Vishwamata Krishnabai (Some Glimpses)

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Author: Swami Satchidananda
Publisher: Anandashram
Language: English
Edition: 2005
Pages: 154
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About the Author

Pujya Swami Satchidanandaji, known in Purvashrama as Ananthasivan, was born in November 1919 at Palghat. His early life took him to different parts of India and abroad and in 1949 he came under the spell of the unique personality of beloved Papa (Swami Ramdas). He was then only 30. While beloved Papa saw a keen aspirant in him, Ananthasivan found his Guru in Beloved Papa. At the behest of Beloved Papa, he took to the order of sannyas and dedicated his entire life in the service of God. Beloved Papa and Pujya Mataji, through their loving care and concern hastened his march towards the SOURCE of all sources. The path he adopted to attain the ULTIMATE was through Nama Japa, guru Seva and dedicated service to all. He served the great master, Beloved Papa and Pujya Mataji, with unswerving devotion, throughout their life time.

From the early year, Swamiji was silently being groomed, as it were, by the Great Gurus to equip him fully for carrying out the noble mission they have started, for the ultimate good of all those who come to the Ashram. After the Mahasamadhi of Beloved Papa in 1963, he assisted Pujya Mataji in the day-to-day affairs of the Ashram and in 1989, when Pujya Mataji left her mortal coil, the mantle of running the Ashram fell on Pujya Swamiji. True to the divine SANKALPA of Beloved Papa and Pujya Mataji, Swamiji, with his exemplary qualities, has become the guiding spirit of Anandashram, following the footsteps of these great Master, in loving and serving all; based upon the Universal vision.

One of his most valuable gifts to the devotees of Beloved Papa and Pujya Mataji is his recording of their talks on various occasions during tours both in India and abroad, whenever he accompanied them, which has been published in the form of Ranndas Talks and Ramdas Speaks (in five volumes). The Gospel of Swami Ramdas, a choice spiritual classic is also authored by him in which some of the precious utterances of the Masters are treasured for all time. In Vishwamata Krishnabai, Swami Satchidananda has lovingly chronicled Pujya Mataji's eventful life.


Reverential prostrations and salutations to Worshipful and Beloved Purushottam Papa and Param Pujya Mataji. May their divine Grace and blessings be upon all the fortunate readers of this precious book Vishwamata Krishnabai! l am glad to write a foreword to this account of Pujya Mataji’s rare personality, life and activities in the charmed circle of holy Anandashram, illumined with the effulgence of Beloved Papa’s luminous and divine spiritual aura. No One except the holy author, revered Swami Satchidanand Maharaj, could possibly give such an intimate and revealing narration of the hidden side cf Worshipful Mataji, especially with regard to her understanding of Beloved Papa and His higher nature due to his long and close association with Pujya Mataji over a period spanning full 40 years and more. Swami Satchidanandji has had to his credit the enormous good fortune of obtaining rare glimpses of the divine vision of Pujya Mataji, not only in relation to Beloved Papa but also in relation to the entire outer world and all living beings in it.

A perusal of this little book will be richly rewarding to all spiritual aspirants and Sadhakas. It seeks to throw a wonderful light on the nature of the highest type of Guru-Sishya relationship. Pujya Mataji literally lived the discipleship as expressed in the verses of the Guru Gita. The five conversations with spiritual seekers are very inspiring and will be found rich in inner spiritual value. Pujya Mataji is revealed in the book both as a rare human personality as well as an exalted spiritual personality endowed with an exceptional divine bhava. She places before the spiritual world today a supreme ideal that is worthy of emulation by all earnest seekers who wish to attain maximum spiritual progress in this very birth. I wish Vishwamata Krishnabai wide circulation so that it may inspire, guide and benefit numerous seekers after spiritual vision and supreme divine experience. The holy author has put us under a debt of gratitude by this sharing of his experiences with Param Pujya Papa and Worshipful Mataji. May God bless him as well as all the fortunate readers!

Om Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram

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