What is True Love (Words of the Mother - A Compilation)

What is True Love (Words of the Mother - A Compilation)

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Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 9788170602392
Pages: 48
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Love is a universal force

Love is one of the great universal forces; it exists by itself an~ Its movement IS free and independent of the objects in which and through which it manifests. It manifests where- It a possibility for manifestation, wherever there IS receptivity, wherever there is some opening for it. What you call love and think of as a personal or individual thing is only your capacity to receive and manifest this universal force. But because it is universal, it is not therefore an unconscious force; it is a Supremely conscious power. Consciously it seeks for its manifestation and realization upon earth; consciously it chooses its instruments awakens to its vibrations those who are capable of an answer, endeavors to realize in them that which is its eternal aim, and when the instrument is not fit, drops it and turns ~o look for others. Men think that they have suddenly In love; they see their love come and grow and then It fades - or, it may be, endures a little longer in some who are more specially fitted for its more lasting movement. But their sense in this of a personal experience all their Own was an illusion. It was a wave from the everlasting sea of universal love.

Love is universal and eternal; it is always manifesting Itself and always Identical in its essence. And it is a Divine Force; for the distortions we see in its apparent workings belong to its instruments. love does not manifest in hum beings alone; it is everywhere. Its movement is there In plants, perhaps in the very stones; in the animals it IS easy to detect its presence. All the deformations of this great and divine Power come from the obscurity and ignorance and selfishness of the limited instrument. love, the eternal force, has no clinging, no desire, no hunger for possession, no self-regarding attachment; it is, in is pure movement, the seeking for union of the self With the Divine, a seeking absolute and regardless of all other things. love divine gives itself and asks for nothing. What human beings have made of it, we do not need to say; they have turned it into an ugly and repulsive thing. And yet even in human beings the first contact of love does bring down something of its purer substance; they become capable for a moment of forgetting themselves, for a moment its divine touch awakens and magnifies all that is fine and beautiful. But afterwards there comes to the surface the human nature, full of its impure demands, asking for something in exchange, bartering what it gives, clamoring for its own inferior satisfactions, distorting and Soiling what was divine.

To manifest the Divine love you must be capable of receiving the Divine love. For only those can manifest it who are by their nature open to its native movement. The wider and clearer the opening in them, the more they manifest love divine in its original purity; the more it is mixed with the lower human feelings, the greater is the deformation. One who is not open to love in its essence and in its truth cannot approach the Divine. Even the seekers through knowledge come to a point beyond which if they want to go farther, they are bound to find them- selves entering at the same time into love and to feel the two as one, knowledge the light of the divine union, rove the very heart of knowledge. There is a place in the soul's progress where they meet and you cannot distinguish one from the other.




I: Origin and Purpose of Love  
Love is a Universal Force 2
True Purpose of Love 4
The Mother’s Story 5
Behind All Longings and Seeking 8
What Love is 10
What Existed Before the Descent of Love 12
First Expression of Love and its Summit 14
Love Does not Destroy, it Transforms 18
II: Human From of Love  
True Love and what Call Love 20
Love Between two Persons 23
Animals’ Love for Men 26
Love at the First Sight 28
Vital Emotions, True Vital and Love 30
Love and Sexual Desire 33
III: Why to true love  
Right Attitude 34
Austerity for the Aspirants 37
A Clue to Find True Love 39
Learn from Flowers 41
Divine Love is there Always 43
Some Words of Guidance 44
Next future: Love and Love and Love 46

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