Subodha Vedanta: Vedanta Made Easy
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Subodha Vedanta: Vedanta Made Easy

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Item Code: NAO673
Author: Swami Tejomayananda
Publisher: Central Chinmaya Mission Trust
Language: Sanskrit Text With Transliteration and Word-to-Word Meaning English Translation
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9788175977358
Pages: 140
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 7.0 inch X 5.0 inch
Weight 100 gm
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Generally Vedanta is considered 'serious', 'difficult', 'very high' and 'very dry' and that it leaves us 'high and dry' without any support. Thus the important role of Subodha Vedanta (Vedanta Made Easy). This dialogue between a disciple and his Guru covers important topics of life like the Nature of the Self, Proof of God and Purpose of Creation. It shows us that Vedanta is easy, interesting and practical and it is possible to free ourselves from the 'world¬wide spread web' of maya.

Swami Tejomayananda's commentary on his own composition is lucid, easy to read, introspective and peppered with humour. It inspires the reader to embark on an inward journey towards peace and happiness.


Vedanta is the very essence of the Vedas and the ultimate in Hindu thought and knowledge. Generally we hear people calling it 'serious', 'difficult', 'very high' or 'very dry', or that it leaves us 'high and dry!' This is not true. Vedanta is very interesting as it speaks about me, my life, my true nature and my goals. It can be a lot of fun as it makes me realize how ridiculous my cares and worries actually are, and how easy it is to be happy. It can be taught in a scholarly way or it can be made very easy. 'Subodha Vedanta' is an attempt to make Vedanta easy to understand.

My playful mood has got me sometimes into trouble, but at one time, it led me to something beautiful. During the 16th Vedanta Course in Mumbai, I was asking some people in jest - '0 friend! Where are you going?'1 This playful mood continued and started the composition of a series of Sanskrit verses at different times. Various types of Vedanta emerged in pairs and troika of verses. Later they were put together into a sequence which I present now as Subodha Vedanta.

God creates effortlessly. With His blessings, we too can create effortlessly. So is Subodha Vedanta composed by me? Yes. Yet I truly feel that it was inspired and blessed by God as the verses emerged effortlessly.

The 3rd Vedanta Darshan Course in Feb 2017, at Chinmaya Gardens, Coimbatore, gave me an opportunity to give discourses on Subodha Vedanta for the first time, to some sincere students of Vedanta.

Swami Aparokshananda (Melbourne) transcribed the talks. Brni. Darshika Chaitanya typed the edited version. I am grateful to all who edited and re-edited, designed and got it ready for print. My sincere thanks to Sri Thakur (Tarapur) for sponsoring the first print of one more of my compositions. May the grace of Pujya Gurudev be on him and his family?

May this composition and its commentary enable seekers to understand Vedanta easily and thoroughly ?


Introduction i
Invocation (prarthana) 1
Qualification of the Student (sisya-laksanam) 5
Qualification of the Guru (Guru-laksanam) 18
The Nature of the Self (Atma-svarupam) 30
Proof of God (Isa-siddhih) 38
Five Types of Faith (pancadha sraddha) 49
Enquiry of Means and Goal (sadhana-sadhya-vivekah) 58
Enquiry into Spiritual Practices (sadhana-viveka) 69
Crossing over Maya (maya-santaranam) 78
Purpose of the Universe (jagatah prayojanam) 91
Types of Liberations (mukti-prakarah) 102
Bliss of Liberation (jivanmuktanandah) 112
Gratitude (krtaijnata) 121
Transliteration of Footnotes 127


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