Swami Vivekananda- An Intuitive Scientist
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Swami Vivekananda- An Intuitive Scientist

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Author: T. G. K. Murthy
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9788178236261
Pages: 172
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Swami Vivekananda was a multifaceted genius. While his spiritual eminence and profound understanding of India and her culture, history, and future are well-known, his insights in physical sciences are lesser known. Swamiji was well-acquainted with the scientific thoughts of his times and was remarkably accurate in his observations and conclusions with regard to many scientific notions. What is even more important is the ample hints he gave on ways to train the mind, arousing the unseen power of intuition, which is vital to all scientific pursuits.

This book attempts to explore this aspect of Swamiji's personality and how scientific research can benefit from development of intuitive faculty inherent in all-a fact which Swamiji emphasized very often.


Swami Vivekananda once declared that great things can be done by great sacrifices only. Extending this statement of his, we can declare that great discoveries can come out of great intuitions only.

What is intuition? It is knowledge gained by the mind directly, without the intervention of the senses or the reasoning process. To put it in the language of Vedanta, it is aparoksha jnana or ateendriya jnana.

Again, this jnana or knowledge can come only as a result of-or, after-anubhava, experience.

Experience of what? Turning again to Vedanta, it is the direct experience of the Atman, the all-knowing pure consciousness, from which arise all types and kinds of knowledge.

Once a person gets this experience, his mind auto-matically becomes the super-mind endowed with omniscience. Equipped with such a mind, he can get the knowledge he wants in any field he turns towards. It is like a person having a powerful searchlight in his hand. By turning that light in any direction, he can see the object lying there.

It is exactly this power, which Vivekananda had in plenty, that enabled him to burrow out some fundamental truths even in the field of external sciences.

These truths falling from his lips, are like sutras (pnemonic statements or formulae) which affored plenty of scope for expansion and explanation.

Dr. Murthy, himself a distinguished scientist and an earnest student of Vivekananda, has amassed in this brochure enough relevant material pertaining to various fields of sciences with appropriate comments and quotations to prove the scientifc genius of Vivekananda.

Let us hope that this laudable and original effort of his will ignite the minds of kindred souls leading ultimately to a new branch of knowledge.

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