A Treatise on Indian Astrology

A Treatise on Indian Astrology

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Author: R.K Baqaya
Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788129117731
Pages: 500
Cover: Paperback
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It has been a great pleasure knowing Mr. Rup Krishen Baqaya, former Chief Commissioner of Income Tax for over two decades. He belongs to an illustrious Kashmiri Pundit family. He is a man of multifarious interests and has been an ardent student of Astrology for many years even before I knew him.

I had personal discussions with Mr Baqaya on many occasions and appreciated his deep knowledge of the complex subject of Astrology. The predctions made by him from time to time have always been accurate.

I have gone through the manuscript of the book A Treatise on Indian Astrology, which is the second book written by Mr. Baqaya on the subject of Astrology. A reading of the manuscript indicates that Mr.Baqaya has done extensive homework and research on various ancient Vedic Astrology classics, written by venerable saes of yore, in preparing this book. He deserves highest appreciation for the work produces by him and I feel that the book will be an excellent guide to young astrologers who want to learn the astrological science in a scientific way.


My sincers thanks to Saurabh Chaturvedi, Gaurav Zutschi, Badri Khambatty and Trivikram Mattoo without whose help it would have not been possible to complete this book.

I also owe my thanks to Chandrashekhar Sharma who is the most honest and dedicated astrologer amongst thousands of his tribe that I have known and who has always been a source of inspiration for me.


I hope some of you have read my first book Analyse Your Date of Birth which was published in December 2006. The fourth reprint of which has been brought out recently. One of my friends, voicing the sentiments of a few others, had complained that the book was very simple. Incidentally, this friend works in the IT industry and had once told me about a saying in IT that whatever is not simple is bullshit’. Responding to the complaint, I reminded my friend about this saying.

Those of you who have read my first book would know that it talked about certain basic principles of Numerology, Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology and how by synthesizing the three systems, one could analyse one’s date of birth to get a glimpse of one’s persona and the future. On reading it, my Indian readers might have thought that probably this man does not know or believe in Indian Astrology; else why would he be writing a book on other systems of Astrology like the Western and the Chinese? However this is not true. I have been simultaneously studying all the systems of Astrology since the last twenty-six years. What is more is that after studying all the systems, I have come to the conclusion that Indian Astrology is the most accurate amongst all the other systems of occult sciences for the purpose of predicting future events. The decision to write Analyse your Date of Birth before writing on Indian Astrology was a deliberate decision, for I wanted my book on Indian Astrology to be a kind of sequel to my first book. A sequel in the sense that the information that is available after making a simple analysis of the date of birth works as a background and becomes very helpful in reading the horoscope prepared by Indian Astrology. The information acts like a sort of mirror which opens the image of the horoscope before us. Some of you may ask that if the above was true, then why did take four years to write this book after I wrote the first book? The answer is twofold. First, like most retired civil servants, I am a lazy man. Second, and the more important reason is that I always wanted to be sure of what I was writing.

As all of you will be aware, there is a plethora of books on Indian Astrology available in the market and publication of another book on the same subject might be considered by many to be unnecessary, given that the basic principles of the subject have undergone no change over the years. However, I have tried to make this book different in the following ways:

(1) The book includes a chapter named “Tips for Predictions”. This chapter will be of great benefit to readers aspiring to learn Astrology as it gives as many as seventy-five detailed tips which would help the readers in learning the art of prediction. I can also say, with some amount of pride, that the readers will not find any such tips in other books on Indian Astrology available in the market.

(2) the results of planets placed in different houses/signs have been written in this book only after considering and synthesizing what has already been written in all the ancient Indian Astrology classics and which has also been modified to suit the present times.

(3) I have also included in this book a chapter on the results of planets in different houses / signs for different ascendants. I am mentioning this because one may not find such information for different ascendants in most other books on the subject available in the market. It has taken great effort on my part to collect this information about the results of planets in different houses/signs for different ascendants and therefore, I would love to receive feedback from the readers to know if the effort has been worthwhile.

(4) The book also includes a chapter on the results of various planets as placed from the Moon. ThesSe results which will help in analyzing the Moon horoscope or what is popularly known as the Chandra Kundali will also not be found in other Books.

(5) Another differences about my book is that besides giving the results of transits from the Moon-sign, which one may find in most other books on Indian Astrology available in the market, it gives the results of the transits of the major planets; Jupiter, Saturn and Raahu from the lagna or the ascendant also. This has been done because it is felt that the results of transits from the ascendant are a little more accurate than the results of transits from the Moon-sign.

(6) Also, while describing the characteristics of the twelve ascendants, the six outlook of each ascendant has been mentioned in greater detail in this book than in any other book on Indian Astrology available in the market.

(7) Lastly, the book includes a chapter on certain matters like sadesati, remedial measures, newspaper predictions, etc which are matters of routine discussion even amongst people who do not have specialized knowledge of Astrology. This chapter has been written with a view to remove the doubts which a common man usually has about these topics.


This book is truly a treatise on Indian astrology. I think this is one of the few books that I have read where results of grahas in each bhava for different lagnas have been given. The comments on remedies are really good and will help people avoid the trap of greedy astrologers prescribing arcane remedies that only help fill their coffers. The concept of Tropical and Sidereal Zodiac is also beautifully explained. I am sure that book shall benefit many who want to know the intricacies of Indian astrology.

From the very dawn of humanity, man has been curious about his future. Thus , astrology evolved as a distinct science. The beginning of astrology is rooted in the ancient times, when man looked at the stars and correlated his activities to the movements of planets. The results of the planetary positions have been given in this book only after synthesizing all the results, as mentioned in the different classics, and modifying the same to suit the present times. The book also contains a chapter giving the results of planets in different signs/houses for different ascendants. Such a description of the results of planetary positions, which takes into consideration all the relevant parameters of astrology, is available in no other book on this subject.

In short, the book is a dependable self-instructor, which can teach the budding astrologer all the basics of Indian astrology.

Rup Krishen Baqaya was borm in Kashmir on 17 August 1946. He is a person of multifarious interests. He was the Chief Commissioner of Income Tax, Kolkata and captained the Indian Veterans Table Tennis team, which participated in the Asian Veterans Table Tennis tournament (Melbourne, 1997). His first book, Analyse your Date of Birth, was published in 2006.

Chapter 11
About Astrology
Chapter 24
The Parameters and Terminology in Astrology
Chapter 313
Characteristics of the Signs of the Zodiac
Chapter 416
Characteristics of the Planets
Chapter 5 30
Houses and their Characteristics in Astrology
Chapter 6 36
The Birth Chart or the Horoscope
Chapter 7 48
Divisional Charts
Chapter 8 53
Characteristics of Different Adcendants
Chapter 9 69
Relationship Between the planets and Signs
Chapter 10 72
Functional Benefics and Malefics for Each Ascendant
Chapter 11 83
Results of Planets in Signs
Chapter 12 116
Results of the Lord of House in Different Houses
Chapter 13 151
Results of Planets in Different Houses
Chapter 14 222
Results of Planets in Different Houses from the Moon
Chapter 15 229
Results of Planets in Signs/Houses for Different Ascendants
Chapter 16 385
Timing of Events; Planetary Periods
Chapter 17 423
Timing of Events (contd.); Results of Transits
Chapter 18 439
Tips for Predictions
Chapter 19 461
Some Matters of General Interest
Chapter 20 484
Example Horoscopes
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