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Author: Pt. Umesh Sharma, Laxmi Kant Vashisth
Publisher: Sagar Publications
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 8190221485
Pages: 177 (9 B/W Illus.)
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

It is common knowledge that the twentieth century witnessed multi-fold increase in the recognition and acceptance of astrology. Many new researches and introduction of Astrological methods brought astrology to every household governing the day today life of our and all in the present day world. Not only in the Indian Sub-continent but ever on the world forum Lal kitab occupies the occupies the foremost place.

"Lal-Kitab" was authored by Pt. (Late) Sh. Roopchand Joshi, resident of Dist. Pharwala, Punjab and published by Sh. Girdhari Lal Sharma and due to its easy rules and simple remedies, has become very popular. As authors of so many books on Lal Kitab, we had the natural curiosity and urge to understand its rules and principles, therefore after translating all the editions of Lal Kitab was committed ourselves to its study. Amongst many principles of Lal-Kitab, one is the principle of Varshphal (Annual chart). With the help of a Matrix, Varshphal can be casted in a short span and its analysis is done. Lal-Kitab has its own distinct grammar and is different from the traditional astrology. For example, in traditional astrology, for Rahu-Ketu it is mandatory that they remain seventh to each other but in Lal-Kitab there is o such compulsion. Similarly, in traditional astrology one principle is that Mercury and Venus always remain either two signs ahead or behind the Sun but in Lal-Kitab this principle does not exist as far the Annual Chart is concerned.

Efforts have been made in this book to explain the Varshphal rules and its analysis in a simple and lucid manner. How far does this book truly succeed in its objective can only be rightfully said by the accomplished astrologers.

The reason that drove us to write the transit of Lal Kitab was our desire to share our experiences on the same. Secondly, as per the principle of Lal Kitab, repeated reading of the book would give new guidelines for understanding the book. This is the same knowledge which we are sharing with you through the book.

In our work we have made sincere efforts to present in parts simple and lucid manner with the hope that the common man as well as astrologers can make optimum use of this unique system. In this book we have given some new remedies as per our experiences which could be helpful for the astrologers and the masses alike. If the readers want to have full knowledge on the subject they are advised to go through our other works on Lal Kitab which are available with Sagar Publications, the distributer of the book.

Back of the Book

In Lal Kitab there are a lot of theories and the important aspect of Lal Kitab is its yearly transit which is commonly known as Varshphal. The Annual transit of the planet for 120 years is prepared with the help of a matrix given in this book. In this book we have tried to discuss the effects of planets in their Annual transit. Their effect on family, business, friends relatives, parents, health, diseases and other salient points are discussed in this book.

This book is purely based on all the five editions of Lal Kitab and the experience of the authors in the field of Lal Kitab.


Acknowledgement ix
Preface x
1 Introduction 1-8
2 Strength of Planets 9-13
3 Time of General Effect of Each Planet 14-20
4 Analysing the Effect of Planets in a Chart 21-31
5 Preparing Annual Chart 32-38
Jupiter in House No. 1 41
Jupiter in House No. 2 42
Jupiter in House No. 3 43
Jupiter in House No. 444
Jupiter in House No. 5 45
Jupiter in House No. 6 46
Jupiter in House No. 7 47
Jupiter in House No. 8 48
Jupiter in House No. 9 49
Jupiter in House No. 10 50
Jupiter in House No. 11 51
Jupiter in House No. 12 52
7 SUN 53
Sun in House No. 1 55
Sun in House No. 2 56
Sun in House No. 3 57
Sun in House No. 4 58
Sun in House No. 5 59
Sun in House No. 6 60
Sun in House No. 7 61
Sun in House No. 8 62
Sun in House No. 9 63
Sun in House No. 10 64
Sun in House No. 11 65
Sun in House No. 12 66
8 MOON 67
Moon in House No. 1 69
Moon in House No. 2 70
Moon in House No. 3 71
Moon in House No. 4 72
Moon in House No. 5 73
Moon in House No. 6 74
Moon in House No. 7 75
Moon in House No. 8 76
Moon in House No. 9 77
Moon in House No. 10 78
Moon in House No. 11 79
Moon in House No. 12 80
9 VENUS 81
Venus in House No. 1 83
Venus in House No. 2 84
Venus in House No. 3 85
Venus in House No. 4 86
Venus in House No. 5 87
Venus in House No. 6 88
Venus in House No. 7 89
Venus in House No. 8 90
Venus in House No. 9 91
Venus in House No. 10 92
Venus in House No. 11 93
Venus in House No. 12 94
10MARS 95
Mars in House No. 1 97
Mars in House No. 2 98
Mars in House No. 3 99
Mars in House No. 4 100
Mars in House No. 5 101
Mars in House No. 6 102
Mars in House No. 7 103
Mars in House No. 8 104
Mars in House No. 9 105
Mars in House No. 10 106
Mars in House No. 11 107
Mars in House No. 12 108
Mercury in House No. 1 111
Mercury in House No. 2 112
Mercury in House No. 3 113
Mercury in House No. 4 114
Mercury in House No. 5 115
Mercury in House No. 6 116
Mercury in House No. 7 117
Mercury in House No. 8 118
Mercury in House No. 9 119
Mercury in House No. 10 120
Mercury in House No. 11 121
Mercury in House No. 12 122
12SATURN 123
Saturn in House No. 1 125
Saturn in House No. 2 126
Saturn in House No. 3 127
Saturn in House No. 4 128
Saturn in House No. 5 129
Saturn in House No. 6 130
Saturn in House No. 7 131
Saturn in House No. 8 132
Saturn in House No. 9 133
Saturn in House No. 10 134
Saturn in House No. 11 135
Saturn in House No. 12 136
RAHU 137
Rahu in House No. 1 139
Rahu in House No. 2 140
Rahu in House No. 3 141
Rahu in House No. 4 142
Rahu in House No. 5 143
Rahu in House No. 6 144
Rahu in House No. 7 145
Rahu in House No. 8 146
Rahu in House No. 9 147
Rahu in House No. 10 148
Rahu in House No. 11 149
Rahu in House No. 12 150
14 KETU 151
Ketu in House No. 1 153
Ketu in House No. 2 154
Ketu in House No. 3 155
Ketu in House No. 4 156
Ketu in House No. 5 157
Ketu in House No. 6 158
Ketu in House No. 7 159
Ketu in House No. 8 160
Ketu in House No. 9 161
Ketu in House No. 10 162
Ketu in House No. 11 163
Ketu in House No. 12 164
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