Tibetan Medicine (The Healing Science of Tibet)

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Author: Dr. Tsering Thakchoe Drungtso
Publisher: Drungtso Publications
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8190139517
Pages: 550
Cover: Paperback
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For millenia Tibetans have practiced the secret techniques of healing in Tibet. This amazing healing science still continues to be held in high esteem today.

This book introduces the principles of the ancient Tibetan healing science previously unavailable to the English readers. It is a journey into the healing methods of the Roof of the World and captures the essence of its medical system. It offers the readers an in—depth analysis of Tibetan medical history, both Buddhist and Pre-Buddhist eras, contents of rGyud bZhi (The Four Tantras), fundamental aspects of Tibetan medicine, concepts of health and diseases, diets and behaviour, pulse and urine diagnosis. The book clearly expounds the undeniable relationship between the Tibetan medicine, Buddhist philosophy and Astrology in a simple, yet interesting, way.

The book will not only help the patients of Tibetan medicine but also be of immense resource for scholars, researchers and students of Tibetan medicine. Dr. Drungtso precisely explains the concepts and practice of the great healing methods. This is one of the most authentic and comprehensive books on Tibetan medicine, which can be easily understood by all.

Drungtso Publications Cover: The Elder Yuthog Yontan Gonpo


My heart felt thanks to all my teachers, who trained me with great kindness and showered confidence in me. I believe that this book is a result of their contributions and inspiration.

I express my deep gratitude to all my professors at Tibetan Medical and Astrological College; Prof. Dr. Lobsang Choephel, Dr. Lobsang Tenzin Rinpoche, Dr. Tenpa Choephel (Vice Principal), Dr. Penpa Tsering, Dr. Rishing Tenzin Dakpa, Dr. Thokmey Paljor, Dr. Lotsawa Tenzin Drakpa and Dr. Ngawang Dechen. I wish to thank all of them again from the core of my heart for their unfailing kindness and dedication.

I am particularly thankful to venerable Khamtrul Rinpoche Garje Jamyang Dhondup, for his spiritual guidance and for conferring Medicinal Buddha initiation, Youthog Nyingthig oral transmission and Nagpo Sum-dril initiation.

I wish to thank late Dr. Tenzin Choedrak, the former senior physician to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama for giving oral transmission of The Four Tantras as well as entertaining my infinite questions on Tibetan medicine. My sincere thanks to late Dr. Lobsang Wangyal, the personal physician to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama for giving oral transmission of Man-n gag Lhan-thab and for being a very inspiring teacher during my clinical practice.

My thanks to Late Dr. Kunga Gyurmed Nyarongshar, the personal physician to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, who was a kind and friendly teacher and through whom 1 had opportunity of meeting many important people in Delhi.

I also extend my thanks to Dr. Dawa Dolma Jamling (Director of Clinical Research Department, Mentsee Khang), Dr. Dawa Choedron and Dr. Kelchoe Qusar for their kind guidance during my internship.

Thanks to my friend Kelsang Rinchen for his assistance in editing the first draft of this book.

Especially I would like to thank my friend Bhuchung D. Sonam who did the final editing of the book.

Not to be left out is my wife Mrs.Tsering Dolma Drungtso, a professional Tibetan astrologer, for her endurance, encouragement and above all for helping me with computer works

I would also wish to express special thanks to Dr. Tsewang Tamdin (Director of Pharmaceutical Department, Mentsee Khang), who generously went through the draft and wrote the foreword, despite his extremely busy schedule.

Last, but by no means least, my heartfelt thanks to my friends Akinori.G, Koichi.N and Livandovskaya Oxana Yurjevna of Japan, without whose kind interest and support the publication of this book would not have happened.



Men Tsee Prayer (Prayer of Medicine and astrology) xi
Mantra of Medicine Buddha Xii
Dedication Xiii
Foreword Xv
Acknowledgments Xvii
Author’s Note Xix
Disease –Its indefinite definitions Xxi
The Eleven Vows of a Tibetan Physician Xxvi
historical Background of Tibetan Medicine 1
1. The Secret of Tibetan Medicine2
2. A Brief History of Tibetan Medicine7
3. The Origin of Tibetan Medicine19
4. Bon Tradition and Tibetan Medicine32
5. The Contents of rGyud-bzhi-four
Tantras of Medicine36
Theories and Philosophies of Tibetan Medicine63
1The Philosophy of Tibetan Healing Science64
2. Tibetan Medicine within the Context of Buddhism64
3.What Distinguishes an Enlightened Being from an Ordinary being? 76
4. Brining the Mind Home80
5. rLung- Briding Life and Death 88
6. rtsa-rLung-Thigle”Channels,
Wind and Drops” 90
7. Theory of three Principe Energies106
8. Theory of Five Cosmic Energies119
9. Tibetan Medicine within the Contest of Tibetan Astrology132
10. How Tibetan Medicine is Related to Tibetan Astrology? 138
Determining your Unique Psycho-Physical Nature (Rang bZhin) 155
12..Three Nyes-pa (Humours) in the State of Homeostasis167
13. Three Nyas-pa (Humours )in a State of Imbalace173
14. Fundamental Concepts of Tibetan Pyharmacology178
15. Embryology (The Formation of Human Body) 182
15. The Seven Fundamental Body Tissues(Lus-zungs-bdun) 193
17. Sings of Death and Interpretation of Drems196
The Etiology at the Immediate Level 209
1. Factors Which Bring rLung210
2. Factors Which Bring mKhris-pa214
3. Factors Which Bring Bad-kan217
How Do We Know We Have Humoural Disorders 221
How Do We Know We Have a rLung disorder? 222
1. How Do We Know We Have a mKhris-pa disorder? 227
2. How Do We Know We Have a Bad-kan disorder? 231
The Healing and Harmful Diets and Behaviours235
Healing Diets and Behaviors’ for rLung Disorders236
1. Healing Diets and Behaviors’ for m Khris-pa Disorders239
2. Healing Diets and Behaviors’ for Bad-kan Disorders242
The Diagnostic Techniques of Tibetan Medicine245
1. Sphygmology of Tibetan Medicine246
a. Observance of the Preliminary Diet and Lifestyle247
b. The Best Time of confirm Pluse Diagnose247
c. The Right Place for Pulse Diagnose248
d. Amount Pressure Exerted by the Doctor’s Fingers250
e. Method of the Pulse Diagnose250
f. The Diagnosis of the three Constitutional Pulse Types253
g. The Sphygmology in Accordance with the Four Seasons and the Five Internal Cosmo-Physical Elements255
h. The Diagnosis of the Seven Wonderful Pluse which Provides Prognostication264
i.The Diagnosis of the Number of Pulsation in relation to Disease and Health279
j. The Diagnosis of the General and Specific Pulses282
k. The Diagnosis of the Death Pulses290
l. The Diagnosis of the Evil Spirits Pulses and the Bestowal of Ritual Offerings295
m. The Diagnosis of the Sings of the Lifespan Principle at the Pulse of the Life Soul298
2. Urinalysis in Tibetan Medicine302
a. Prerequisite conditions for urinalysis302
b. Suitable Time for Urinalysis304
c. Container Used for Examining Urine304
d. Transformation of Food and Drink into Urine305
e. Urine of a Healthy Person305
f. Urine of an Unhealthy Person306
g. Urine Indicative of Impending Death321
h. Urine of a Person Affected by spirits322
3.The Secrets of diagnosis336
Comparison Between Tibetan & other Medical systems349
1. Tibetan Medicine and Chinese Medicine-An Over View350
2. Major Difference Between Ayurveda and Tibetan Medicine362
A Case History 369
1. Rekindling Hope in a Patient370
Tips from the Ancient Tibetan Healing Science

The Healthy Way of Making Love388
Secrets of Herbal Medicines391
The Seven Essential Branches of Medicinal Plants392
1. Behavioural Guidelines 395
2. Daily Behaviour396
3. Incidental Behaviour400
4. Seasonal Behaviour403
Six Tastes and their Effect >/b>407
1. Effect of Six Tastes on Three Principal Life Energies and Body in General408
Diet Guidelines 417
1. Types of Diet418
2. Diet Restrictions 447
3. Correct Amount of Food Intake449
Accessory Therapies-Indications & Contraindications 451
1..Oil therapy (snum-‘bcos) 452
2. Purgative Therapy (bshal-bcos) 454
3. Emetic Therapy (skyugs-bcos) 456
4. Nasal Medication (sna-sman) 458
5. Mild Enema Therapy (‘jam-rtsi) 460
6. Strong enema Therapy (Niruhai’-bcos) 462
7. The Channel Cleansing Therapy (risa sbyong) 464
8. The Bloodletting Therapy (grar-bcos) 466
9. The Moxabustion Therapy (me btsa’I bcos) 468
10. The compresses Therapy (dugs-bcos) 470
11. The Herbal Bath Therapy (lums bcos) 472
12. The Ointments Theropy (byugs pa) 474
13. The Spoon Therapy (thur dpyad) 476
Precious Pills and their Therapeutic Potency 479
1. Rinchen grang-sbyor ril nag chenmo480
2. Rinchen ratna bsam ‘phel481
3. Rinchen Mang sbyorchen mo482
4. Rinchen btso bkru zla shel483
5. Rinchen gyu rnying nyer Inga484
Rinchen lcags ril chen mo485
6. Rinchen byur dmar nyer lnga486
Glossary of Technical Terms488
Excerpts from Letters sent to the Author515
About the Author519
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