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Vaastu Times

Vaastu Times
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Vaastu Times

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Item Code: NAS514
Author: K. Ranganathan
Language: English
ISBN: 9788179507049
Pages: 64
Other Details: 7.00 X 4.50 inch
weight of the book: 0.06 kg
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About the Author

The author of this book Mr. K.Ranganathan, aged 71 years, is a Science & Law graduate, born and brought up in Chennai and is a resident of New Delhi since 1968. After having worked in a private organization, now he is a fulltime Vaastu Consultant. He is a self-made consultant practicing for the past 20 years. He has visited and advised more than 2000 individuals, corporates, hospitals & business centres. He has also given lectures at various places, PSUs, temples & housing societies. Many have benefited from his advice. He had been interviewed by TV channels during this period. He has also contributed articles in magazines and sovereigns.

To share his experience and knowledge this enlarged edition is being published for the benefit of the common man. To spread the message of Vaastu Shastra this book will be helpful to everyone.


This is my Second edition of VAASTU TIMES. I have to mention the development since my first edition, brought out in 2004. Since my 1st edition, I have received lot of supporting suggestions and comments. Taking into those suggestions and comments I am bringing out this 2nd edition with more modifications and including more chapters, which will be useful to the readers as well as the entire society.

During the last 12 years, I have visited more that 1200 premises, includes house, factories, office/business centres, hospitals, educational institutions, etc. Besides I have given suggestions for Business set ups, Factory set ups, and few MNCs who are doing well since their implements. I am proud that many of them are comfortable, because of their faith and confidence, which made them to implement correctly. The hidden treasure of Vaastu will give result if implement the suggestions properly.

I would like to mention here that one of my disciples, Mr. Satya Narayanan, who is residing in GOLD HOST in Australia, have studied the Vaastu in less than one month and started giving advices to many in Australia successfully.

Since this edition has been included for the benefits of all class of people, like residence, professionals, students, and various day to day practices, like eating habits. Prayer, control of mind, character developments etc. I hope that this book will be useful to many for their benefits, like reducing problems and improvements thereafter.

I am thankful to all my clients who are using my service on and off regularly.


I am pleased to release this book VAASTU TIMES after a long thought. I never thought Vaastu Shastra would be interesting, though I have read lot of articles, books on this subject. I got the inspiration from one of my well wisher Mr. R. Krishnan. It so happened that I decided to experiment to solve a major business problem of an unknown person. I gave few tips from the VAASTU, which helped the person to come out successfully from the major problem. Since then I have started to go deep into this subject and put lot of permutation & combinations and developed in a big way. From my last several years of study and involvement, I found more than 85% of my clients have got much relief and good improvement in their business / family matters, etc. by implementing Vaastu norms.

My intention in bringing out this book is that I want to share my experience and knowledge create awareness amongst masses VAASTU SHASTRA exists more than 2000 years, but due to lack of awareness, many could not derive the benefit from the nature. I made all informations chronologically, so that it will be easy to follow one by one. And even a common man can easily understand and follow with good faith, if follows sincerely. I feel every one can derive various benefits and they can even minimize their problems.

I am thankful to many of my well wishers, including those who have been kind enough to give preface and helped me by giving their sponsorship in bringing out this book. I shall be grateful to all my readers if they give constructive suggestions, so that further improvements could be made during my next edition with more informative materials.

I hope my maiden venture will make more people to be happy in their day-to-day life.

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