajna Manusyayajna act serving and devayajna. The very concept that any act serving a noble cause can be yajnaized is the contribution of the Aranyaka-s which influenced the culture and philosophy of India.

(d) It is the Aranyaka-s that have proved that it was not running away form the ritual or being fed up of the ritual or as a replacement of a ritual that the philosophy of the Upanisad developed rather it is the deep heartfelt sincere association that resulted into the contemplation that naturally turned into the development of philosophy.

(e) The Aranyaka-s have provided the models fro meditation where there are a lots of equations and several interlinking patterns e.g. katha-Aranyaka established the functional relation among a dik a deity a metre and a season. The inevitable conclusion of this thought process is the realization that there thrives one and only one principle in all the things which was verbalized by the Upanisadic Seers.

(f) Thus envisaging the yajna internally has indirectly led to the philosophy of Advaita. So I am eager to know how the mimamasaka-s and the dvaitin-s have understood this issue. Same model is used by Adi Sankaracarya int eh Manasapuja.

Well I have told what I think about the Aranyaka. I sincerely thank those scholars who have honored our request to write on topics related to Aranyaka-s I hope this work would come out with multi dimesional study of the Aranyaka-s.

Our sincere thanks are due to Ms Aditi Pandit and Ms Ketki Gokhale who very sincerely and meticulously did the type setting of this complete work. we also thank Mr. Jaydeep Jadhav for the art work of designing the beautiful cover page for our publications. We also thank Ms Vaijanti Dhole Patil and Surekha wagle of Step in Services for neat and timely printing of this work.




  Preface i-vi
1 Yajnavalkya Gargi Discourse: An Analysis From Logical Point of view Shailaja Bapat 1-38
2 Maitrayani Aranyaka Bhagyashree Bhagwat 39-46
3 The nature and contents of the Kath Aranyaka a new Approach B.B. Chaubey 47-70
4 Aranyaka-s A Search for their Identity Sindhu S. Dange 71-106
5 Modern Scholars on Aranyaka-s Ranjana Date 107-120
6 Quotiations of Aitareya Aranyaka as interpreted by the commentators Lalite Deodhar 121-138
7 The Aranyaka-s Indu Deshpande 139-170
8 Pravargya Its Mythical Implications Parineeta Deshpande 171-192
9 The Exact Importance of the Aranyaka part of the Vedic Literature M.G. Dhadhale 193-200
10 The Aitareya Aranyaka An introduction Mugdha Gadgil 201-216
11 On the Concept of Abistaka in Taittiriya Aranyaka Manjusha Gokhale 217-232
12 Ancient Commentaries on the Aitarey Aranyaka Ujjwala Jha 233-256
13 Socio-Cultural Aspects Reflected in the Taittiriya Aranyaka Anagha Joshi 257-272
14 Yaje Ayaksi Yastahe Ca Taiitriya Aranyaka 1.11.4 An observation Prasad Joshi 273-284
15 Samkhayana Aranyaka A Unique Aranyaka Shailaji Katre 285-296
16 The Composition and authorship of the Aitareya Aranyaka Ambarish Khare 297-322
17 Suryamandala in Taittiriya Aranyaka I.7.1 Mandakini Kinjawadekar 323-334
18 Some Laukika Observation in the Taittiriya Aranyaka Madhavi Kolhatkar 335-348
19 On the Vrata-s of the Pravargya Vinaya Kshirsagar 349-364
20 Acarya-s Mentioned in the Aitareya Aranyaka Nirmala Kulkarni 365-392
21 Importance of The Aranyaka-s Gauri Mahulikar 393-414
22 Bhridaranyekasey Tatvgyanam Kachaney Mande 415-428
23 Bhridaranyeke Suchita Yaga Sanskashav Ravinder Ambadas Meley 429-454
24 Atererayarnaykopaneshat A.B. Nagansmpinge 455-466
25 Rsi-s int eh Taittiriya Aranyaka Madhavi Narsalay 467-488
26 The Contribution of Aranyaka-s to the Indian Philosophy Bhagyalata Pataskar 489-510
27 Linguistic Stylistic and Syntactic Peculiarities of the Aranyaka Hukam Chand Patyal 511-538
28 The Concept of Guru and Aranyaka-s Hemant Rajopadhye 539-548
29 A Glimpse on some harmful Rituals through the Aranyak-s P.C. Sahoo 549-560
30 The Vaisravanayajana in Taittiriya Aranyaka (1.31) Jayashree Sathe 561-572
31 Stylistic Study of the Aranyakas Jayanti Tripathy 573-612
32 Paingi Rahasya Brahmana Aranyaka Uma Vaidya 613-628
33 Contributors 629-634
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