The Sukraniti - An Old Book

The Sukraniti - An Old Book

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Item Code: ISL99
Author: Binoy Kumar Sarkar
Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 1975
ISBN: 8170690536
Pages: 300
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.5" X 6.4"

About the Book:

Sukraniti occupies an important position in Indian literature, primarily as a work of secular nature, providing much information on the positive background and foundations of Hindu culture and sociology. This 'Treatise on Morals' of the sage Sukracharya was also asserted to be the sole authoritative text-book on political science which should be used by kings and statesmen. For the historian it provides ample data on the social, economic and political life of the times. Besides, it is a mine of information on geography, climate and soils, meteorology, geology, flora and fauna, ethnology, architectonics, mineralogy, metallurgy, botany, zoology, etc.

The present translation of Sukraniti by Prof. Benoy Kumar Sarkar fulfils the long-left need of scholars interested in the subject. The book is divided into five chapters of which the first three deal with the duties of the princes, the functions of the crown prince and other state officials, and general rules of morality. The fourth chapter, divided into seven sections, discusses the characteristics of friends, treasure, arts and sciences, social customs and institutions, the king's functions, fortresses and the army. The last chapter spells out the rules of morality laid down in the Sastras for the welfare of the State and the people. An index to important Sanskrit words in Sukraniti and an English index have further enhanced the value of the book.



The Duties of Princes1
The Functions of the Crown Prince and other State Officials54
General Rules of Morality102
Section 1. Characteristics of Friends127
Section 2. Treasure138
Section 3. Arts and Sciences149
Section 4. Social Customs and Institutions161
Section 5. The King's Function183
Section 6. Fortresses214
Section 7. The Army216
Supplementary and Miscellaneous261

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