Vaastu for Health, Wealth and Happiness

Vaastu for Health, Wealth and Happiness

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Author: Raakesh Chawla
Publisher: A Full Circle Book
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 817621146X
Pages: 155
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 6.5" X 6"
Weight 150 gm
Excerpts from Review:

In this book you will experience not only Raakesh's deep understanding of the principles of Vaastu but also its application in different situations and relationships.

Jayant Kapur
CEO Bacardi Martini India Ltd.

You can be rest assured that you will not have to break walls and displace all your favourites to attain peace. The aim is to achieve the same results with the use of simple remedial measures that he suggests with great precision.

Sanjiv Keshava
Divisional CEO-ITC, Lifestyle Retail Business Division

Raakesh reinterprets this hoary recipe for modern-day applications.

Jairam Ramesh
Secretary, Congress Party

It will be most useful to those who want to build houses, shops or industrial structures.

Shivraj V. Patil
Former Speaker of the Lok Sabha


Many times I have been asked if Vaastu really works? And why this sudden awareness in Vaastu with everyone joining the bandwagon?

Well, Vaastu isn't unclear science or space technology that a lay person cannot understand. It is a subject linking man with nature that is both outside and within. Its principles are easy to follow. The resurgence of Vaastu has many theories behind it. Is it global competition that forces the corporate biggies to follow anything which offers a cutting edge or is it the placement of Neptune that spirituality is suddenly in and a lot of esoteric concepts are being talked about. I personally feel it is the availability of information in the print and electronic media (including the internet) plus thousands of books which information as the main cause. Don't forget that a few years ago the knowledge of this subject was confined to a learned few and handed down only by word of mouth.

It is interesting to note that Vaastu has come about at a time when a majority of the construction around the world is not Vaastu friendly. Such a scenario could easily suggest large scale demolition and reconstruction in accordance with the scriptures, which is not practical. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to follow remedial methods and harness the elements without making major structural changes.

But some people get carried away by myths that they have probably come across. East is the direction of inspiration, North of wealth, West is equated with retirement as the sun sets in that direction and South is also said to be the direction of shifted their entrances from South to North or have moved places. Some have even brought down their buildings because they were facing South or death. It is an irrational advice that they follow because if South is death then which direction offers immortality?

Some businessmen undertake major structural changes in their offices and spend large sums of money in renovations simply after reading a few books or articles on Vaastu. The result is most of them are unhappy. Do you know why? They forget that most books only speak of the ideal situation as mentioned in the ancient scriptures and not the practical application of knowledge contained therein. Answer this question honestly: When you fall sick do you read a book on medicine and start treating yourself or do you consult a doctor? Then how come after reading a book or two you start treating your office. Please don't follow quick fix solutions as they can be very damaging. The concept of Vaastu is a guide for linking man with nature which is both outside as well as within and the subject matter of this book is an effort to do the same.


Praise for Raakesh Chawlavii
The Theory & Philosophy of Vaastu
Chapter 1 Vaastu-An Introduction2
Applications of Vaastu
Chapter 2 Ground Rules22
Chapter 3 Plot and Structure30
Chapter 4 The Ideal Layout39
Chapter 5 The Magic of Vaastu51
Chapter 6 Energy Flows57
Chapter 7 Career78
Chapter 8 Office83
Chapter 9 Health92
Chapter 10 Children102
Chapter 11 Harmony111
Chapter 12 Yoga and Meditation124
Chapter 13 Myths and Superstitions132
Chapter 14 Attitudes, Karma and Positivity136
About the author143
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