This. This. A Thousand Times This (The Very Essence of Zen)

This. This. A Thousand Times This (The Very Essence of Zen)

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Author: Osho
Publisher: Osho Media International
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788172612061
Pages: 244
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 7.5 Inch x 5.0 Inch
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Osho extraordinary talks on Zen are recognized words of genius studied in Zen monasteries and universities and thought the world. His inspiring books cover everything from the wisdom of the worlds. Mystics to answers to intensely personal questions about meditations and the inner search. His unique authenticity touches the reader in a way no other can.

Zen, meditation, is “the great adventure.” The adventure of turning in and discovering the treasures hidden within each one of us. In this book shod explains the limitations of the intellect, and shows how to experience that we are much more then our minds.

About the Book

“This. This. A thousand times this! This is the very essence of your being. No time, no mind, just a pure being.” “This is vast. A small word contains total, universal, eternal truth. universal, eternal truth. There are no boundaries to this. It never begins and it never ends, it is here. You can wander here and there but it is just like a fish moving in the ocean; it is the same ocean wherever it goes. You can be a child, you can young, you can be old, you can be dead, but this remains an eternal truth of your being. Alive or dead, you cannot get rid of this.”

About the Author

Osho defies categorization, reflecting everything from the individual quest for meaning to the most urgent social and political issues facing society today. His books are not written but are transcribed from recordings of extemporaneous talks give over period of thirty-five years. Osho has been described by The Sunday Times in London as one of the “1000 Makers of the 20th Century” and by Sunday Nid-Day in India as on of the ten people- along with Gandhi, Nehru and Buddha-who have changed the destiny of India.

Osho has a stated aim of helping to create the conditions for the birth of a new kind of human being, characterized as “Zorba the Buddha”-one whose feet are firmly on the ground, yet whose hands can touch the stars. Running like a thread through all aspects of Osho is a vision that encompasses both the timeless wisdom of the East and the highest potential of Western science and technology.

He is synonymous with a revolutionary contribution to the science of inner transformation and an approach to meditation which specifically addresses the accelerated pace of contemporary life. The unique Osho Active Meditations are designed to allow the release of accumulated stress in the body though-free state of meditation.


Relax. The body is there, the mind is there, but you are neither. You are the witness. This witness is your only treasure. Everything will be burned on a funeral pyre; only the witness cannot be touched by any fire, by any sword. The witness is your eternity.

The evening was great on its own, but your silence, your peaces, your blissfulness have made it a thousand times more beautiful. If you can keep witnessing through the day, twenty-four hours, your whole life will become just an ecstasy. A man who dies without knowing ecstasy lived in vain, or lived not.


1The Mystic rose1
2Commentaries of the Bamboos11
3The Greatest Sermon in the History of Zen27
4Encountering Reality41
5Freedom: The Ultimate Value59
6Intuition And Zen73
7Be An Emperor87
8Dancing Madly From Eternity to Eternity101
9The Flame of your Innermost being115
10Daring, Rebellious and Existential127
11No Beginning, no End145
12Infinite Depth163
13Five Doors to Your House177
14Zen is For nobodies191
15The Vastness of This213
About the Author230
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