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Each of the four Vedas, the basic scriptures of Hinduism, is generally divided into four parts: the Samhita, the Brahmana, the Aranyaka and the Upanisad. The Samhitas are collections of Vedic hymns. The Brahmanas are treatises written in prose, dealing with the conduct of sacrifices and other rites associated with them. The Upanisads deal with philosophical truths and esoteric wisdom. The Aranyakas form a link between the ritualism of the Brahmanas as and the philosophy of the Upanisads.

The extant Aranyakas of the four Vedas may be listed as follows:

Rgveda : Aitareya Aranyaka, Sankhyana Aranyaka (sometimes called Kausitaki Aranyaka also).

Sukla Yajurveda : Brhadaranyaka (the earlier part of the Satapatha Brahmana, the later part being the Upanisad).

Krsna Yajurveda : Taittiriya Aranyaka, Maitrayaniya Aranyaka.

Samaveda : Last part of the Tandya-mahabrahmana (also known as Pancavimsabrahmana), Talavakara Aranyaka.

Atharvaveda : No Aranyaka is available.


Q1. How long does it take to finish aranyaka quest?


The Aranyaka World Quests are a lengthy endeavor, with some players citing that it took them as much as ten (10) hours to finish the whole series. And while long quest lines aren’t an issue, it’s the packaging that can make or break a quest series. To some Genshin Impact players, this is where the Aranyaka questline fell flat. Players who aren’t too keen on the Aranyaka questline think that the dialogue could’ve been cut down considerably without losing out on any of the important lore. Aside from this, there are certain points wherein the quests become repetitive, particularly in the sections that emphasize the rule of three.

Q2. How many Primos do you get from aranyaka?


Although the Quest Chain itself has no reward, completing all of its quests will net a hefty amount of Primos. At around 30-60 Primogems per quest, one can get more than 700 Primo Gems from the whole quest line. Completing a single day's commissions, a F2P can will reward Travelers with 60 Primogems. If players complete the entire 35 days of the Daily Commission without missing a single day, they will gain a total of 2100 Primogems.

Q3. How do you finish aranyaka?


One will have to complete a total of eight quests to progress to the next step. As he finishes these quests, will get more rhythms that can be used to solve puzzles and unlock gated areas. To fully complete the Aranyaka world quest in Genshin Impact, one will need to complete the following quests:


Aranyaka - part 1 : Woodland Encounter: The Children of Vimara Village. Into the Woods.


Aranyaka - part 2 : Dream Nursery: The World of Aranara. Children of the Forest. Festival Utsava.


To finish chapter 4 of the Aranyaka and gain a check mark, players need to find the three Aranara of Agnihotra Sutra at three different locations.

Q4. How many quests are there in aranyaka?


Aranyaka is a lengthy world quest chain and explores all of Sumeru with them. Sumeru has many quests, a total of eight quests. Among the longest, there is the series of Aranyaka world quest. This is divided into 3 chapters, which in turn have 3 quests and numerous sub-quests, some of which have their own set of puzzles.


Part 1 Quest: Walkthrough


Rescue Rana. Upon going to the quest start location, rescue Rana from the Fungi enemies. ...


Clear the first Withering Zone, Tour around Vimara Village, Clear the second Withering Zone,


Clear the third Withering Zone, Defeat all Spinocrodiles, Collect three Firewood, and Find Iotham in the cave. Part ii: Dream Nursery