Yoga For Health And Relaxation

Yoga For Health And Relaxation

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Author: Krishan Kumar Suman
Publisher: Lotus Press
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8183820492
Pages: 151
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.3" X 5.3"
About the Book

Yoga is not a religion. The yoga provides a framework for spatial growth and mastery over the physical and mental body. In Bhagwad Gita Lord Krishna explains to Arjun the meaning of yoga as a deliverance from contact with pain and sorrow. So the restlessness of mind intellect and self is stilled through the practice of yoga.

This book helps to discover the secrets of lasting physical, spiritual, mental and emotional fulfilment. Ever last yourself you will find a new loveliness life, self realization with the yoga.


The ancient system of yoga practice has helped mankind to keep himself radiant with a natural beauty and health. The various asanas with their easy movements are essential for the highest level of physical and mental fitness. During the past decade millions of people all over the world have come to recognise the benefits of yoga. They have realized that it is most suitable for those who have not the time, patience or energy to waste on calisthenics, isometrics, or other hard-work routines. The exercises are so logically arranged that all parts of your body and muscles are exercised, thus giving one of health and beauty of the organism as a unified whole.

Weight control, slimming, firming, relief of tension and stiffness, improvement in general health, emergence of hidden beauty, emotional stability and a positive mental outlook will be experienced by all those who apply themselves diligently to the plan of this book. This is true practically, regardless of age or present physical condition.

The yoga session is designed to be highly pleasurable and beneficial. The movement is performed in relaxing, slow motion, which leaves you feeling energetic and revitalized, not drained. You have to fix the consciousness fully on all movements of the exercises, and not allow it to wander. You become totally involved in what you are doing-you learn to feel the stretch; feel the stimulation; feel the release of energy within you; you feel the relaxation. The practice of deep concentration on the movements results in a pronounced increase in the effectiveness of the exercises. This helps you to discover the secret of lasting physical, spiritual and motional fulfilment. You will find yourself glowing with a new loveliness, a sense of serenity and self-realisation that only yoga can bring.

1What is Yoga?1
2Branches of Yoga4
3Types of Yoga16
4The Eight Limbs of Yoga22
5The Five Principles of Yoga25
6Benefits of Yoga30
7Stretching for Health and Beauty41
9Surya Namaskar83
12Weight Regulation120
13Yoga Diet127
14Yoga for All138
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