Vaastu Times (Part- II)
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Vaastu Times (Part- II)

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Author: K. Ranganathan
Language: ENGLISH
ISBN: 9788179508053
Pages: 112
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About the Author

The author of this book Mr. K.Ranganathan, aged 71 years, is a Science & Law graduate, born and brought up in Chennai and is a resident of New Delhi since 1968. After having worked in a private organization, now he is a fulltime Vaastu Consultant. He is a self-made consultant practicing for the past 20 years. He has visited and advised more than 2000 individuals, corporates, hospitals & business centres. He has also given lectures at various places, PSUs, temples & housing societies. Many have benefited from his advice. He had been interviewed by TV channels during this period. He has also contributed articles in magazines and sovereigns.

To share his experience and knowledge this enlarged edition is being published for the benefit of the common man. To spread the message of Vaastu Shastra this book will be helpful to everyone.


It is my pleasure to bring out Vaastu Times Part H with more detailed information in the wake of good response received by its Part I. Most of the information in this part is purely based on the experience gained by me during the last 20 years. Besides this, I have summarized many important Vaastu tips to be followed for effective results. I hope Vaastu Times Part I and II will be extensively useful to common people as well as concerned end users. As Vaastu Shastra is an ocean, these two parts are just the beginning. More knowledge about the world of Vaastu will be brought before you subsequently, while also covering additional areas of this ancient science. I will be happy to receive your comments and suggestions about the two parts, so that additional information can be accordingly incorporated in future. I am sure readers will be greatly benefited once they follow the mentioned Vaastu norms properly. Thanking you in advance for your support and encouragement that will help me in bringing out the forthcoming editions.


Vaastu Shastra is one of the oldest sciences, which has been in practise along with Astrology right from the Vedic times. In fact, both Vaastu Shastra and Astrology are inter-related and two sides of the same coin. Many of the principles that Vaastu Shastra teaches are basically from Astrology. In other words, Astrology guides the principles of Vaastu.

Every person, whether young or old, male or female must adhere to Vaastu Principles while carrying out their activities. This should be irrespective of whether or not they believe in the Vaastu Shastra. As per Astrology, once a child is born, its future depends on its time of birth, date of birth and place of birth. It is important to note down these three, so that an experienced Astrologer can correctly predict the status and future of the child. Place of birth is an important factor as the time of sunrise varies from place to place. Thereafter, every event in the child's life will be . dictated by time, whatever the occasion. One has to see the proper time for his marriage, laying the foundation stone for his future home, erecting the door frame, Grahapravesam (entering into the new house), and the child's first birthday etc. This ensures that each of these landmarks ends successfully without any discord. When we enter our own or rented premises, timing is important for future success. An inauspicious day or time may make our stay in that house unfruitful, if not harmful. All auspicious days, times etc. are given in the Panchangam. Good timings are called HOORAI and they vary every day. One has to be careful in following these details and consult only well-experienced Pundits.

While Astrology determines the course a person's life will take while being in this world, Vaastu Shastra, when followed meticulously, can neutralise the harmful effects in that person's life. It goes without saying that to ensure one's happiness, everyone has to follow certain basic principles and rules, whether stipulated by Astrology or Vaastu Shastra.

This book has many chapters that will guide people in leading a better life. Ignorance of basic information cannot be an excuse and this book provides its readers most of the information they require. However, there is no limit to the knowledge contained in Vaastu Shastra. There more you learn about it, there is still a lot more left to learn.

Though Astrology and Vaastu Shastra are inter-connected, there is also a basic difference between the two. Astrological predictions guide only that person of a house who consults the astrologer, whereas Vaastu guides all the people who are residing in that premises. Vaastu Principles are applicable to all fields, like shops, restaurants, hospitals, industries, educational institutes, etc. Besides, they also guide individuals, including men, women, children, senior citizens, students and so on. This book analyses all areas and individuals under different chapters and is, hence, a good guide for all classes of people. I hope the information given in this part will be helpful to all and I wish everybody gets benefited. I shall be grateful to everyone for their suggestions and comments, which will help me in updating the future editions of Vaastu Times.

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